Dorothea’s Feet by William Scott

Story of a call girl/dancer who pleasures with her legs and feet

Targeted Audience: 18+

Author Bio:
I’m a writer of fiction and non fiction

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Need to have something to do

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The Cuneiform Caper by Roselyn Jewell

cuneiformcoverartWhen Reese Walker finds what she suspects is a very valuable and career changing artifact, she is beyond elated! She seeks approval to fund further research and find the answers she so desperately seeks regarding her find. However, just as she gets that funding her world gets turned upside down when the artifact is stolen. With very few leads to go on, she embarks on a journey that turns out to be so much more than she bargained for, both professionally and personally.

Targeted Audience: women

Author Bio:
Roselyn Jewell enjoys making young ladies blush and older men go into shock with her books. Of course she also enjoys making older women gasp and younger men sweat; she’s kinda equal opportunity like that.

Roselyn’s husband enjoys helping her “research,” her children will never know about her novels, and her many siblings will never let her live them down! C’est la vie?

Roselyn is the author of The Cuneiform Caper, The Family Garden, The Manifestation of Love, and is currently working on more for her readers’ pleasure!


No . . . really *enjoy* 😉

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Swinging Submission: Deceit and Betrayal With a Mutliple Partner Twist by La Drama Princess

SwingingFrontCoverMarkette Rochelle had known Wayne Jones since he was young, but it was the hugs that held on too long and staring that lingered longer than comfortable which made her question his feelings all those years. Married Markette’s suspicions of the lust that oozed from the young man she’d watched grow up were more than confirmed when they began to transform into her ultimate pleasure realized all over his mother Walinda’s house in a record four days of him being home from college. The innocence of Markette’s relationship with Wayne was long gone and had changed into a relationship hot with unbridled ravaging and submission of control, all starting that fateful afternoon when she came by to return money to his mom.

In Wayne’s mind, the perfect arrangement has been created, and he didn’t even have to go out looking for it. As for Markette’s, husband Joshua Rochelle, he just wanted to please her.

Standing on the outside of Markette and Joshua Rochelle’s swinging lifestyle, unsure of the rumors she’s heard and unwilling to listen to the new ones involving her son and old friend, Markette, Walinda has her own oddities to protect. When Walinda Jones steps in closer for a peek inside the controversial and intriguing underworld of the Rochelles’ sex life, Markette may or may not have a story to tell when all the deceit and betrayal finally comes to an end.

Targeted Audience: Erotica lovers looking for a twisted up tale of submission and domination

Author Bio:
La Drama Princess writes short stories about any average person, sexual orientation unimportant. She has lived in the southern region of the United States her entire life, so she writes about people and places she is most familiar with, with the occasional change in geographical location, but subject matter is never of the ordinary. After all, she is the La Drama Princess.

Outside of writing, she loves reading, of course, cooking up new dishes, gossiping, people watching, collecting nail polish, screaming orgasms, and shaking to New Orleans Bounce music.

La Drama Princess holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Jones College and a M.Ed. in Special Education from Grand Canyon University.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
The beginning of this book starts off within a previous book of mine, “Submit to The Dark Side: Stories to Explain the Stains”. “Swinging Submission” has always been a story dear to my heart. I wrote it from a place of love, but as a person who has a fascination with drama, I had to make it more than just love and sex. I wanted to write a story about a subject that many find taboo and make them realize they don’t know everything they think they do about swinging. After hearing from a several women who read “Swinging” when it was first introduced, I realized that the lead characters’ desires to submit, dominate, exhibit, and voyeur weren’t as usual as one would think. I started writing on “Swinging” again thinking I was going to wrap it into a novella. It ended up a full-fledged novel that I simply adore. I hope that anyone else who reads “Swinging Submission” can get something inspiring from it although it is a very erotic book. It’s a little bit deeper than that.

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The Deadline by Lorhainne Eckhart

Book Description
In THE DEADLINE, Andy Friessen has packed up everything and moved his family two states away, to Montana, to protect his wife, Laura, his newborn babies, and his stepson, Gabriel, from the threats of his mother. What Andy doesn’t know is that they’ll soon face a new threat, one he never saw coming.

Gabriel is sick, and a trip to the doctor confirms Laura and Andy’s worst nightmare: Without a lifesaving transplant, their son won’t survive.

What Andy doesn’t count on, as he tracks down the young man who fathered Gabriel, as well as Laura’s estranged parents, is that a whole host of problems are about to be unleashed.

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Streaking for Mother by Mark Shearman

Streaking-for-mother-copyHow far would you go to help the people you love?

A cynical, famous underwear model, and infamous international Rugby player, despondent and guilt ridden because of a terrible mistake, finds redemption from helping the Streakers who ruined his chances of a world record.

After moving in with this bunch of dysfunctional guerrilla marketeers he discovers all isn’t what it seemed and finds out his life is being controlled by his estranged mother from beyond the grave.
His mother is also the patron of a large pawn brokers and the Streakers Matriarch who believe her absence is temporary. It soon becomes apparent to Ashley she has left him with no choice but to help them move on with their lives and come to terms with her untimely death.

Ashley has made enemies too. He is viciously attacked, sent threatening message, and attempts are made to destroy him in the media – both professionally and personally. With his new house mates by his side, they must discover and deal with his pursuer Streaker style.

Targeted Audience: Adults – Young Adults – Males – Females.

Author Bio:
Book Cover Designer, Artist, writer. Voracious reader. Tea drinker, dog owner. Chief-cook and dish washer loader. Jocose, English Ex-pat in Spain. Beach freak. Science fiction fan. Habitual doubler of entendres. Caricature and Cartoonist junkie. Part-time philanthropist. Music nut. Movie addict. Occasional faux finisher. Renaissance man. Opinionated. Wordy. Modest…

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I first come up with the idea after watching The Fisher King. It left me with the question how does our actions affect other people’s lives.

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AMARNA I: Book of Ida by Grea Alexander

Amarna_Book_I-_Book-drewsey-under-125Thebes, Upper Egypt. 1324 BC

The last living male descendant of the Amarna line, Pharaoh Tutankhamun, has died suddenly under mysterious circumstances. His wife, Queen Ankhesenamen, is left without a male heir. The ambitious vipers Ay and Horemheb are nipping at her heels in their bid to seize power.

Queen Ankhe has but one hope to maintain her hold on the throne – an alliance with the Hittites. With Ay and Horemheb watching her every move, there is only one person she can trust to save her and her line – a girl, a slave – Ida.

Targeted Audience: Adults

Author Bio:
Q: Why should someone buy your work?

Because it’s awesome. (laugh) I also donate a portion of the profit to charity.

Q: Why the name SeaMonkey Ink?

Why not? (grin) What’s not to love? I mean it’s Ink squirting out of a Seamonkey. I mean sure no one has ever witnessed such a phenomenon but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. (laugh)

Q: Seriously?

No. When I was in school (high school and beyond) I used to play pranks under various code names – one of which was Seamonkey. I also have always enjoyed writing and back when I started to do so, I used to write everything by hand (which requires either lead or Ink) even long after I got my first word processor and computer. After I finally started typing directly, it still took ink to print.

Hence SeaMonkey Ink.

Q: Have you ever actually owned Seamonkeys?

Actually I have and I’m pretty well convinced that there is a wanted poster with my name and likeness up somewhere in the SIA (Seamonkey Intelligence Agency) headquarters for mass genocide. (laugh) I try but I fail.

Q: Are any of your characters based on people you know/knew in real life?

Not really. Most are composites. However, I will say that more than a little of my own personality/thoughts/expressions pop up in my stories and among my characters.

For instance, in Rebellion Book I: Book of Quay, Phong Quay makes a statement that one day he is changing his name and not telling anyone what he changed it to. I’ve said that to people since I was like 5 – particularly when I get agitated at being disturbed.

So if any real life person is used as a template for some of my dialogue and character behaviors it would be myself.

Q: You write some historical novels. How accurate are they?

Accurate enough. (laugh) I always say I do just enough research to be dangerous.

I enjoy history and find some of the portraits of these figures, times and places to be fascinating. I actually do put in quite a nice chunk of time trying to make the story as historically accurate as possible though I would like to think my work is more character driven then driven by the time, places and figures that inspired it.
Q: Why don’t you include your photo?

Because I’m incredibly homely. (laugh)

Q: You don’t look homely to me.

For my personal safety. (laugh) I’m always raising someone’s hackles for some reason or another whether it’s intentional or not. I’m also very private person and I would prefer to gain readers/admirers based on my work rather than my appearance. My appearance is just a bonus. (wink)

Q: Is there anything you would like to add in closing?

Yes! Buy my books. (laugh)

By contributing to my income through a purchase, you make it possible for me to spend more time writing new novels for you to enjoy. As a portion of the profits of my sales do go to charity, you are also placing yourself 2 degrees of separation from being a philanthropist!

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I’m fascinated by history, particularly Ancient Egypty during the time of Tut’s father (a monotheiest) and after his death the mystery surrounding Tut’s brief reign and the rather colorful happenings in the land of the Hitties at the time (much of which overlapped).

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The Keeper by R. L. Mosz

keepercoverThe Keeper is a thought-provoking, clean, and contemporary women’s drama that explores the mysterious power of friendship and love. Initially, powerhouse surgeon Dr. Chris Seacrest finds little of interest to him in the young, post-stroke patient Caitlin Rosenberry. But a brief encounter in an exam room sets a series of cataclysmic events into motion from which there is no turning back. In the midst of it all, Dr. Seacrest finds himself in love with Caitlin, yet she never wants to see him again.

Targeted Audience: women’s fiction

Author Bio:
R. L. Mosz keeps busy working 12-hour days with special-needs children and residents of a rehabilitation center. When time allows, her interests include: feeding the birds, writing, cooking, recycling, walking, and reading. She particularly enjoys trees, hedges of all kinds, birds, and creeks (see book trailer), but is grateful for all the gifts of nature.

She lives each day thankful for all blessings and mindful of a quote from her favorite book, “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
The Keeper is dedicated to victims of trauma. I wrote the book after watching a documentary on the subject and was deeply moved by the courage of the people featured.

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Against Her Will by Peter Martin

against_her_will_june_2013Rape is every woman’s worst nightmare, an act so vile, so devastating, it robs the victim of any sort of dignity, leaving scars that can last a. lifetime. Having family and friends rally round can make all the difference in the world. But without this support the victim may never fully recover.
Donna is such a victim. When she is brutally raped, her life comes crashing down, bringing with it memories of an unhappy childhood. Having lost everything dear to her, she almost succeeds in making the ultimate sacrifice, but for a young male nurse, who slowly helps her come to terms with the past. Just when she thinks she’s over the worst, she makes a horrifying discovery that puts her in mortal danger.

Targeted Audience: Thriller/Suspense/Mystery – 18+

Author Bio:
Born and bred in the West Midlands, Martin writes under the pen name of Peter Martin. Against Her Will is his debut novel, and is the story of one young woman’s fight to lead a normal life after a horrific rape.
Martin’s interests lie mainly in crime, suspense and thrillers. His favorite authors are diverse, including Robert Goddard, R J Ellory, Kate Mosse,Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Diane Chamberlain, Harper Lee,Wilbur Smith.
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What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Rape, the violation of the human body, is an act I’ve always found despicable. That a man could do this to a woman should not be tolerated. The fact that few of these crimes are even reported, let alone end up with a conviction, is beyond belief. But the worst of it is, what a woman has to go through, at a trial and afterwards. The memory of it and how it affects their lives can be devastating. I wanted to write a book, that brings this home, and shows how a woman suffers in a sincere and sensitive way. Hopefully my book conveys this, as well as being a thriller/suspense/mystery in it’s own right.

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Invasion of Privacy and Other Short Stories by Jim Liston

IOPInvasion of Privacy
If you’re the person who murdered my wife and think you’ve gotten away with it, think again. I’m looking for you, and I’ll eventually find you.
Is it wrong for me to try and find the person who ruined my life, even at the expense of stealing a few moments of someone’s privacy? If I invade a person’s privacy without them knowing it, what’s the harm? I guess it all comes down to the question of whether I’m willing to risk the consequence of going to jail if I’m caught. I am. What do I have to lose?

The other stories included are:

The Tourist Attraction
I’m sick of it. Every day there’s a group of them tourists, standing by my fence watching us, pointing and whispering. I don’t know what started it, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna put up with it much longer.

A Novel Murder
“I’m going to kill her today,” he said, “I’ve had her tied up in the basement for three days; it’s time to end it.”

The Doctor’s Pet Fly
A fly only lives for about a month. It seems like a waste of time to train a fly and then have it die after only a month. Maybe he’s found a way to keep them alive longer. He is a doctor, after all.

The Show
Rita looked around at the crowd of smiling, excited faces, concentrating on every detail to commit it to memory; she didn’t want to forget any of it. She shouldn’t have worried; she would remember this for the rest of her life.

Carl and Tabitha
Carl hated his boss and was determined to find a way to get even with him.

Tag, You’re It!
We looked across the valley at a breathtaking scene of red lakes and forests of blue and orange that were alive with activity.

Before They Come Back
Running his claw-like hand along my spine while making an odd whistling noise that I surmised to be their way of communicating, I began to realize they were preparing to cut me open.

Justin’s Love
When Justin first saw Lucille, it was love at first sight. He knew that she was perfect for him. All of his friends and co-workers were envious; she was beautiful.

Ronnie and the Smoke Bomb.
I didn’t tell Ronnie the police had found him sitting on the curb near the car, crying. They said he was sitting there mumbling, “It’s only a smoke bomb.”

Targeted Audience: 16 TO 65

Author Bio:
Jim Liston grew up in the wild 70s in St. Louis, Missouri. A musician all of his life, he spent most of his early adult years traveling as a drummer in rock bands. He currently plays the mandolin and is part of a bluegrass duo with his wife.

He has been writing short stories and flash fiction on his blog,, and the positive feedback has encouraged him to publish his first book, “Invasion of Privacy and Other Short Stories.” He is currently working on his next book, which will be published in December 2013.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I’ve been writing short stories on my blog for a few years now. The positive reaction has motivated me to publish some of them.

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My Gift To You by Faye Hall

MyGiftToYou400Rush Mullens saw her parents, Joseph and Carmen, being murdered before her eyes as an 8 year old child– ten cloaked figures destroying her once peaceful life. She did not know the men responsible, but she would find them. She wanted revenge…she needed it.

When Lord Justin Maston came to take her in to his care, she vowed she would use this opportunity to find the murderer’s she chased. She did not think she would also find a boy she could love more than her own life.

Bailey Maston had never supposed to mean any more to her than a friend, one who could protect her from the new lifestyle she had been forced into. What he had become though was a young man who could take her breath away, and steal her heart.

Rush knew Bailey knew nothing of her family, or the life she was raised to live. She doubted should he learn the truth that he would understand. She could not let him endanger the revenge she so craved to seek. Nor could she ignore that she was willing to risk all – her past, her life, her reputation – just to sample an ounce of passion from this man.

Bailey Maston wanted to find a woman – the perfect woman – to give his heart to. He wanted to trust that such a person could exist that would never betray him. Everything he had seen in his young life, both at home and in society, told him what a foolish dream this was. Such a woman could never exist. Even if she did, he doubted she would ever willingly give her heart to a love-starved boy like him.

Foolish though his dream was, Bailey could not help being drawn to the young orphaned girl his parents had taken in.

He wanted her friendship and the attention she so willingly offered to him.

He craved to feel the passion he knew was hidden deep inside her.

What he did not want was to fall in love with her.

When Bailey finally discovers the truth of Rush’s life, and the revenge she was enacting, he feels betrayed. Foolish though it was, he hopes that beyond this betrayal may yet lay the woman he has always yearned to find…a woman he craved to give his well-guarded heart to.

Targeted Audience: 18+

Author Bio:
Faye Hall is a published author of Historical Erotic Romance novels & e-books. Though her early published works include poetry, newspaper articles, and online local events reports, her passion has always been with her romantic tales set in late 19th Century Australia. Upon being contracted with Red Sage Publishing, her dream of being a published author became a reality.

Faye finds inspiration in the world around her and bases most of her characters on people she has met in her life.

After a whirl-wind romance, Faye married her childhood sweetheart early 2013. She currently lives in Queensland, Australia with her husband and their 9 children.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I was obsessed with a movie called ‘Dangerous Beauty’ staring Catherine McCormack. After the very first time I seen it, I pretty much put pen to paper and started writing what became my very own manuscript.

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