Masked Intentions by Aya DeAniege

Rachel grew up in a world ripped apart by civil war. Alphas, genetically superior humans, wrested control of the western nations from the governing body twelve years ago. In the wake of the war, the Alphas struggled to remember the old traditions which had bound them to society. There are cracks in the new foundations, places for bad men to rule and for innocents to fall through.
After trying to care for her unstable mother, Rachel is picked up as a lawbreaker and slated for claiming or execution by an Alpha. In walked a stranger named Morgan. Unwashed, unshaven, flip flop wearing, unrefined Morgan, who all but kidnapped Rachel to take her home to his Master to be his breeder.
Neither planned beyond that. Alphas tend to just let things happen, and Rachel didn’t really expect to live through the day. Maybe a plan would have made things run smoother.

Targeted Audience: 25-55

Author Bio:
Aya DeAniege wrote for years, first to please herself then writing stories for free—believing no one would ever pay to read her stuff—before pursuing indie publishing. She still writes mainly for personal pleasure, with topics ranging from romance, fantasy, science fiction, on to whatever takes her fancy in the future. World creation fascinates her, and when she finds one she likes, she dabbles endlessly.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
This world had existed for several years. While dabbling about with the possibility of writing a book, in walked Rachel. She's not the typical companion for an Alpha, which was great because Morgan isn't a typical Alpha. And while she's told throughout about what Alphas do and do not do, Morgan just does what he does because he knows how far she can go.

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Scepter of Domination (Book One) by Velvet Rainne

Warning: This book contains graphic sexual content and is only intended for adult audiences.

Nathan grandfather was a Nazi solider who managed to escape persecution by giving information to the Americans. After his grandfather passes away, Nathan is left in charge of going through his estate. In an old lock box he find an ancient Egyptian scepter. After showing the scepter to his brother’s sexy girlfriend, she suddenly becomes uncontrollably attracted to him!

Targeted Audience: Adults

Author Bio:
Hi, my name is Velvet Rainne. For the last 8 years, I have been a professional Dominatrix as my full-time career. I have written erotica for my own personal fantasy exploration since college. I have always wanted to publish my writing and am now working to make that dream a reality.

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The Obsession by Liliana Lee

obsession-cover-areAn erotic tale of Princess Shanyin – First in a erotic historical series. A 40K (approx 160 pp) steamy read that contains explicit scenes of menage, oral sex, domination, and bondage.

She thinks she’s in control…but he’s about to prove to the haughty princess that she is the plaything.

Princess Shanyin has a harem of male concubines to serve her every sexual fantasy, but from the moment she sees the handsome Chu Yuan, she has to have him. At her request, the Emperor gives the aristocrat over to Shanyin for her pleasure, setting off a power play of sensual torment and dominance between them. Trapped in Shanyin’s harem for ten days, will the proud Yuan surrender to his own dark desires, or will he turn the tables on the seductive princess?

Targeted Audience: 18 and above readers of erotic romance and/or hot historicals

Author Bio:
Liliana Lee writes erotic stories in exotic settings. Her first series, the Princess Shanyin saga (THE OBSESSION, THE ENSLAVEMENT, THE FULFILLMENT) is out in 2014. She’s on Twitter and Facebook, but is very shy about posting.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I came across the historical account of Princess Shanyin while googling about Chinese beds. (They’re really amazingly beautiful:

I learned Shanyin was a historical princess who was known for having a special bed made so her 30 male concubines could pleasure her all at once. Yet the one tale that survived was about a handsome aristocrat she became fixated on and tried to seduce, yet failed.

Come on…that totally deserves a story, doesn’t it?

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