Chronosexual #1: Empire’s Arrow by Chary Lambsden

In the Survivors’ Future, the Farchitects of Alluvium protect and preserve the last, dying city, Alluvium, last bastion of humanity. Theirs is a collective, harsh existence. Genetic predetermination decides their fate. All sacrifice for the city. There is no love, no hate, and no desire. There is only unity of purpose and, finally, death. But one fateful night, one of their number discovers a mysterious device, a device that transports her far from her home, a device that takes her to a distant, wind-swept plain. There she encounters a strange people whose leader has been stricken by a mysterious illness. Trapped, Class One Engineer, Zero Generation must find her way home, but to do so she must awaken lusts and desires that her dying future have long forgotten. She must cure this leader of his impotence and restore him to his rightful path. For he is to be none other than the Great Khan, Genghis.
History has been diverted from its proper path and only she can set it right. From its quiver she must draw the empire’s arrow.

Targeted Audience: 21-50

Author Bio:
Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Chary currently resides outside of Seattle with her husband and multitude of beasts, furred and otherwise.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I love science fiction and I love erotic literature but I’ve been hard-pressed to find really good, cerebral and thoughtful combinations of the two that isn’t just tentacle porn or mindless jackhammer sex. I wanted to craft something philosophical and sexy and adventurous. I love reading about history, too, so I thought I’d make the setting for my series all of time itself, focusing on the adventures of a virginal, naive time traveler using her sexual prowess to fix diversions in the past.

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