Leather and Love; tales of straight men sex-ploring BDSM and how I grew into the BDSM by Buck Rougher

This is auto-biographical account of my sexual development.
From childhood to adulthood, to learning about my first BDSM experiences.
The evolution of my taste for BDSM
Between birth and childhood our adult lives are defined. I can remember only, being attracted to men, as far back as my earliest play friends before kindergarten. I had no interest to touch or look at a girl other than being friends. Males were a different story, I was very comfortable with males We wear our individual sexual tastes, like clothing, ever-changing as we continually grow, as adults. Sexually my life has been very dynamic, I have worn many different style garments. These stories you are about to read are true, based on my quest to define my sexuality and my search to love and my search to be loved.

Targeted Audience: adult interested in learning about BDSM

Author Bio:
Enjoy the journey with me of my learning experience; I believe learning is continuum that never stops, until we expire and breathe our last breath. And then, some people believe our (lifelong learning experience) may continue into the next life.
An old AA saying told to me at a meeting, that helped accept who I am, “God does not create garbage.” anon. Circa. 1990
The Master
Buck Rougher
“BDSM is a form of fetish play that is foreplay before sex or with sex. The core of all sex is a form communication and at the center is LOVE between two partners.”

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Back in 2001 I wrote a book about my first BDSM/Leather experience with my first long term partner of 9 years.
He is now an X. The story started out describing our first heavy play session. We separated in 2009.
I started to get the idea to try a publish an e-book. Doing some research for passive income.
The other reason I go back to my early childhood, I speak about being molested as a child and I remember, how that is when life did not seem fun anymore. There are a few more issues that are attached to being molested, that stifle a young person's growth in developing a healthy self-image.
If someone reads this they might identify why they are depressed or having strife in life, and can understand themselves better to free themselves and heal. It is probably the basis of a lot of folks, that don't have good personal boundaries and can not say no.

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