Free Book Submission Pitfalls

Free Book Submission Pitfalls - What every self publishing author should knowHere at Wanton Reads, we LOVE hearing about new books. Sweet, saucy, seductive, we like them all.

Know what we don’t like?
Kids books submitted to our site. Seriously.

There just isn’t a place for Terribly Terrific Tales or Sparky the Dragon among the disheveled sheets and tousled hair that Wanton is devoted to bringing to readers. So why are we seeing a rising tide of submissions of children’s books, craft books, how-tos, business biographies, and smoothie recipe books?


Authors who are self publishing are up against a Herculean task of competing with books with a large marketing budget behind them. It doesn’t mean that these funded books are better necessarily, just that they were in the right place at the right time and landed a great deal. With a restricted budget, it’s understandable that everyone searches for the best way to get their book in front of as many eyes as possible in the most fiscally responsible way that they can.

On Fiverr right now, there are more than 20,000 gigs available when you search for ‘book review’. At only $5 a pop, this tempts authors to seek out the easy path to promotion which can sometimes lead to people that promise you the moon and give you a small pile of sand. If someone promises to list your book on 100 free book sites, it doesn’t guarantee that all those sites are appropriate for your book. In fact, they can be so inappropriate that it can DAMAGE your credibility as an author. There are sites out there that are fully automated…submissions come in, they get posted. There’s no edit cycle, no human review. Your book gets listed just like every other submission that arrives. We don’t do that here. I check every post…I correct spelling, broken links, and bad formatting. Quality is more important than quantity.

If this was a children’s book site, you certainly wouldn’t want erotica showing up amongst the bunnies and counting books. Neither would readers or other authors. It makes the author look terrible and the site bad. Guess what? If you’ve been using the same submission service as the authors of all the off topic books we receive, your book is likely listed on site where those books ARE appropriate. Children’s sites. Business sites. Cooking sites. Probably not what you intended, is it?

Fiverr isn’t the only bad submission service we’ve seen out there and some of them are charging a whole lot of money for very little return. Make sure that if you’re going to use a submission service that they give you a listing of where they’re submitting your book and I would encourage you to require that they use an email address you have access to as part of the submission process so you can confirm that the submissions were actually made.

There are many upstanding, legitimate submission sites out there like Author Marketing Club and AwesomeGang. Also, most sites have ways to submit your book on your own and it honestly doesn’t take long if you make yourself a document with all your book details that you can just copy and paste from.

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If you expected to see your book listed here and it’s not, it’s possible that we’ve blocked a scammy submission service that we feel is taking authors’ money and posting inappropriately. We hate to throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater, but we have readers to satisfy and they’re really not looking for the latest methods of backyard beekeeping.


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