Siren’s Wave by J.A. Hazel

A Rock and Roll Love Story.

Dark forests, rogue waves, and pinned, brittle dragonflies. Someone’s having nightmares. But who?

Sizzling-hot New York rocker, Bran, is sure of just two things in life. You can’t rely on anyone. And love isn’t real. With music and a wild surf to subdue his demons, he can cope with anything.

Except maybe Ava.

The feisty girl, who works for his Australian record company, is a total pain in the butt. There’s no way she could be the key to overcoming the traumatic past he keeps well-hidden. Or is there?

Note: Book written with Australian English spelling.

Targeted Audience: New adult to adult

Author Bio:
J.A. Hazel, author of Siren's Wave – a rock ‘n roll love story, lives in Melbourne, Australia. While working in band management, at entertainment agencies, and a record company she collected colorful and sometimes frightening fodder for stories. She likes to idle away hours dreaming of beautiful, damaged rockers and the girls who try to save them, but mostly, she spends her time writing about them, listening to angst-filled music and, unfortunately for her family, singing along loudly.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Working in the Australian music industry I met many a lost boy reeling out of control. I wanted to read about one of these hapless lads – saved from himself and the trauma of his past, by love. I adore stories wherein the hero has no clue he's not only falling in love but falling hard. They're not easy to find – so I wrote one!

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