Husband Sit (Husband Series Book 1) by Louise Cusack

Jill is desperate for money to save her kid sister from a Bangkok jail so she starts Husband Sitting: being paid by rich wives to keep an eye on their cheating husbands. It’s weird, but do-able until Finn comes along, jealous and determined to win Jill for himself. Can her girlfriends help her out of this mess?

Targeted Audience: Romance Readers

Author Bio:
Louise Cusack lives in Australia, in a tiny fishing village on the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef where kangaroos are regular visitors in her yard. She's a long-time vegetarian and caffeine addict who spends her spare time on Facebook and Netflix. Louise has been published by Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins and Pan Macmillan.

Her novels are about curious women who get themselves into unlikely situations – whether that's an everyday woman from our world falling through a portal into a sepia kingdom, an amorous mermaid who gets herself stranded on dry land, or more recently, a perfectly ordinary house-sitter who finds herself husband sitting instead!

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I was house-sitting and a client told me about her friend Catherine, whose husband had cheated while Catherine went on holiday. Even worse, when she came home, the 'other woman' was installed as the new lady of the house and he wanted a divorce. That would upset Catherine's life, her status and her future.

My client laughingly said, "If Catherine had had a husband sitter, that might never have happened!" and while we laughed about the idea of a house sitter that 'sat' husbands, I couldn't help thinking "There's a book in this…"

I was right!

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An Impossible Marriage by Meriel Brooke

Cover-An-Impossible-Marriage-10-SMALLSamuel Singleton, a farmer’s son, enlists as a teenager at the outbreak of the First World War, after which he goes to Malaya to start a new life as a rubber planter. He meets Ruth, an attractive and sophisticated woman. They marry, but the marriage is stormy, and Ruth has an affair with the young doctor on the rubber estate. His childhood sweetheart, Mary, realises that something is wrong when Sam does not send for her as promised. She has not told him that she is pregnant and attempts suicide by jumping off a bridge on Sam’s mare, Bella, but is saved by their neighbour, Richard Lewis. They bring up the child, Andrew, as their own. Sam and Ruth have a child, Stephanie, who is sent to school in England. While Stephanie is training to be a nurse at a London teaching hospital, she meets a medical student, Andrew Lewis, and discovers that they are neighbours. They fall in love and decide to marry. Sam’s parents then decide they must tell Sam that Andrew is his son and therefore Stephanie’s half-brother, and that Stephanie and Andrew must end their relationship.

Targeted Audience: Adult

Author Bio:
I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but it’s taken a long time and several careers to achieve this ambition.
I was born in Malaya, was sent to boarding school in England at the tender age of three, then to Canada during the war (Second, not First World War!), then Australia at the end of the war, then back to England where I finished my schooling at Cheltenham Ladies’ College.
I qualified as a nurse at St Bartholomew’s Hospital and worked for a plastic surgeon before following my heart and changing careers to act in film, TV and stage including the American Shakespeare Company, the Royal Shakespeare Company, and the National Theatre. I wrote and directed several plays and was a member of the Directors’ Guild.
Some years ago I moved to Herefordshire and set up a small organic farm with my husband.
My first book, ‘Pot of Gold’, a humorous account of downshifting, was first published in 1997 and was the subject of a Channel 4 documentary about our farm.
My children’s book, ‘Jacqueline Jackdaw’, is about a clever jackdaw who becomes friends with a young boy.
My first novel ‘An Impossible Marriage’, about a farmer’s son who became a rubber planter in Malaya,has just been published by Ex-L-Ence-Publishing. The story concerns the consequences to all involved after he deserts his childhood sweetheart and marries a more sophisticated woman. Years later, the offspring of his two relationships fortuitously meet. This was originally published under the title of ‘Blood Marriage’.
My second novel, ‘Sweet Mungo’, about a young actor, is now in the process of being published.
All my books are available on Amazon.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I started writing this book nine years ago and originally it was just a record of my father’s career (he fought in both world wars). Then I realised it would make a good story, and my first efforts were terrible, but nine years later I feel proud of it

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More Than Just Pretend by Claire Baxter

More-than-Just-Pretend_500After a bitter divorce, Gwen desperately wants to create a stable home for her teenage daughter. Returning to her hometown, Gwen finds that her parents’ old house needs work, and builder Tyler, a man who knows how to wear a tool belt, is just the man to do it.

But Gwen and Tyler have a history, and when her daughter convinces them to pose as a couple at a family function, some very real feelings resurface. When the fake relationship ends, will they break their own rules and take a risk on one that’s more than just pretend?

Targeted Audience: Romance readers

Author Bio:
Claire Baxter writes contemporary romantic fiction of all lengths. Her short stories have been published in commercial women’s magazines around the world, while her novels have been translated into 20 languages, and have been nominated for the Romance Writers of Australia’s Romantic Book of the Year Award, the Booksellers’ Best Awards, the RT Book Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Awards, and the Cataromance Reviewers’ Choice Awards (winner, Best Harlequin Romance).

Claire grew up in Warwickshire, England, but for more than 20 years has called Australia home. She considers herself lucky to live near one of Adelaide’s beautiful metropolitan beaches where she loves to walk and think up stories.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
More Than Just Pretend is the second in a series of romantic novellas about the Selwood sisters. (Each book is a stand-alone story.)

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My Gift To You by Faye Hall

MyGiftToYou400Rush Mullens saw her parents, Joseph and Carmen, being murdered before her eyes as an 8 year old child– ten cloaked figures destroying her once peaceful life. She did not know the men responsible, but she would find them. She wanted revenge…she needed it.

When Lord Justin Maston came to take her in to his care, she vowed she would use this opportunity to find the murderer’s she chased. She did not think she would also find a boy she could love more than her own life.

Bailey Maston had never supposed to mean any more to her than a friend, one who could protect her from the new lifestyle she had been forced into. What he had become though was a young man who could take her breath away, and steal her heart.

Rush knew Bailey knew nothing of her family, or the life she was raised to live. She doubted should he learn the truth that he would understand. She could not let him endanger the revenge she so craved to seek. Nor could she ignore that she was willing to risk all – her past, her life, her reputation – just to sample an ounce of passion from this man.

Bailey Maston wanted to find a woman – the perfect woman – to give his heart to. He wanted to trust that such a person could exist that would never betray him. Everything he had seen in his young life, both at home and in society, told him what a foolish dream this was. Such a woman could never exist. Even if she did, he doubted she would ever willingly give her heart to a love-starved boy like him.

Foolish though his dream was, Bailey could not help being drawn to the young orphaned girl his parents had taken in.

He wanted her friendship and the attention she so willingly offered to him.

He craved to feel the passion he knew was hidden deep inside her.

What he did not want was to fall in love with her.

When Bailey finally discovers the truth of Rush’s life, and the revenge she was enacting, he feels betrayed. Foolish though it was, he hopes that beyond this betrayal may yet lay the woman he has always yearned to find…a woman he craved to give his well-guarded heart to.

Targeted Audience: 18+

Author Bio:
Faye Hall is a published author of Historical Erotic Romance novels & e-books. Though her early published works include poetry, newspaper articles, and online local events reports, her passion has always been with her romantic tales set in late 19th Century Australia. Upon being contracted with Red Sage Publishing, her dream of being a published author became a reality.

Faye finds inspiration in the world around her and bases most of her characters on people she has met in her life.

After a whirl-wind romance, Faye married her childhood sweetheart early 2013. She currently lives in Queensland, Australia with her husband and their 9 children.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I was obsessed with a movie called ‘Dangerous Beauty’ staring Catherine McCormack. After the very first time I seen it, I pretty much put pen to paper and started writing what became my very own manuscript.

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