Bitten by the Alpha by KF Jones

Bitten by the Alpha follows William, a twenty-year-old biology student, who is bitten by a wolf whilst out sketching woodland flora for his degree course. This comes as something of a surprise as to his knowledge, wolves have long been extinct throughout the British Isles. He returns to the area weeks later, having become a laughing stock at his University, determined to find proof that the wolf is real.

He meets Brian, a handsome country gentleman who is the first person to treat his story with any seriousness. As the weather turns, William visits Brian’s home in search of shelter and is introduced to a whole new world he had never imagined existed.

Bitten by the Alpha is a first time M/m erotic romance novella with some elements of mild BDSM. This is the first book in the Consort of the Werewolf King series.

Targeted Audience: 30

Author Bio:
I was born in the late 70's and will hit the age at which life begins in 2017. Since my truncated time at university studying courses that I was deeply unsuited for in a city that did not appeal, I have been writing erotica. It is long since time that I published some of my efforts and the process has become substantially easier over the years so there's no better time to start than now. My first novella kicks off an erotic romance series about British werewolves.

Bitten by the Alpha is my first novella and the sequel, Claimed by the Alpha will be out soon. They will be the first two books in the Consort of the Werewolf King series. I am also working on another series in the same universe which will focus on different characters.

Whilst my current focus is on my M/m erotic romance series, Consort of the Werewolf King, I'm also worldbuilding a steampunk Victoriana setting. I'm planning two series set in this world, the first a series of steamy romps following the exploits of an earthy adventuress, thief-taker and detective called Dawn. The second will be full-length novels mixing espionage, steam engineering, adventure and a heroine the equal of Dawn in both bravery and passion.

You can find out about any upcoming books at my website. I do hope you enjoy the books and I promise to keep them coming as fast as I can.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I enjoy erotica and romance and wanted to write something that was set in the U.K. (my home country). I love to build worlds and settings so I've come up with a version of werewolves that I like and allows me to put them in all sorts of enjoyable situations.

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Desire for Touch by Adira August

Has it ever been like this for you? Hands and heat and need become the world? … Have you ever been loved like this?

Avienne Rivers hadn’t. The investigative reporter focused on work, family and friends. If she needed a man, well, that was easy enough. There were always willing men. For a night or a week.

Now, Avia was on her way to interview a sex-toy manufacturer. What was she supposed to write about? The benefits of a pink sparkle dildo?

But Benedict Hart turned out to be a charming, funny, accomplished man who made Avia warm in a cool mountain breeze with a dimpled smile, a direct gaze and an aura of passion for life. And, he made clear, for her.

But this Alpha female wasn’t about to turn into a compliant mass of quivering nerve-endings at the crook of an elegant finger. Still. That finger was attached to a strong, warm hand and a beautiful man. And there was definite quiverage going on in certain parts of her body.

Besides, you just flashed on him throwing you down here in broad daylight on his terrace. He seems like a good guy and he wants to give you great sex. It’s not Of Human Bondage, it’s just experimenting with something different. And it’ll provide depth to the story.

And then Ben touched her. And she was lost.


80k words. A frankly sexy Romance novel. Book 1/3, HFN, no cliffhanger. desire for Bliss, Book 2, available now. ON SALE FEB 23-24

Targeted Audience: adult women who want a grown-up version of FSOG

Author Bio:

I don't write smut, I write Romance. I write about people passionate for life, for work, for each other. And that makes the sex electric and intimate, classic erotica. Unashamed and unapologetic.

I've chased down bad guys, climbed mountains, searched for dinosaurs and had rather a large number of lovers, though I'm not giving a specific number.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
My whole foray into erotic Romance came about when I discovered that 97 out of every 100 women didn’t know what their own clitoris looks like. Most doctors don’t, either. True! Hardly any men do. It a beautiful thing that spreads its wings inside us and caresses our vaginas.

I got tired of books about things sensual or sexual being called “dirty” or “smut.” Some are, I guess, but I love my characters. I want women, and men, to love and embrace and find joy in sex.I want them to feel okay about the things they want, the fantasies they have. Lotsa fun sex! Hey, it’s great for your health!

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Fifty Shades for Couples: The Real-Life Guide to Living the Fantasy by Casey R. Alexander

Are you the ultimate Fifty Shades of Grey fan? Do you want to relive the erotic magic from the best-selling novel?

Fifty Shades for Couples: The Real-Life Guide to Living the Fantasy is the straightforward, unabashed script for lovers who want to recreate the steamiest scenes from E L James’s book, Fifty Shades of Grey. No mere introduction to mind-blowing sensual romance, this sexy playbook provides specific scene notes, props, and spicy suggestions for acting out your favorite fantasies.

Review: “The book that will save your sex life! Too many couples are scared to ask for more. Finally, a sexy play guide for mind-blowing sex, a deeper connection with your partner and more–faster than you can say ‘You. Are. Mine.'”
–Dr. Chris Donaghue, PhD, LCSW, CST, author of Sex Outside the Lines: Authentic Sexuality in a Sexually Dysfunctional Culture

Targeted Audience: Over 21

Author Bio:
Author, blogger, and rogue solution seeker, Casey Alexander inspires couples to reconnect intimately and fall in love all over again.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
After reading the Fifty Shades series, so many women wanted to know how to implement that kind of sexy energy and connection in their own lives. I wrote Fifty Shades for Couples to help couples spice up their own intimate relationships.

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Rock Her Hard: An Alpha Male Rockstar Romance by Alyson Hale

I’m a lone wolf, a lost cause. Pushing people away has become an art form for me. I was doing well at shutting down my heart until I met her. Now I’ll risk everything I’ve built just to have her by my side.

I didn’t come to Georgia looking for love…

When my band manager asked us to travel to the US on a personal errand, I never imagined I’d get caught up in a scheme to reunite a father with his estranged daughter. Our deal was I’d seduce her into coming on the road with us, and then he’d have a chance at winning her over and getting his family back. The only problem is it’s become so much more than that…

Kyri Calloway is everything I didn’t know was missing from my life: sweetness, softness, and plenty of sass. She’s a fiesty Irish redhead with curves that go on forever, my ultimate fantasy…yet she won’t stop running away from me. My girl is convinced I’m going to leave her heart in a million shattered pieces the way her father did, but what she doesn’t know is I never plan to let her go.

I’m not finished with her. Not by a long shot.

And I won’t stop chasing her until she’s mine, completely, body and soul.


NOTE: This 18+ novella is sexy, sweet, and full of sass, just like every perfect Southern Belle should be. Your heart is safe reading this book; there’s no cheating, a protective alpha male, and a guaranteed HEA–no cliffhangers!

Targeted Audience: 21-65

Author Bio:
Alyson Hale is a naughty little minx who lives in an undisclosed location in the American South. Her weaknesses are rock stars, military men, and alpha males. If your significant other gets laid after reading one of her books, she feels like she’s done her job right. Follow Aly if you love wall-of-muscle, well-endowed book boyfriends who make you weak at the knees!

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I love rock music and I live in the American South. British culture has always fascinated me as well, so I sort of married all of that and came up with this series.

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Hard Choices by Joan Farraneau

She was his first love. He was her plaything.

Ten years ago to the day, Sean Hartwood left Forton, Texas with a promise never to return. Now, despite his promise, he’s back, back to the one place he swore he’d never see again, back to the same tired streets where his heart was broken so long ago.

For ten years, Sam Atley has dreamed of picking up and leaving Forton. Married to an abusive alcoholic and stuck in a dead-end job at the local diner, she’s lost all hope of leading a happy life in this backwoods town where nothing ever seems to happen. That is, until one morning when a handsome, mysterious stranger appears in town. From the moment Sam sets eyes on him, she knows her entire world is about to change.

But can love flourish when secrets abound and the past comes crashing into the present? Sometimes, the answer isn’t so simple…

Hard Choices is a standalone 53,000-word novel complete with HEA.

Targeted Audience: 21 plus

Author Bio:
Joan Farraneau is a lover and liver of all things erotic. When she's not penning her next fantasy, she enjoys spending time with her rambunctious golden-doodle, eating copious amounts of grocery store sushi, and lying down for entirely too long and watching television designed to rot your brain. Her second full-length novel, Flash Photography, is in the works.

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The Red Side of Dr. Greene: An Alpha and a Virgin Romance by D.G. Collins

Meet Dr. Alexander Greene, the hottest gynecologist in Evanston. A tattooed 30-year-old bachelor with a twisted mind…
An influx of pap smears raids his clinic almost every day. Women swoon over him, wishing they have gynecological problems just to be examined by the unbelievably hot physician.
Their female fantasies and head games always get on his nerves, but yet, he is obsessed with their bodies. In short, he hates women but loves to fuck them till they lose their voice.
The question is: Is he capable of falling in love?

Meet Emily Maxwell, a 20-year-old college student majoring in psychology. She’s immature, innocent, and most especially, virgin.
She believes she has ovarian cancer and will die soon. She took an appointment with a female gynecologist, but there seemed to be a mistake…
And now she’s in great trouble.


Check out my book trailer here:

WARNING: The Red Side of Dr. Greene is a full-length standalone erotic-romance novel which promises a happily ever after. Just be sure to have some cold water, ice cream, air conditioner, or whatever, just to cool yourself off when you read this book. Enjoy!

Targeted Audience: above 21 years old

Author Bio:
D.G. Collins is a nurse and a writer who currently lives and works in Qatar.

She loves to scribble her emotions, dreams, and fantasies down into paper ever since the first time she fell in love, and had been an active contributor in some school publications during high school and college years.

She had also been ghostwriting romance, erotica, and erotic-romance books for three years, three of them became one of best selling books in their respective genres here in Amazon, before finally deciding to write her own full-length novel and publish it for the first time.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I have always wanted to write a romance book that will have the chance to be made into movies someday. Right after the Fifty Shades of Grey's success, I stopped ghostwriting and started writing this novel and self-publish it for the first time.

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The Act of Splashing (Deena and the Professor Part 8) by Trudy Judd

PART EIGHT: The Act of Splashing How many loads can Deena swallow in a night? She really wants to know.
It’s almost the end of classes, and Deena knows she has to act fast to convince her Psychology professor, Alex Sturm, that she’s the girl for him. He’s been marking off each item on her list of SEXUAL FANTASIES, teaching her how to SUBMIT, and showing her what it might be like to serve him as his girl. But he keeps insisting that he’s only introducing her to her own sexuality. Once her list is done, she fears he’ll walk away.
The last two items on her list are the hottest, and Professor Sturm has promised Deena they’ll both take place over the course of a weekend, when he’ll invite several of his friends over to his luxurious house.
The first fantasy? Deena craves to know what it would be like to be BATHED IN HOT LOVE JUICES as she orally services each man. But how can she indulge in all her slutty desires and still follow her heart? She just has to find a way to show the professor that all this isn’t just sex. She wants to be his girl forever.

(Part Eight of a ten part series; each part will be published monthly. Parts One through Five have been bundled, and then Parts Six through Ten will be bundled as well. Notice for BDSM, oral, and multiple partners.)

Targeted Audience: Adult

Author Bio:
Trudy Judd fantasized about kinky sex from a young age that she knew her conservative family would never approve of. She’s proud to say that she’s explored many things since then, and is active in the BDSM community. She writes erotic literature and steamy BDSM romances, and has been writing for many years, although you won’t find much under this particular name. Trudy lives with her partner in a warm climate with an active scene and celebrates being bisexual. Enjoy all her naughty fantasies!

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The Velvet Chair by Christina Mandara

My name is Mark Matthews. I own half of London, and the part I don’t own, I’m working on.

Life was all going swimmingly well until Michael Redcliff entered my life, demanding that I marry his daughter. Actually, swap demand for blackmail. He’s got goods on me that I want no one else to see, so for the time being I need to be his little lapdog.

I’ll marry his daughter. I’ll give him all the status, money and power he can handle… for as long as it takes me to get a divorce. You see, I can’t renege on our little arrangement – but she can. I give her a week. One week and she’ll be screaming the place down for her legal counsel.

I am never wrong.

Targeted Audience: Erotic Romance – Adult

Author Bio:
Christina Mandara is a USA TODAY bestselling author and tends to write dark romance with lashings of kinky naughtiness. Her favourite pastime is travelling, and if it involves sun, sea and… sand then it’s all good.

In her spare time she’s usually cuddled up with a good book, exploring the countryside or baking in the kitchen. In fact, she loves her kitchen so much she’s one of few woman who wouldn’t mind being tied to it! Her first and foremost love is writing, however, and more often than not you’ll find her on a laptop spinning tales of romance, erotica or dark, paranormal fantasies.

She's a big fan of BDSM in all of its glorious forms, and her favourite item in the toy closet (a box simply isn’t big enough) is her riding crop.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Having always loved BDSM erotica, I began reading Anne Rice's Beauty Trilogy at the age of about thirteen and have never looked back. I've been similarly enthralled with the written word, but though I have written so many stories over the years, I didn't actually manage to finish one until a few years ago. When I did finish it, I decided it wasn't finished and this is the second spin off series. One day, I will finish it, though. Promise!

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Controlled: Cyborg Slave 1 (BBW, Alpha Male Billionaires, MMF Menage) by Steele Star


A big beautiful servant has signed away all her rights to enter the multibillionare D’arke household. But when the family’s massive, muscular and dominant alpha male sons – arrogant blond Beau and intimidating dark Max – order her to service them sexually, she discovers the rich are not human. Especially sexually. This 6,900 word story includes highly explicit oral and double penetrative sex, restraint and submission. It is intended only for those 18 and older.

Targeted Audience: Over 21

Author Bio:
Hi, I’m Steele.

I live in London, in one of the multicultural arty areas where you’ll hear a dozen different languages in a typical day.

Long walks and parks and street markets in summer, art exhibitions and opera in winter. Good red wine any time.

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Sold to the Alpha: A BBW Wolf-Shifter Romance by Cara Wylde

This complete edition contains all 6 books of Sold to the Alpha. It’s the full story of sexy, curvaceous Avelyn and her hot Alpha, Max Blackmane. No cliffhangers!

Avelyn is a shifter bride, which means she has been raised and educated to become the wife of a shape-shifter and bear his children. The problem is that she doesn’t want to accept this fate. She will do everything in her power to gain her freedom and build a new life far away from shape-shifters and what society expects of her.

Alpha werewolf Max Blackmane is in search of a bride. When he comes to Alma Venus Boarding School, one of the best schools for shifter brides in the world, he is determined to buy a young woman who would bring him political advantages. However, when he sees Avelyn, his plans are turned upside down. He can’t imagine his life without her.

Avelyn uses every trick to convince Max to buy another bride. It doesn’t matter that his perfect body and smooth voice make her weak in the knees. She has a dream, and her dream does not include a wolf-shifter who thinks he can simply own her because the peace treaty between humans and shape-shifters says so.

Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
Cara Wylde is a new paranormal romance author. Her characters are strong, feisty women and hot Alpha males. When she’s not writing, Cara is reading, planning her next story, or daydreaming.

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