A Thin Line Between Love and Lust: A Poly Love Story by C E Long

Prince was always good with women, just never in the way he wanted. All his life girls thought his friendship was too valuable to ever risk losing by having sex with him. Tired of being stuck in a never ending friend zone, he’s set on leaving the good guy reputation behind him and start getting laid for a change. After his potential is awoken by a stunning exotic dancer named Dominique, an unquenchable desire erupts that leaves both of them wanting more, but not just more of each other…

Is it possible to be in love with one and have anything more than lust for another? Can our sexual desires cloud our judgement so fiercely that living happily ever after with our one true soulmate becomes impossible?

Is there another way?

What happens when we open ourselves to the idea that love does not need a sole proprietor, that our hearts do not have to be bound by standards that tell us who and how to love? Can we ever find happiness in something so different and unknown?

Targeted Audience: Adult

Author Bio:
This is where I’m supposed to write about myself. I can write a whole book but this is hard. Go figure. I’m from California, currently living in Las Vegas… umm… my life is happily boring, which is why I write. I get to relive the good times… and make some up along the way. You can read an interview here if that helps: https://www.smashwords.com/interview/CELong. Outside of that, I simply hope you enjoy my writing. I’m open to feedback so shoot me an email if you have any questions or comments at SexLoveAndIceCream@gmail.com. And don’t forget to leave a review. This is my first novel so those reviews help.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I just had so many stories and experiences I wanted to put on paper for others to enjoy.

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