Dead Sexy by Aleah Barley

deadsexyfront-copyMortuary attendant Gemma Sinclair hunts zombies for a living. It’s messy work, but it pays the bills… right up until she stun guns the wrong dead man in the ass.

Now to keep her family business going, Gemma’s forced into a partnership with federal agent D.S. Thomas Conroy. Zombies are disappearing all over town, and he needs Gemma’s help to figure out why.

With a villain on her trail and a gang of zombies ready to attack, Gemma’s just glad her backup is dead sexy…
Readers love it:

“I would describe Dead Sexy as True Blood meets the Walking Dead.”

“Dead Sexy is an amazing read and had me hooked right from the start. It’s funny, it’s sexy, and I just couldn’t get enough!”

“The novel is so much like it’s male lead, D.S. It’s funny, sexy, charming, and rough around the edges. It’s a hell of a ride, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys Janet Evanovich’s butt-kicking bounty hunter Stephanie Plum.”

“All I can say is the next book needs to hurry up and get finished.”

Targeted Audience: Women ages 21 and up

Author Bio:
Aleah Barley is preparing for the zombie apocalypse while living in Detroit, Michigan. She spends her time hunting chocolate, writing novels, and chasing the dog.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I live in Detroit and I wanted to write a down and dirty paranormal with a Detroit setting.

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