BDSM Therapy by Nora Skye

For Danielle Jones, a twenty-two years old graphic designer, life would be good… if it wasn’t for the anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Every day is a struggle for her, and nothing seems to be helping. She has tried every form of therapy.
At least, that’s what she thought.

When one day her best friend, Camille, tells her that she discovered a new, unconventional method of therapy, Danielle decides to give it a shot. She agrees to be taken to a famous BDSM club, The Rogue, where Camille introduces her to a professional Dominant named Jacob.

Dani’s terrified. The six-feet tall, thirty-seven year old man looks like a total barbarian, with broad shoulders, muscles like a WWE wrestler and a stern face… But when he agrees to take Danielle under his wing and then slowly starts to ease her into the world of Submission, she discovers that there’s a fun and charming man hiding under the facade of a brute.
Jacob’s rough, strong and… unbelievably hot. The way he orders Danielle around, the way he pleasures her body and disciplines her mind, is mindblowing.
After a few sizzling-hot sessions with the Dom, Dani realizes that they’re, indeed, helping her with her anxiety. She also discovers that she starts to fall for Jacob. She wants him not only as her Dominant, but also as her man…

But Jacob has a secret. A secret that keeps him from opening his heart to the young woman.
Will Danielle manage to make the man of her dreams let her into his life? Will they give in to the feelings that are there between them? Will Jacob realize that Danielle is the one, before it’s too late?

Targeted Audience: 21 and older

Author Bio:
Just another 27 years old coffee addict, living in the US. I'm a huge 90's enthusiast (to American Scienists: please invent time travel already!). I enjoy reading books in general, but my favorite genres are romance, erotica and science fiction. Although I absolutely love complementing my reality with sexy, fictional men, I am happily in love with one particular man in real life.
If you, like me, love loosing yourself in the world of fantasy, when all of our hidden desires can come true, feel free to check out my books. You'll find a great dose of romance in them, mixed with erotic themes.

Happy reading!

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