TALON – The Kingdom Of Spelldome by A.J.Powell-Owens

When the King and Queen of the “Kingdom of Spelldome” were blessed with the birth of their two sons’ they thought that all their dreams had come true, but the events that followed the birth of one of the twins began to ring alarm bells. He was unnatural and cruel towards his fellow man and anything that he viewed as beneath him. The King and father of this abomination was forced to take drastic measures that unbeknown to him, would have wide and long reaching effects on his family in the future. His decision would bring fourth times of War and Death to a once peaceful Realm.

“The Kingdoms people would suffer greatly.”

At the hands of a devious and unkind creature, a being that would make allies with the very nightmares of hell and beyond an unnatural foe that simply hated the humanity within the world he was born into. He would be assisted in this mission by many allies, but one of them would have the greatest impact on his thought’s and actions. Khan was walking hell spawn that would act as advisor to the youngster and bend him to his own will. Coupled with this new knowledge Malic would awaken an ancient and horrific nightmare that even he would find hard to control; Once it was out of the box. The princess of the kingdom soon discovers the cruel reality and price that her people would pay for the Kings father’s actions. Her generation and that of the previous Kings son would need to take up arms and defeat this new and malevolent evil that would threaten to take away everything they stood for. But was Malic really as evil as they thought or did he actually have a point to prove or was it love that drove him? She would soon discover the truth and many other secrets from her own past…

Targeted Audience: FANTASY OR HORROR

Author Bio:
I was born in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire and relocated to Cambridge in 2001 to be married to my Wife.
Louisa, We have a 11 year old daughter. Also we have a pet cat "Bonny".

I have worked in the I.T industry for many years as a Senior Manager, Director, Project Manager, General Trouble Shooter, Property Development – Still love Information Technology and all its varied callings, I have a small collection of robots R2D2, Wee Robotic's etc.

I used them to introduce youngsters to Technology in schools, also they are great fun. I still have a great love for technology. I am currently seeking a new full-time post in addition to the writing, but who knows what life's journey has in store.

My last post was as I.T Manager for a Cambridge College 11yrs, Before this i worked for Camelot, DWP, NHS, MoD and a number of other high profile posts. But I always have had a passion for Fantasy, Sci-fi, Gaming, Art, Writing, Cars etc..

It was as a direct result of a video game i produced in 1985 for Artic computing that this Novel came about. AMSTRAD 464

As the story is a direct evolution of the old game. I still love video games to this day, but if this goes well will produce the other stories that the game had as a result if its development.
It was a very large universe of new characters and places.

I will say one last thing – I hope you enjoy it

But this is my first outing as an Author and its been an interesting journey.
"Talon – The Kingdom Of Spelldome"

I would advise anyone who has a story to tell to use KDP – its been an amazing experience.
I hope you enjoy the story. After all its about the telling…

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I had an idea for a video game in the 1980s that was published , but wanted to take the story further, i was made redundant, but this was nt the reason it was that i wanted to share the story with others and this gave me the time to finish it. It was written for the fun and love of doing so. Many friends and other shave said it would make a brilliant film, being honest i am glad that people have enjoyed it and it is out in the world.

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