Hard Choices by Joan Farraneau

She was his first love. He was her plaything.

Ten years ago to the day, Sean Hartwood left Forton, Texas with a promise never to return. Now, despite his promise, he’s back, back to the one place he swore he’d never see again, back to the same tired streets where his heart was broken so long ago.

For ten years, Sam Atley has dreamed of picking up and leaving Forton. Married to an abusive alcoholic and stuck in a dead-end job at the local diner, she’s lost all hope of leading a happy life in this backwoods town where nothing ever seems to happen. That is, until one morning when a handsome, mysterious stranger appears in town. From the moment Sam sets eyes on him, she knows her entire world is about to change.

But can love flourish when secrets abound and the past comes crashing into the present? Sometimes, the answer isn’t so simple…

Hard Choices is a standalone 53,000-word novel complete with HEA.

Targeted Audience: 21 plus

Author Bio:
Joan Farraneau is a lover and liver of all things erotic. When she's not penning her next fantasy, she enjoys spending time with her rambunctious golden-doodle, eating copious amounts of grocery store sushi, and lying down for entirely too long and watching television designed to rot your brain. Her second full-length novel, Flash Photography, is in the works.

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Eligible Billionaires Box Set: Books 1-5 by Maggie Marr

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Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
When you pick up a Maggie Marr book, you’ll always get your dose of hot men, strong women with amazing friends, and steamy sex. Never miss any of Maggie’s hot new books, follow her here on Amazon and sign up for her newsletter at www.maggiemarr.net

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Breaking Hammer by Sabrina Paige

Lifting Weights99 cent sale for release week only! Regular price $2.99!

He would search the ends of the earth to bring her home.

Betrayed by the MC he once loved, mourning the brutal murder of his wife, Joe “Hammer” Holder is just trying to hang on to the pieces of his life. He swore he would never fall in love again.

Until Meia.

But Meia belongs to another man – a human trafficker with unlimited political connections and power, who ensures her loyalty by holding someone she loves in his grasp. Love is not part of Meia’s destiny.

Until Hammer.

Can love blossom in the midst of unspeakable pain and loss? And when Meia disappears without a trace, will Hammer’s love be enough to help her survive?

This is a standalone full length novel with a HEA. The series can be read in any order,
although it is recommended to start with book one in order to better understand the club dynamics.
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Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
Sabrina Paige writes about smart, sexy women and the hot alpha males who love them. Outlaw bikers, cowboys, and military men make her swoon. She has found her own happily ever after with her active duty military husband and adorable toddler.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
In June 2014, the U.S. State Department released its annual report evaluating the efforts of international governments to police human trafficking in their countries. Thailand and Malaysia were downgraded to Tier 3 status, meaning that they now rank in the lowest twelve countries in the world in efforts to prevent human trafficking. In both countries, undocumented foreign workers are particularly vulnerable, especially minority groups from Burma (Myanmar) fleeing persecution.

I lived in southeast Asia for several years, and that region of the world will always hold a special place in my heart.

This book was inspired by reading about the plight of trafficked persons everywhere, but especially in those countries I think of so fondly.

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