Sugar Whipped by Dez Marie

Alex isn’t like the other girls. Alex has secrets that only Alex knows, and she intends to keep them that way. That is, until those secrets stop her in her tracks, leading her to the dark and macabre world of BDSM to cash in on the money she needs to keep up with her addictions, as well as living the proper life of a snobby sorority girl.

Alex’s main infatuation goes from Elle, the love of her life, to money and power. Taking newly learned techniques and her broken moral compass, Alex goes through a whirlwind of ventures and struggles, hitting rock bottom and clawing her way out, all while battling her inner demons–and the real life ones in the dungeon as well.

Can a young woman living so dangerously, so hazardously, with so many risks and so much to lose, choose the path that leads her away from the coaxing temptation of the exquisitely beautiful women she works with, away from the wads of greenbacks and the name she’d made for herself, the infamous Dolce DeMaul?

Or will she live happily ever after with the only person who’s ever shown her what affection is? Only time will tell, as it usually does–catching up and breaking open secrets, unveiling the true wrath of a woman addicted to the sweeter things in life. A woman with a beautiful mind and broken heart, enslaved in her own ways.

Targeted Audience: over 21

Author Bio:
With a bachelor's in biology and a Master's in psychology & Family Counseling, Desireah Marie Rodriguez is a city employee working as an independent substance abuse counselor. When she isn't working, she's writing, and when she isn't writing, she's reading. She keeps herself busy traveling when she can, meeting some of the very people who inspired her to turn her first novel into a trilogy.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
True events. After 8 years of working as the Madam and Head Mistress of an infamous Texas Dungeon, I felt my story was just too juicy, too amazing not to share. I ended up with a trilogy of ridiculous and head over heels naughty words that read like a sonnet. One you'll replay over and over…

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Sample from Book:

"Tell me things that make me feel pretty.
Tell me you won't go when the night dies out.
Tell me it's not like your other good times
Because that's not all that you're about.

Lay beside me and don't tell me why
Why you still have on that winter coat.
Just lie because you're good at it.
It's what I'm good at too, it's the only thing people like us are good at."

-Sugar Whipped

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