Submitting to the Incubus by Bliss Devlin

A deal with the devil…
Marissa Brandt hunts demons for a living—until a mission goes terribly wrong when her pyromancer abilities go berserk. Fearful that she’s becoming one of the monsters she’s been taught to hate, Marissa is desperate enough take the deal offered by Michael Amestra, the charismatic CEO of Archangel Security Networks. He promises to give her a new identity and teach her how to control her abilities. But there’s one big catch: Michael is an incubus, and her new life requires her to submit to his every desire.

Targeted Audience: adult paranormal romance readers

Author Bio:
Bliss Devlin works in high tech, likes sushi (and sashimi), and doesn't much care for modern art.

Readers have praised her work as "…a sizzling combination of hot sex and super sweet romance."

She draws inspiration from a childhood spent reading fairy tales, myths, and legends, and an adulthood spent living and traveling overseas. When not writing tales of erotic adventure, she travels, bakes gourmet delights, and hangs out online with an amazing group of smart, funny, sophisticated people.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I've always loved supernatural thrillers featuring strong women. I was an avid fan of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, and I love action movies.

And I really love writing in this universe, with my special take on incubi and succubae. These books give me the freedom to write hard action, mingled with the most intense love scenes that my fevered imagination can conjure up.

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Sample from Book:


Michael said, "I promise you that whatever we do together, I'll always tell you what to expect beforehand. Even if you agree at first, you can always stop whatever we're doing or tell me to back off if it becomes too uncomfortable or too frightening for you."

"So, what do you like? What do you want to do to me?" Marissa asked.

Michael's smile returned…seductive and darkly predatory now. For the first time, he looked exactly like what he was. Sexy and very dangerous.

"I want to do whatever it takes to drive you to the point where you're helpless and so aroused and desperate to climax that you're shaking and begging me to be allowed to come," he said in that low voice that sent a shiver of sensation straight to the pit of her belly. "I want you to put yourself completely in my hands and experience whatever you're feeling…completely and honestly."

Marissa's arousal intensified, both at his words and at the intensity of his dark gaze. He was making her feel like the most beautiful, most desirable woman he'd ever seen.

She was suddenly very glad that they had gotten a private booth in Shiroyama's upstairs dining room. She felt feverishly hot and short of breath.

Incubus magic, she told herself. It's not real.

It didn't help.

"Mmm, you like that." Michael's deep voice dropped into a purr.

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