Spaceship Menage by Cailee Francis

Two men, one woman – a M/F/M menage story.

William is a human warrior serving on the Rogue Hunter, a ship defending the inter-alliance border against a hostile enemy. When his alien girlfriend on board, Tabitha, breaks up with him unexpectedly, William returns to his quarters to be alone. He soon discovers his room mate Ian has company over – his lovely blonde, seductive girlfriend, Anna. She doesn’t like to see William feeling so dejected, so she decides to do something about it and Ian’s more than happy to indulge her.

This is a short story of just over 5,000 words that contains strong steamy content and language.

Targeted Audience: Erotica Readers

Author Bio:
Cailee Francis is an author of erotica and romantic fiction. In 2015, she published her first erotic novella, The Theatre of Fantasies. Since then she’s released many erotica short stories including Mischief Incarnate, Mischief Dreaming and Shifter Mischief (Books 1-3 of the Nymphalicious Chronicles). She’s also released three bundles – the Winter Warming Erotica Bundle, the Mischief Bundle and the Making it Real Bundle. She plans to release more stories in the near future.

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Sample from Book:

Anna slipped out of bed, naked and not especially worried about the fact. In the long moment before he glanced away, William certainly paid attention. Her skin was porcelain fair and perfect, with hardly a blemish, while her trim figure and the swell of her ample breasts was more alluring than William would ever admit to Ian. He hadn’t intended to be turned on by Anna; he was after all quite sad after what he’d been through and she was his roommate’s girlfriend. That said, she was simply stunning and he was surprised as she approached him and opened her arms.
Ian watched with interest as Anna comfortingly hugged William, not quite sure what to make of it yet.
“It’ll be alright, darling,” she said, holding him softly.
Ian rolled over fully in bed to face them. “That’s very sweet of you Anna, but… clothes?!”
She laughed, giving him a mischievous smile.

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