Smoke & Skin by Robert McCullough, C. M. Bratton, Taymika G. Byrd

Smoke-Skin_Robert-McCullough-et-al_091112This brand new feature from Write On Press is sure to stimulate and excite! Experience three tales of adult fantasy from three of the best new authors of the literary scene today. Robert McCullough brings you a tale of seduction in the temple with Church Music. Ms. Taymika G. Byrd is back with lust in the Big Easy. In the Vieux Carre’ you’ll experience the spiritual plane in a whole new way (bring a wet-nap!). C. M. Bratton brings it all together with a tale of passion and lust in the desert sands. You won’t need three wishes after this one (but you might need a cigarette!).

Targeted Audience: Adult

Author Bio:
Robert McCullough is an author and freelance journalist. He is the author of the “Greatest Day” sports series (My Greatest Day in Baseball, 1946-1997, My Greatest Day in Football, My Greatest Day in Golf, and My Greatest Day in Nascar), and he is the primary author The New York City Running Guide and The Washington, D.C. Running Guide. He lives just outside of Boston, MA.

C.M. Bratton graduated from Yale University with B.A.s in Theatre Arts and Spanish in 2002, and got an M.A. in Drama from TWU in 2010. Since 2002, she has spent time teaching nearly every subject and grade level from age 3 to age 40, in subjects ranging from theatre to writing to the SAT to geometry to biology to geology to – well, it’s been an interesting teaching career the last 10 years. In between that, C.M. acts in local theatres, sings in different languages and styles, and edits for a few different companies.
A self-confessed and extremely proud “nerd with style,” C.M. considers herself a working artist, and enjoys meeting new people from all walks of life. In the past two years, C.M. has shifted her work from mainly teaching to mainly writing, editing, and acting. Two television scripts she co-wrote were recently filmed, and she is in the middle of writing several books, theatre scripts, and more short stories (including follow-ups to “Smoke and Skin”). In between performing and writing, C.M. is a voracious reader and beach lover – but somehow manages to still get in 8 or 9 hours of sleep a night. As an avid dragon watcher, C.M. looks forward to sharing more stories.

Taymika Byrd is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana who enjoys writing romance, erotica, fantasy, mystery and intrigue that draws the reader in and holds them captive. She currently has three stories available in the Write On publication The Solomon Rose that gives the reader a glimpse into the life of a New Orleans Creole family. Taymika hopes you enjoy her literary offering here and looks forward to providing her readers with more entertaining stories in the near future.

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