Shameless Sins: An Anthology of Delightful Debauchery by Steffani Skye

shameless_sinsCAUTION: Contains explicit scenes of consensual adult sex, including fetishes and BDSM.

Shameless Sins is a short-story anthology guaranteed to get your pulse racing. Settle down by yourself or with your favorite partner(s) and delve into the following delightfully debaucherous stories of shameless sins:

Welcome to the Family – Jane finds her submissiveness tested in ways she hadn’t imagined.
Lemonade – A playfully spilled drink leads to some playful discipline.
Dominion – Jessica meets her new Master for the first time.
A Dark and Stormy Night – A chance encounter breathes new life and excitement into a steamy marriage.
Fullest Extent of the Law – Lina fulfills a fantasy as an anniversary gift.

Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
Hi! My name is Steffani Skye. I’m an exotic dancer and independent author. I live in Miami, FL, where I write hot and steamy stories.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I love talking dirty and writing sexy stories is an extension of that. I write what I fantasize about, or have already done. They say “write what you know”, right?

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Sample from Book:

“This is what complete and total obedience looks like, Miss Jane. Can you obey? Will you obey?”
A very small voice in the back of Jane’s head begged her to deny it. To get to her feet and run from this place as fast as her feet could carry her. Down the hallway, through the foyer, out into the cold night, and eventually to the safety of her little apartment. The little voice was convincing, but not as convincing as the slickness in her own loins, the dampness in her panties that formed as she watched and wondered if she could ever be as good of a “good girl” as Veronica was.
“Yes, Sir. Please!” The longing in her voice made her sound desperate. She was. She wanted to be used. She wanted to serve him. To fall on her knees and do everything he asked of her, without question, without hesitation.
Mister Abbott chuckled.
“What do you think, Veronica?” he asked. “Do you think she’s ready to be tested?”
Delight danced in her eyes, though she hadn’t moved an inch since she had assumed her position.
“Yes, Sir.”
“Very well.” Mister Abbott reached to his collar and began unbuttoning his shirt. “Prepare her.”

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