Seductive Synchronicity by Sage Ardman

For ten years, Constance Westerley has been having a recurring dream about a mouth-wateringly handsome man with a dragon tattoo on his chest. Some of her dreams are quite erotic.

Her girlfriends, a group of spiritual adventurers who call themselves The Witchy Women, tell her to meditate on this and find him. Of course, her outrageously wealthy family doesn’t know about her dreams and they certainly don’t care for her spiritual leanings. They just want her to find a respectable, rich man and settle down.

Nick Veseli grew up on the streets and in foster homes but was lucky enough to be adopted by loving parents. Since then, he has made it his life goal to give back to the community that saved him as a child. But his crusading idealism will pit him and Constance against powerful corporate interests, including some very rich Westerleys.

Wait until they see the dragon tattoo on his chest.

Targeted Audience: Adult

Author Bio:
The "Westerley" books were my first romance series, and they came at me faster than I could write them down. Much more fun than the technical books I had written in my youth.

Now I’m working on my "Fame" series, stories about Rock and Roll. Interestingly, I was once the lead singer of a California garage band back in the 1990s, so I had a taste of rock and roll fame. Nothing like what my characters go through, of course, but it was fun to pretend.

I’ve always liked a good story, but I never knew about romance novels until I was 59 years old, and in the middle of writing one. I quickly fell in love with it, and now I fill my time reading and writing romance stories.

Also, I never drank whiskey before. But since I wrote characters who drink it, I became curious. Now it’s my favorite drink.

Life in Northern California is full of surprises, including these romance novels. I have been happily married for thirty years, and we have raised two wonderful children. I honestly wouldn’t trade places with anyone else, living or dead, real or imagined.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I wanted to buck the standard trend where a rich woman is unable to find happiness with a poor man.

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Sample from Book:

Stepping closer to Nick, she handed him her panties. “I just took these off.”

Nick inhaled sharply. His gaze had a carnality that tore into her. “Temptress!”

Me, a temptress? No man ever accused her of that before. She loved they way she'd fallen into such a bawdy role with Nick. “Think you can keep your hands off me at the bar?”

Nick laughed. “Think you're even going to make it to the bar?” He grabbed her shoulders and held her at arm's length. Walking her back to the desk chair, he motioned for her to sit. Then he got down on the floor, tucked himself under her desk, and pulled the chair in.

His hands worked her lower body, caressing everything he could reach. When his tongue ran up her thighs, she clamped her mouth shut and tried to keep from squirming. She spread her legs as far as the desk would permit.

As his tongue entered her, she flinched and yelled softly. Her hands reached for whatever they could grab, desperate for support. But rather than holding onto anything solid, she found herself with a crumpled piece of paper in one hand and her computer's mouse in the other. Her breath grew ragged as she tried to control her reaction to his illicit lust.

The heat from under the desk was burning her up. She didn't even know if she still had a body down there. All she could feel was high-voltage tingling. A little sigh escaped her lips as waves of desire engulfed her.

Constance couldn't say whether the lights in the room really flickered, but she could have sworn that something happened to reality. It flashed out for a moment, then came rushing back, brighter than ever. She threw her head back and yelled, trying to sit still through her climax.

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