Rock Con Roll by Sage Ardman

Why was I playing con games again? I’d stopped doing that years ago and lived an honest life in New York City. Now suddenly I was swindling Alejandro, the sexy rocker who had topped charts for a decade. I was a huge fan, in love with his music and his seductive smile. How could I take his money?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t escape my past. I’d grown up on the streets, picking pockets, conning people, and forging art. Thanks to my foster mother and her grifter friends, I knew all the rules of the con, and I’d gotten good at it.

But I fell for an old trick, and the only way out was to scam Alejandro. I could con a crook easily enough, but cheating my favorite rock god was an entirely different story. In the end, nearly every con rule got broken, especially one of the most important ones: Never fall for the mark.

Targeted Audience: Adult

Author Bio:
The "Westerley" books were my first romance series, and they came at me faster than I could write them down. Much more fun than the technical books I had written in my youth.

Now I’m working on my "Fame" series, stories about Rock and Roll. Interestingly, I was once the lead singer of a California garage band back in the 1990s, so I had a taste of rock and roll fame. Nothing like what my characters go through, of course, but it was fun to pretend.

I’ve always liked a good story, but I never knew about romance novels until I was 59 years old, and in the middle of writing one. I quickly fell in love with it, and now I fill my time reading and writing romance stories.

Also, I never drank whiskey before. But since I wrote characters who drink it, I became curious. Now it’s my favorite drink.

Life in Northern California is full of surprises, including these romance novels. I have been happily married for thirty years, and we have raised two wonderful children. I honestly wouldn’t trade places with anyone else, living or dead, real or imagined.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
A love of female con artists.

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Sample from Book:

Alejandro set down the guitar and leaned back in his chair, giving me a sultry look that lit me up from the inside. “I can tell you've been working hard.”

Oh, yes! This was what I needed after a day of juggling the con: a safe place to unwind with some of that raw passion I could see in his eyes. I started off coy, swinging my hips and giving him my best hard-day-at-work swagger as I walked across the room. “You know how it is,” I grinned. “Dog eat dog.” I stopped in front of him and propped my hands on my hips.

He stood up and pulled me into his arms, wrapping me snugly. “Bow wow. Need something to help you relax? A drink?” One hand ran up and down my body while the other held me tight.

I let my head rest against his solid chest while my hands busily explored the sculpted landscape. “It's okay,” I smiled as I gave him a squeeze. “I've got one right here. A tall, cool drink that smells like cloves and tastes like sin.” I brought my mouth up to his and took a long, refreshing drink. As I suspected, this tall, cool drink was sizzling hot.

His kisses still managed to surprise me, a beautiful dance of lips and tongues submerged in overwhelming sensation. We groped each other for several minutes, desperately trying to find ways to get closer.

Finally, we pulled away, heated stares still linking us together. “Bedroom,” he growled. I nodded and stole another kiss. I couldn't resist. After all, his mouth was world famous for its incredible sexiness. And it turns out those millions of women were right.

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