Partially Broken Never Destroyed by Nataisha T Hill

Kayla starts a lustful affair with a sexy and intriguing new lover. Even though he has skeletons in his closet, Kayla can’t control the passion that yearns for him.

She also notices jealousy issues with her roommate who becomes a never-ending nightmare. She tries to move on in her life without drama, but trouble seems to follow her even at her successes.

Kayla is carrying a huge secret that haunts her and she knows she will have to deal with it at some point. Her life is in danger as she continues to associate herself with people who carry demons.
In a crazy twist, she ends up discovering she has her own demons.
Kayla’s unresolved issues lead to part II “Partially Broken Never Destroyed 2”.

Targeted Audience: adult women

Author Bio:
My name is Nataisha T Hill and I am the author of a suspense series called “Partially Broken Never Destroyed. It’s a hot and steamy women’s fiction series with romance, lies, deception, and a few twist and turns. There are four parts to this series. I have also released a few self-help books and a relationship guide.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
There are women that I personally know who have or have known someone to go through similar situations such as Kayla. There also are women out in the world who are actually in the process of going through one or more of these situations. Kayla is the typical single woman in search of a good man to settle down with, marry, and have kids. She has a good heart and wants the “ideal” romance badly enough to believe in men even when obvious signs of deception are there.

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Chapter Excerpt

Chapter 4: Jeremy’s Rage
Kayla’s peace was short lived when Jeremy called her a week later, saying he wanted to make amends and at least be friends. He talked about the things he had done wrong and realizing the error of his ways. He offered to take her out to a friendly dinner so he could explain some of the things that took place. When she asked him why he couldn’t just explain himself over the phone, he claimed that it was important to say what he had to say face-to-face. Who was he kidding? She knew what he was up to as always. His little fling didn’t turn out as he expected. Although she had absolutely no intentions of getting back with him, she wanted to hear his reason for cheating.
Jeremy and she agreed to meet at one of their favorite restaurants called Parquet’s. She figured she would dress sexy in order to rub in all of what he had been missing. She wore a black, off the shoulders, one-piece pantsuit with her leopard pumps that matched her leopard accessories. She still wasn’t exactly sure how much information Jeremy had regarding Travis or any of what had went down. Being that it was a small town and one of his basketball friends was at the party with Richard and her, there was no telling what he knew. She arrived at the restaurant and noticed Jeremy was already there. The host directed her to his table and he was sitting there looking quite handsome with his black, short-sleeved polo shirt and dark blue jeans. He got up from the table and greeted her with a hug.
“Damn, girl, you upgraded since you left me, huh?”
“I left you? Is that how it went?” Kayla jokingly replied.
“No, I’m just talking, so what’s new in your life? A new man perhaps?”
“Not really, I’m just taking some time to myself. How are you and your new? ”
“What makes you think I have a new?”
“Well, there is the fact that I saw you two together one day and then you confirmed it weeks ago.”
“Oh, that was nothing.”
“So, you ruined something good over a tasteless female.”
“It wasn’t that, I was just going through some things with my dad and you and I were arguing all the time, I didn’t know what to do.”
“So, you figured the answer would be to have sex with another woman?”
“That’s sort of what I wanted to talk to you about,” he sighed and paused. By that time, the server came by to get their drinks.
“Proceed,” she said, as she sounding a bit urgent, she thought.
“That girl claiming she is pregnant.”
Kayla sat there in dead silence. She could not believe this loser was sitting here telling her he got someone pregnant. What in the hell was he thinking telling her this? As much as she convinced herself that she didn’t want him anymore, knowing that he got someone pregnant burned her inside. She could feel the cruelty in her gradually increasing.
“What are you telling me this for, hell, you should’ve had her here instead of me since you got an extra person to feed.”
“Damn, see that’s why I wanted to talk to you face-to-face, because I knew if I did it over the phone, you would have just hung up. At least now I know you still care.”
“Have you seriously lost your mind? Lose my number and die,” she responded as she got up and left from the table not looking back.
“Kayla,” he yelled as she was leaving, “KAYLA!”
She jumped in her car, pissed to the limit. She couldn’t believe that whorish guy, who called himself a man, would get some random female pregnant. She started feeling even more justified about having sex with Travis. She started to think about how Jeremy would always say he would marry the woman who carried his first child. Then she started to feel nauseated by the thought that he may really love this woman and treat her right. She really couldn’t understand why she was so upset. It’s not as if this guy treated her like a queen or something, so why was she sweating this issue. Consumed by her thoughts as she pulled into her apartment complex, she didn’t notice someone had been following her. She parked her car only to discover to the right side of her was Jeremy’s truck. Jeremy had followed her home.
Panic came over her because she didn’t know what to do. She pretended to fondle around in her purse until she could think of a good lie. He pretty much knew where the majority of her relatives lived, so she couldn’t say it was an aunt or cousin’s home. She was busted. She had practically given this mentally deranged man direction to her home. She decided not to worry since 9-1-1 was just a phone call away if he tried something.
“Oh, so you really came up,” he said, as Kayla finally got out of her car.
“Yeah, and?”
“Oh, I’m not hating or anything, congratulations.”
“Yeah, thanks,” she dryly responded.
“It’s good to see you’re doing good and not being a low-life like all my other ex-girlfriends. Miss independent and I don’t need anything from a man,” he teased.
“Look, Jeremy, I don’t know why you followed me; I said all I had to say at the restaurant.”
“That’s cool, are you going to invite me in so I can see how you’re living?”
“This isn’t the time and, plus, I have to be at work here shortly so…”
“How about I call you tonight and we can talk about it,” he interrupted.
At this point, she didn’t want him in her home, by any means. All she wanted was to see him leave and never return, so she agreed. Much to her surprise, he got in his truck, without any hesitation, and left. She felt relieved and overwhelmed all at once. She was so upset with herself for not going over to her mom’s house or stopping by the store or something before going home. She started to wonder if she should buy a bat or something just in case. She had already been thinking of getting a gun, since she was a single female living on her own. Now that Jeremy knew where she stayed, it really wouldn’t be such a bad idea.
At work, things weren’t going any better. One of the day shift managers had written her up because she got a guest complaint the night before. The complaint claimed she was too slow bringing the food out and after she brought it out, it was cold. She couldn’t help one of their lazy night shift cooks didn’t feel like re-cleaning the grill. Then, Brandy had called out from work for some reason, so she figured she would have to listen to Rachael simplistic ass all night. One of the night managers informed her that the usual new hire trainer wouldn’t be in, so she wanted her to train the new girl, Dana. It was just like them, to write her up and then need a damn favor.
Dana was a medium built chick with long curly hair and smooth brown skin. She had wide hips and a slightly cute face. Her only drawback was her legs were somewhat short, accentuating her too long torso. Kayla discovered that Dana dated one of her cousins back in the day, so the conversation they had while she was training her didn’t seem awkward. Kayla told her she should come out with her and Brandy sometime. Dana promptly accepted her offer. This was cool for Kayla, since her and Dana were single while Brandy was spending more time with her man.
It wasn’t too long before Kayla ended her shift when Jeremy called. Just seeing his number on her cell phone made her cringe. She decided not to answer since she seriously didn’t feel like dealing with him. Just as she pulled around the corner to her apartment, Jeremy was already sitting in the parking lot. She got out of the car, extremely pissed by his assertiveness. He had a lot of nerve to show up at her home without officially being invited. Why was he harassing her when he had a pregnant girlfriend he needed to attend to constantly? He slowly got out of his car carrying a huge bouquet of red roses in his right hand.
“Hey, beautiful, you have a hard day at work today?”
“Jeremy, I thought I asked you to call me?”
“I did, but you didn’t answer.”
“I meant before showing up.”
“What? Are you unhappy to see me or something, sweetie?”
Kayla just took a deep breath and headed towards the door of her downstairs apartment. Jeremy followed closely behind without saying another word. She opened the door and turned on the chandelier style light in the living room. He then walked ahead of her and voluntarily gave himself a tour.
“Nice place Hi-C,” he said, trying to be funny.
“Yeah, thanks.” His so –called humor didn’t appease her at all.
“Some beautiful roses for the beautiful lady,” he said as he handed them to her and sat down on the couch.
“Oh, how sweet, thanks.” She was trying not to sound too repugnant, but she really hated his guts.
“You can go ahead and take your shower if you want to, I’ll just watch a show or something and if you want me too, I can come in and wash your back like I use to.”
She was trying to decide was he joking or had he seriously lost it. Even if she had manure on herself, she would have sat there in it until he left.
“Jeremy, I’m tired as hell so if there is anything that you feel you want to say, feel free to get it off your chest because I’ll be going to bed soon.”
“Well, you know about what I told you earlier right?” he began.
Kayla nodded her head in agreement as he continued. “You also know that I’ve wanted a kid for a while and how I feel about having kids and getting married. The problem is, she’s having my baby but…I’m in love with you, so what type of solution can I come up with?”
“Therapy?” She couldn’t believe she said that aloud.
“Actually, I was thinking of marrying you and later on convincing her to give us custody.” He slowly eased a small box out of his pocket, got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?”
It was right there when Kayla really knew that his mind was gone. She guessed the news of that woman being pregnant and whatever he was going through with his father had caused his normal logic to malfunction.
“For some reason, in your brain you’ve volunteered me to be a step-mom after you’ve cheated? Are you nuts?”
At that moment, she realized that he was serious. He had really conjured up a mastermind plan to live happily-ever-after with her and his unborn child. She could see the disappointment and anger in his eyes as he rose from the floor and got directly in her face as if he was purposely trying to intimidate her.
“What else do you think you are going to do, get some thug guy who won’t do anything for you and cheat on you? All men cheat, Kayla, at least I take care of home.”
“No, I’m going to get a man who isn’t going make me feel like I’m less then him and who doesn’t disrespect me by calling me inhumane names.”
“Grow up, Kayla, and quit crying. That’s your problem now, you too proud with your stuck-up ass.”
“But you are sitting here trying to marry me, huh?”
“Girl, please, women come a dime a dozen, I can do better than you.”
“Good because that puts this ass back on the market.”
It was at that point when he realized she no longer belonged to him. She had gotten her own apartment; she was paying her own bills, and didn’t need him for anything. Not even the lousy lunch he tried to take her to earlier.
He suddenly grabbed her by her arms and pulled her in towards his body. He forced kisses on her neck while repeating how sorry he was. The more and more she struggled to pull away, the tighter his grip had gotten.
She was beyond terrified and had never been so helpless in her life. It felt as if some hobo had broken into her home and tried to attack her.
“GET OFF OF ME!” she screamed, hoping the next-door neighbors would hear her.
“I’d kill you if I ever even think you’ve been with somebody else,” he raged as he pushed her against the wall.
She continued to scream but it didn’t work. She made a swift move and butted him in the face with her forehead as hard as she could. He let go of his grasp and immediately checked his nose. She attempted to run towards the door as quickly as she could while trying to grab her cell phone from her back pocket. As soon as she got her hand on the doorknob, she felt his forceful hands grab her arm as he pulled her back to where he stood and backhand slapped her to the ground. He grabbed the cell phone and threw it up against the wall, breaking it into pieces. He then dragged her by the arms down the hall towards the bedroom while she attempted to kick wildly, frequently throwing him off his balance. He finally managed to get her in the room and then threw her on the bed and sat on her legs while holding her arms to the side.
“Do you realize how much time and money I put into you? For some reason you think another dude is about to reap the benefits. You’re mine forever,” he vented as he moved closer up on her torso, pinning her arms down with his knees. He began to pull off his shirt. She couldn’t even cry. She was in so much shock and disbelief about what was happening in her very own home. He probably had been planning this entire episode since he found out she had an apartment. She just prayed someone would wake her up from this nightmare. What did she do to deserve such torment? How could a man she has known so long be on top of her about to rape her.

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