New Comings: (White Stud Black Lady Interracial Erotica) (Unexpected Comings Book 1) by Irvin Marvell

She and Adrian met two years earlier at a charity event where a mutual acquaintance introduced them. There was an instant rapport and after their first date they became exclusive. Within a few weeks Francine knew that she was in love with Adrian, but kept her feelings to herself. She believed that the proper order of things dictated that the man should reveal his feelings first. Although Adrian had never uttered the word love, she harbored the belief he was indeed in love with her.

Adrian was a good looking man with blue eyes and a glorious mane of thick black hair. He was faithful, affectionate and considerate. In fact, he hadn’t as much as looked at another woman since they started dating. But with a man like Adrian there were always opportunities. It didn’t escape Francine’s notice that many of the women in their social circle had an eye on him.

In bed Adrian was a thorough, generous and inventive lover. When they made love Francine had all of his attention and she felt like the sexiest woman in the world. Even if she weren’t in love with him, for the sex alone she would consider herself a lucky woman. Above all else, Francine desperately wanted to be Adrian’s wife. That thought had been firmly set in her mind even before his brother, Jason, became engaged to her sister a few weeks ago. But with their engagement, she became more fixated with becoming the next Mrs. McCord.

Targeted Audience: 25

Author Bio:
Irvin is a coffee addict who enjoys writing smut in the morning while tending to his two cats that kept fishing for his attention.

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