Mumbai’s Best Escorts (#1) (A Short Story) by Kayleigh Patel

MBE_One_800x1200The first rule at Mumbai’s Best Escorts: don’t get involved with the client. Sanya, who’s worked at the agency for six years, has to set aside some rules when an American businessman stirs up feelings she’s never experienced before.

Targeted Audience: adult women, readers of erotic romance

Author Bio:
Kayleigh Patel was born in Bombay, India and currently lives in a small town in northern Maine. She writes a variety of erotic romance and erotica to offset the long, cold winters.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I’ve been a fan of erotic romance for quite some time. Although I have written and published other fiction under a different name, this is my first erotic romance series.

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Sample from Book:

Sanya dressed with practiced haste while the prince watched her as he lay sprawled on the bed.

“Everything to your satisfaction, your highness?” She brushed her hair in front of the mirror.

“Excellent. And you don’t need to call me that. I’m just a prince, you know. My father has been emir for many years and I have no doubt he will continue to rule for many more. Just call me Aziz.”

Sanya bowed. “Thank you, Aziz.”

Aziz swung his legs over and rose from the bed. He rummaged in the drawer of the nightstand that sat beside the king-sized hotel bed, retrieved his wallet, and handed his credit card to Sanya. She activated her phone and swiped it through the card reader. After a delay of a few seconds, the payment screen loaded.

“Your advance payment has been credited,” she said as she passed the phone to Aziz. “Just enter the balance and a tip, if you wish.”

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