Mission: Is Possible (For Your As Only) by Felicity Bond

Move over James Bond. This girl knows how to handle a piece.

Always a full load and never half-cocked.

Someone has kidnapped four beautiful high profile billionaire’s daughters. Using blackmail to influence the vote at the next OPEC summit.

Amanda Martin is the stunning agent sent to find who is responsible and bring the girls back alive.

Follow her on her first complete, full-length adventure for Soft Pussy Publishing. And we mean full-length.

This book contains strong alpha women, hot men, and graphic sexual situations. If this is not something you enjoy, then ‘Mission: Is Possible (For Your Ass Only)’ may not be for you. If you like humorous and sex-fueled international romps then you are in for the ride of a lifetime!

Targeted Audience: Female 21+

Author Bio:
Felicity Bond is an Erotica Author from California. The first book in her collection: Mission: Is Possible (For Your As Only) is available now. Each book is a complete, full-length adventure featuring heroine Amanda Martin. Her adventures as a secret agent are sexy and thrilling. She will do whatever it takes to get the job done. The books are humorous and full of evil bad guys and crazy uber-villains.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Felicity Bond's inspiration comes from a love of all things spy related. Felicity has taken the standard spy adventure and flipped it on its head. Sexier and filled with tongue-in-cheek humor and alpha lady Amanda Martin. Look out for more adventures from the modern-day tough and sexy agent.

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Sample from Book:

There are three things I love most in this world. A fast car, a smooth Scotch, and the sight of a glorious naked body tied to my bed. Number two’s warm, peaty flavor slid down the back of my throat while my eyes devoured number three.
I sat in the leather chair beside the bed, deciding aloud what to do with my intriguing captive.
“You realize I ought to punish you,” I told him. “After all the trouble you’ve put me through.”
“Trouble?” he asked with a laugh. “You were on to me within a day of our meeting…or so you told me.”
“Of course I was, but there are a million other places I could be right now. This should have been a quick job tied to my vacation. Instead, I end up spending a week in Rome fucking a liar.”
I snuggled back into the smooth calfskin and yawned extra loud for effect.
“Don’t act as though you didn’t enjoy it,” he said.
I shrugged.
“I suppose it had its…perks…,” I admitted. “But I was hoping to get a little sightseeing done on this trip. You distracted me.”
I stood and looked out the window on the far end of my Cavalieri hotel bedroom. I could see Rome in all its glory. St. Peter's Basilica, The Vatican and The Colosseum. Gladiators once fought Lions there, I was just toying with this one.
“Instead, all I’ve seen is what’s outside my bedroom window and the window of a speeding car. What a waste.”
I turned back to him, my silk robe hanging open just enough to expose the swell of my breasts. I unfastened the clip at the back of my head and shook out my long, dark hair. I saw from the twitching of my captive’s cock that I had his attention.
“And now what? I come out of the shower to find you snooping around in my room, breaking in like some low-class thug. If you had wanted something from me, David, all you had to do was ask.”
“Fine,” he said with a wicked grin. “Give me the flash drive with the information I’m looking for. Please.”
I shook my head and scoffed. “You were going to keep that information for yourself. I was willing to share the spoils of this job with you, two separate factions working as one and all that. But you were looking to push me out of the picture. We could have both been happy. Now only one of us will be.”
I placed the Scotch-filled tumbler on the nightstand and let my robe drop to the floor to reveal my naked body.
“And it won’t be you. At least, after I have my way with you, it won’t be. Just for tonight, I think we can both be happy.”
I ran my hand down the length of his fit, smooth torso. My fingertips rising and falling with the bulge of his muscles. I stopped just shy of the head of his erect cock, which lay against his abdomen. He groaned, disappointed.
“You’re so impatient,” I murmured. Then I repeated my stroking, but, this time, using the tips of my flame-red nails.
He writhed and flexed, his wrists straining against the belt from my bathrobe. When he’d awoken from his unconscious state, he’d found himself tied to the oak bedposts with the smooth silk.
“I can tie a knot better than any sailor,” I informed him, never taking my eyes from his perfect body as I teased and tormented. “You can struggle all you want, but you won’t escape.”
I moved closer to his sensitive appendage, straining and begging for me to stroke and suck it.
“Please…,” David groaned. His eyes closed and he flung his head to the side.
“Look at me,” I commanded in a no-nonsense tone.
He complied just in time to see me begin running my hand over my olive skin, from my throat down to my chest. I brushed my hand over one nipple, then the other, both of them hardening into erect pebbles. I took both full, pert tits in my hands and kneaded them, moaning as I did.
“Do you like to watch me touch myself? Don’t you wish you were touching me instead?”
I squeezed them together and he moaned, thrashing his head from side to side. He was a tit man, through and through. In one smooth, fluid motion I straddled him. The hope in his eyes disappeared when I didn’t impale my wet pussy on his dripping cock. Instead, I reached over to the nightstand and picked up my glass. Without a word, I poured a trail of liquor from his throat to his navel, then dragged my tongue over his heated skin, lapping up the drops.
“God!” he cried out.
He almost jumped off the bed at the sensation of the ice-cold Scotch followed by the warmth of my tongue. Emboldened by his outburst, I removed one of the ice cubes from the tumbler, then returned the glass to the nightstand. I held the ice close to his left nipple, letting it melt and drip down onto the sensitive flesh.
“Mmm,” I moaned as I followed the ice with my swirling tongue.
I repeated this on the other nipple, and David yelped when I nipped him with my teeth. I knew he liked it; I could feel his cock jump against my leg.
“Now, where else should I use this ice…?” I wondered aloud, and he gulped.
With a cheeky grin, I slid further down the bed until his magnificent, thick cock was inches from my face. I touched the ice to the smooth, taught skin of the head.
“Oh, fuck. Amanda!”
The veins in David’s arms and neck popped out from the strain of his struggle to free himself. He needed to put an end to this delicious torture. I ignored his cries and, grasping the shaft in my left hand, ran the ice in a circle around the head. He gasped, mewling like a kitten.
I couldn’t help becoming aroused at the sight of him under my control. Wetness flooded my molten hot core as I watched him writhe and moan. I kept on running the ice cube from the tip of his cock down the underside of the shaft. I reached his balls, then went back up again. It was almost melted at this point. I popped the rest in my mouth before sliding my lips around his throbbing hardness.
“Yessssssss!” he hissed as he felt my tongue work its magic.
The heat from my mouth and the cold from the ice at the same time drove him insane. I held his hips down with my arms, making him stay still as I licked and sucked.
Just as his moans grew louder and stronger, I stopped. I let him slip from my mouth and heard him groan in agony.
“Don’t stop. Almost there.” He panted hard.
I shook my head.
“Not yet.”
I crawled back up the bed and positioned my tits over his face.
“Suck them,” I ordered, and guided one nipple to his mouth.
He sucked like his life depended on it, his tongue thrashing back and forth. I threw my head back and moaned his name, the heat and wetness between my legs increasing. He switched sides and repeated the ravishment on the other while I held his head to me with both hands. My fingers became tangled in his thick brown curls, eyes closed in blissful abandon as he worshiped me with his mouth.
Finally, even I couldn’t stand waiting any longer. I straightened up before guiding him into my warm, wet hole. That first moment of feeling so filled was exquisite. I stayed still for a second to relish the sensation.
Then I began to move, rocking back and forth.
“Mmm…you feel so good,” I groaned. I continued to grind my pussy against his pelvis while stimulating my clit as I rode him.
I leaned back a bit, placing my hands on his thighs to display my body for him as I slid myself up and down his shaft. My tits bounced in rhythm with my riding as I picked up my pace. I wanted to cum at least twice tonight. He owed me that much.
“Mmm,” I couldn’t help moaning, again and again. The sensation of my hand rubbing my clit and his thick cock pumping in and out of me just about pushed me over the edge. It drove me higher and higher.
“Oh. God. Oh, fuck.” I cried, throwing my head back as my orgasm swept over me. I shook from the force of it, my muscles spasming around his thickness.
“God you’re beautiful,” he whispered. “And God I need to cum.”
I laughed and did him the favor of untying his wrists.
“Take me how you want. You’ve earned it, big boy.”
As soon as he sprang free he rolled over, pinning me beneath him. He was still rock hard and nudged himself back inside of me. I laid there and let him have his way with me, deciding to enjoy the ride.
He sat up on his calves and began pumping in and out of me without mercy. My tits bounced from the force. Already I could feel the friction building deep inside of me. I placed my feet on the bed, one on either side of him, and tilted my pelvis up. He was brushing my G-spot with every thrust.
Our bodies slapped together in a frantic rhythm. I went from crying out with every slam of his cock to just one, long, continuous moan. When I felt his thumb teasing my clit, that was all I needed to send me skyrocketing into another orgasm. A few more sharp thrusts and I felt him swell inside me, then he cried out and shuddered as his own climax overtook him.
He slid out of me then collapsed onto the bed. I lay there, spread-eagled and feeling wonderful. We both took a minute to catch our breath.
“Were you raised in a torture chamber?” he asked, his voice already hazy with sleep.
I chuckled, then rolled onto my side to face him.
“No. I just have an active imagination, is all.”
“How did you even knock me out earlier?”
“Chloroform.” My favorite.
“I never even heard you coming up behind me…,” he said as his eyes closed.
“That’s kind of the point, David.”
He looked fantastic, but was not the brightest. That’s for sure.
“I love you,” he whispered.
Moments later, he was snoring.
I looked at him, feeling nothing.
“In our profession, we don’t love,” I whispered in reply.
Once I was sure he was asleep, I slipped from the bed and crept into the bathroom. My travel clothes and my packed suitcase were there waiting for me; I had a feeling my sexy friend would be visiting me that night. I’d told him I was leaving first thing in the morning and had been lying in wait for him to break into my room. Of course, the all-important financial records were already locked up. They were on a flash drive in a secret compartment of the vanity case that never left my sight when I traveled. As if I’d leave them in a nightstand drawer. That would be more dangerous than uploading them to some supposed safe encrypted server. They were stolen from one of those in the first place. I’d be handing them over to the boss myself in the morning. She would make sure that the information made it back into the right hands.
I washed and got dressed. Mere minutes after slipping out of bed I was ready to go. I had to drive to the airport, where a private jet waited to take me back to Manhattan. I placed my card on the table beside David’s head. On the back, I’d written 'Better luck next time' – A.
On the front of the card were two words: Amanda Martin.

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