Love by Joceline Krieger

At the age of 27, Carmen Lee was leading a successful life as a corporate lawyer. She had worked long and hard to attain her goals and provide for her family, but her personal life had paid the price for her professional success. After being single for longer than she could remember she started feeling a deep longing to again meet someone who could satisfy her both emotionally and physically. Little did she know that she was about to meet the man of her dreams. But could it be too good to be true? Against all her better judgments Carmen keeps ignoring all the warnings signs until she finally finds herself in a position that might just take her life.

Targeted Audience: Over 20s

Author Bio:
Joceline Krieger was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1985. She has always been an avid reader with a particular love for Salman Rushdie, Terry Pratchett, and Virgina Woolf. Once she graduated high school in 2003, she took a gap year and went on a working holiday in the United Kingdom which provided her with the opportunity to visit all the European centers of art & culture.

Once she returned to her homeland of South Africa, she enrolled in the University of Cape Town where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in English Studies with a particular focus in English Literature. She graduated in 2007 and spent the better of half of the next decade traveling to countries like Japan, Korea, and Vietnam to teach English and broaden her horizons.

At the end of 2016, she finally decided to follow her dreams and do what she had always wanted to do, write. She has written ever since, publishing her first erotic novella, Love, in January of 2017.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I have always believed that no relationship could ever be truly successful if the passion is not always there. Thus, for me, love is sex, and sex is love. It was this notion that inspired the book.

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Sample from Book:

I hear him approach me from behind. He touches my waist lightly, then kisses my neck, after which he wraps his hands around my tummy and begins to move his tongue along my temple. I arch my back as arousal stirs within me and, the next thing I know, my hand is running through his hair. I quickly become aware of his erection pressing up against my ass.
My excitement heightens when his hands leave my tummy and slowly make their way up to my heaving mounds. He cups them gently at first, then squeezes them hard enough for me to tilt my head further back as a moan of pleasure escapes my lips. I thrust myself deeper into his groin getting more turned on with the way his hard cock feels on my butt. I can’t help but wonder what it will feel like inside my wet pussy, fucking me, hard and fast. I can’t contain it anymore. I want him and I want him now!
I turn my head between moans until my lips find his, then I start kissing him with all the intensity I can muster. I grab his rod and begin to stroke it, increasing the pace every few seconds, feeling it getting harder with each stroke. When I see how much that stimulates him, I decide to take things to the next level.
I turn around and kiss him from his neck to his nipples, going down until I’m on my knees and facing his throbbing erection. I start by sucking the tip of its head, before taking him completely into my mouth. When he starts to groan, I start to suck him even harder. He grabs my head and then starts moving to the rhythm I set. Within a few moments, he pulls his cock out of my mouth and then kneels in front of me. He grabs my waist, spins me around, and, without hesitation, enters me from behind with a powerful thrust that sends me over the edge. I start to moan, louder and louder.
Now on all fours, he takes hold of my hips and starts slamming into my pussy with amazing strength. I look down and see my breasts sweeping back and forth as he continues to drive himself into me, faster each time, making me even wetter. I grab one of my breasts while the other hand goes down to stroke my throbbing clitoris, my upper body resting on my right shoulder.
Although my whole body and mind are focused on him fucking me, I hear a faint but distinctive sound from a distance. I ignore it and urge him to do me harder, but the sound gets closer and it’s becoming impossible to ignore. Is that a phone ringing? Ring, ring. That’s definitely a phone. It’s getting louder and the distraction is getting harder to ignore. Ring, ring.
I woke up with a start, realizing that I had dozed off at work for the second time in a week. I blamed it on the heat and blamed my dream on my loneliness. Ever since I broke up with my cheating boyfriend a couple of months ago, I spent most of my time buried in my work, barely ever getting the chance to meet someone. I didn't mind, but sadly my rusting lady parts didn’t agree with me. It’s not that I was sworn off men altogether, I just didn’t want to do the nasty between the sheets with someone I wasn’t attracted to, and none of the guys I had seen so far appealed to me. I realized the phone was still ringing so I picked it up.
‘Hello?’ I answered weakly.
‘My office, now!’
All the sleep deserted my body the instant I heard my boss’ voice. The woman hardly ever had anything nice to say to anyone. She had a permanent stern look on her face and she went out of her way to belittle everyone who came before her. She was a pain to deal with, but I guess your boss is a lot like your family, you can’t choose which one you get.
I got up, attempted to pull myself together as best I could, and walked briskly to her office where I found her getting ready to leave for the weekend.
‘Miss Johnson?’ I said more than asked to make my arrival known. She did not look up.
‘Carmen, are you done with the Morrison’s case?’
‘Yes, ma’am. I submitted it for review yesterday.’
‘Is that all you were working on?’
‘Yes, ma’am.’
‘I see your supervisor is being very lenient with you,’ she said in a matter of fact way, as she put on her thick, librarian glasses.
‘No, ma’am, actually the Morrison’s case was …’
‘Bore someone else with your excuses, I do not have time for them. Here is a new case for you,’ she said handing me a suspiciously thin file. ‘In there you will find most of the information you will need regarding a certain Mr. Piamonte’s business deal. The man requested to negotiate with someone in the corporate law department and, since the leader of your little coup is on sick leave, I had to pawn this off to you. Now this is a multi-million dollar deal and I would have handed it to someone a bit more professional than you, or even your supervisor, but it was on short notice, so apparently there was nothing much I could do about it,’ she scoffed as she returned her attention to her desk which she was clearing.
‘Now, you have a meeting with him tomorrow at midday. The address is in the file. Make detailed notes as to what the client requires, then, when you get back on Monday, make a draft proposal that I can review before you send it back to him.’
I was about to leave when she continued, ‘And, Carmen, do not disappoint me. I cannot stress enough how important this deal is. As you know the other two investors backed out of sponsoring our new firm because of certain amateurs over here making too many mistakes. We can't afford another mistake or we are done for. And, if that happens, it will be your ass on the line. Are we clear?’
What a bitch. I would never tell her that, though, so I simply bit my tongue, nodded and left.

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