Limits of Destiny Volume 1 by Sharlyn G. Branson

Alexander Kraftberg: I can’t remember ever needing anything in my life, other than sex and power. At the age of twenty three, I took over my father’s business and turned it into an empire. Kraftberg became one of the best hotel chains in the entire world. I acquired the money and power I’d always dreamed of having, but didn’t know what love meant yet.
When I first saw Alexia at Frank Romer’s party, I couldn’t take my eyes away from her. She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.
I knew I had to have her.

Targeted Audience: +18

Author Bio:
Sharlyn G. Branson is a Bestselling Romance Author.

Since July 2015, Sharlyn has self-published six steamy contemporary romance novels – BETWEEN CLOUDS AND STARS and THE LIMITS OF DESTINY SERIES (ranked #1 on Amazon USA, UK, Australia and Canada). She is known for her sexy romance style that's full of mystery and emotions.

Sharlyn G. Branson is happily married and mother of a lovely boy. She is addicted to coffee and love to travel around the world with his family.

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Sample from Book:

We rode in the back seat of his Rolls Royce, holding each other, hands intertwined—just enjoying being together. Alexander Kraftberg lived in Küssnacht in the canton of Zurich, the home of many millionaires, including the famous singer Tina Turner.
The car pulled up in front of a massive, dark-green metal gate decorated with gold leaves at the top. The gate opened and a huge three-story house appeared before my eyes. A round fountain surrounded by red and white flowers stood tall in front of the entrance.
Alexander gracefully got out of the car and held out his hand to help me step out. He looked incredibly sexy, dressed as he was in washed-out G-Star jeans and a white Calvin Klein T-shirt fitting tightly to his powerful body.
His house, which to me was more like a mansion, had large French windows extending down to the ground.
He took my hand and we went inside. My jaw practically hit the floor when I saw the splendor in which he lived. Everything was perfectly crafted—to the last detail—and made with love.
The lobby was covered with slabs of white and black granite. The huge crystal chandelier and the wide staircase gave the interior a very aristocratic look. It all seemed perfect to me.
Alexander held my hand as we crossed the lobby and the lounge, leading me toward the pool. It was quite large, with an irregular shape, and gave the impression of merging with Lake Zurich.
Sunrays joyfully bounced off the water’s surface.
The view in front of me was stunning. A neatly manicured lawn extended at the side, with another smaller fountain surrounded by small boxwood bushes trimmed into spheres. At the end, I could see a white gazebo covered with ivy and red roses. A true piece of heaven.
“So you live in this mansion all by yourself?” I asked him, incredulous.
“Yeah, it’s the ideal place to wind down after work.”
“This is a real oasis.” I gazed around again. It was true.
“I’m glad you like it,” he said and kissed me on the cheek, adding, “I’ll get us something to drink.”
Soon after, he came back, now dressed in black swimming trunks that hung sexily off the middle of his hips. He held white beach towels in one arm and a picnic basket in the opposite hand.
I took off my sandals and pale-blue, strapped dress, while he regarded me, not looking away for even a second.
He approached me and ran his index finger across my belly. “I really like your bikini.”
I’d worn my white Victoria Secret swimsuit. The bottom had side straps and the top was like a push-up bra that made my breasts look even more enticing.
I dived into the pool and, when I came to the surface, turned to him. He was staring at me, mouth agape, as if I wasn’t a person, but a sea nymph.
“I’ve never before seen a woman who swims with such a grace,” he said and dived, coming up right in front of me.
He drank me in for a while, and then our eyes locked, sending my pulse racing. His lips opened and merged with mine, our tongues quickly finding each other.
“You’re… driving… me… wild,” he whispered between kisses.
I dug my hands into his hair, my heart beating like crazy. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I felt his arousal.
“You’re irresistibly sweet,” he said and gently nibbled at my chin, “but I don’t want you to think I’m with you just for sex. No matter how difficult it is for me, I have to hold back.”
“And you don’t like holding back,” I teased.
“I really don’t.” He smiled, lifting me high with his strong hands and dropping me into the water.
While I was sinking, I saw him dive in and lift me with his hands. “Both of us need to cool down a bit,” he remarked.
I held myself by his shoulders. “Really. I can control myself.”
“Don’t challenge me into showing you you’re mistaken.” He looked at me as if to say I should stop putting on airs. And he was right. The truth was I also wanted him.
“All right then, do you want to have something sweet to eat?”
“You eat sweets?” He gaped at me, surprised.
“Yeah, why? Don’t you like sweet food?”
“I do. I’m just surprised. Most women don’t touch sweets to maintain a slim waist.”
“Well, I’m definitely not that kind of woman. I adore chocolate.”
“Let’s go to the kitchen. I have some treats from Sprüngli. I’ve told Henry to keep a regular supply on hand,” he said as we emerged from the pool.
He let me stand on my feet, took one of the beach towels, and wrapped me in like a small child. He carefully wiped the droplets off my body and, when he was sure I was dry, quickly wiped his own and led me toward the house by the hand.
My God, this sexy man can also be caring…
We went into the kitchen, where he took out a box of Luxemburgerli.
“Do you like them?” he asked me.
“Yes, a lot,” I replied and, grinning widely, took a one of the pink cakes and bit into it. They were simply delicious.
Alexander smiled at me affectionately, raised his hand to my face, and caressed me. He leaned toward me and kissed me on the lips, his eyes gleaming playfully.
As we were walking through the living room, I had a chance to have a look at the interior design, which was very stylish. Each piece of furniture was exquisite. My eyes scanned across the wide U-shaped couch in front of the fireplace, the Baroque chest-of-drawers made of smooth wood, and the small Baroque tables that had modern night lamps on top. At the end was a long dining table with twelve chairs arranged around it and a beautiful crystal chandelier suspended above. There were many paintings on the walls. I approached one of them to get a better look.
“You own an original Klimt?” Why was I surprised? I knew it was worth millions, but after all, Alexander had enough money to afford it. “Did you win at an auction?”
“Yes. This is Litzlberg am Attersee by Gustav Klimt. All my paintings are originals by various artists. I’ve always appreciated art. I have a great weakness for beautiful things,” he replied and wrapped his arms around my waist.
“Beautiful houses, beautiful hotels, beautiful women…” I looked him in the eyes.
“At the moment, I care about only one beautiful woman,” he said and kissed my hair.
He was being honest… at the moment at least.
I mulled over his words but decided not to think about the future and instead enjoy the present.
At the end, who knew what fate had in store?
“Do you have a favorite painting, Alexia?” he asked, his lips touching my cheekbone. I felt his pleasant breath on my skin.
“I really like a painting by Klimt—The Kiss. It is as if love emanates from it. He has managed to recreate their passion so well,” I replied, then stood on the tips of my toes and wrapped my arms around his neck.
“You definitely are a hopeless romantic.” He kissed me so passionately the fire of desire inside me was rekindled. “However, there’s no way for me to buy it, as it’s kept in Belvedere in Austria.”

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