Light for the Lost Traveller by Preeti Saraswat

Life takes you through different roads and leaves you to solve the enigma of finding happiness. All those experiences, all those people you met through your journey made you a better person of who you are. Sometimes life is not all about happiness as depicted in movies. This book contains the true zist of life in its 7 stories. Reality that you all will be able to relate to, problems that will sound similar to your own and ways to overcome them.

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Author Bio:
Preeti Saraswat is a writer and a computer Science research engineer. She is a voyager, a painter and has a heart full of dreams. She enjoys writing in her free time. It’s the time when she explores herself. She feels fascinated when writing about stories that leaves a long lasting impression on your mind, stories that come with a twist and a end that will strike your soul hard.

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Sample from Book:

Love is not something to be asked for. Some stories have a
happy ending and some don’t. Sometimes people might not
love us like we love them. But It should not bother you in any
ways. Don’t let your feelings make you a helpless person who
begs for love and attention. Love is a fantasy. Many of us are
not in love with a person but we are in love with that idea of
being loved in return. The most important thing is accepting
that love is abstract and it will come back to you some day in
form of a person, a dream, a passion. You just have to keep your
heart open to accept.

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