Home, James! by Mary Howard

When Alison Parker inherits her great-aunt’s estate, she gets more than she bargains for. Along with the 20-room mansion, the 40-acre citrus grove, and the antique furniture, comes the most prize possession of them all: James, the chauffeur. All Alison can think about, day and night, is finding different excuses to get James to take her for a ride in the Rolls. This romantic-comedy will get you laughing, make you feel adventurous, and leave you wanting more.

Targeted Audience: Working Women

Author Bio:
Mary Howard was born in Northern Ontario, Canada. When she was two years old, her family (of seven) moved to the island of Jamaica where they lived for many years. She received an excellent education while attending Clarendon College in Jamaica. Her English Literature teacher was the nephew of the late English author, G.K. Chesterton. Her Math teacher was an aeronautical engineer who helped design the Concorde jet-plane. Mary is the author of several self-published books and currently resides in her waterfront home on Vancouver Island.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Home, James! is an entrant in the Kindle Storyteller 2017 writing contest hosted by Amazon UK. The grand-prize winner will receive an exclusive book contract with Amazon and a cash award of 20,000 British Pounds. Prizes will be given at a ceremony in London, England in July 2017. This unique contest inspired me to write the book, not just to try and win but to produce a book that was commercially viable.

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Sample from Book:

James woke up with a start. He realized that he had fallen asleep in the gazebo. He sat up and pushed back his chauffeur’s cap looking around for Alison. He could hear a splashing sound coming from the water at the end of the jetty. Then he saw her. She was in her white bathing-suit duck-diving into the water, her body glistening wet in the light of the afternoon sun. James felt his heart rate go up and for a brief moment he could barely breathe.

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