From Convent to Consort by Leigh Anderson

Empress Wu was the most notorious woman in Chinese history. A woman who dared to rule China in her own name. Chinese historians call her wicked. Lecherous. Dangerous. But how much of that is true? How did she escape life in a convent end up the consort of her dead husband’s son and eventually China’s empress?

From Convent to Consort tell the story of Empress Wu in her own words.

Targeted Audience: Adult Women

Author Bio:
Leigh Anderson has lived in Asia for many years, which inspires her to write romances set in ancient China. Her friends and family have no idea what she writes in the dark hours of the night, when sleep eludes her. She keeps her fantasies safe within the confines of her writing….for now.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
There are not enough erotica books that feature strong Chinese women. My series will highlight these women.

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Sample from Book:

History may paint me as a monster, a usurper, a woman who didn’t know her place and corrupted a dynasty, but that is not my story.
I was born for greatness, and I quickly climbed life’s ladder. I was an imperial consort to the emperor of China at only fourteen years old. When my husband died when I was only twenty-four, was I supposed to enter a convent willingly? Should my life be over before it had even begun? I would not let men make this decision for me. I took my destiny into my own hands and shaped it with an iron whip.
I knew my husband would die. He was not an old man, but he loved war. He founded a dynasty from the back of his battle steed, and even after his new kingdom was established, he refused to climb down. His medicine men gave him pills to make him stronger, but it was clear they were having the opposite effect. He would not live to see his hair turn grey.
Tradition dictated that I would be sent to a convent and would have to shave my head when my husband died because I was without children. I would not submit to this fate. When my husband left on his last campaign, I began to form my own plan.
My husband had many sons by his other wives, but it was clear that his youngest son, Li Zhi, would succeed him. I was only four years his senior, and he was a beautiful boy. His eyes were deep and calm, his hands were soft as flower petals, and his lips were pink as chrysanthemums. He was also kind, though many, even my husband, saw his kindness as weakness. I knew he would not forsake me. Would a weak man defy tradition, history, and even morals to rescue me from obscurity? I think not. I knew that if he could only love me, I would not be assigned to my retched fate.
While my husband was yet alive, I enticed the boy to my bed. Some may accuse me of incest and betrayal of my husband, but the boy was no relation to me. Yes, I did lay with another man while my husband was alive, which was punishable by death if we had been caught, but life as a nun in a temple was the same to me as death. I had to risk one death to avoid another…

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