Fired Up by Misty Kuntz

Fired-Up-by-Misty-Kuntz-Cover-on-Amazon-400I am sure I’m going to get fired. That’s the only reason Mr Hunter would call me into his office. But the look in his eyes tells me something else. As does the way he orders me to take off my skirt…

NOTE: This is an erotic short story of approx. 5000 words. It contains adult content, sexy-times spanking, and one hot as hell billionaire boss.

Targeted Audience: Adult

Author Bio:
Hi, I’m Misty Kuntz: Writer and reader of smutty stories (and other things).

Likes: books, cake, chocolate, coffee, books.

Dislikes: not reading.

My stories are about women and men having fun. I hope you enjoy them!

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
These days I spend most of my time freelancing – being my own boss! But it wasn’t so long ago that I was a not-so-mild-mannered admin assistant like my heroine Laila. I always thought office life would be so much more interesting if it involved a little less paper work and a little more sex on desks…. so that’s the story I decided to write.

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Sample from Book:


“Yes, Miss Smith?”

“I do what I’m told, when it’s reasonable… or when it’s not an asshole telling me what to do.”

He presses his lips together, but I can tell he’s covering a smile when he shakes his head. “And what about me, Miss Smith? Will you do what I tell you to do?”

He isn’t touching me anymore but he’s leaning over me, and if he were just a tiny bit closer I would be able to feel his breath on my face.

“Yes,” I say. Because I would, I realize. I’d do anything he told me to do, looking at me like that, speaking to me like that. And the realization shocks me. Not enough to make me get up and leave the room, though, just enough to make my cunt clench in anticipation. He raises an eyebrow and I finish, “Yes, Sir.”

He steps back, creating a space between us that seems much larger than it actually is. I want him closer. I want his hands on me.

“Good,” he says. “Show me.”


“Take your skirt off.”

My mouth drops open. Even though it was clear where this was going, I’m still surprised when he actually says it. I recover quickly, though, because I’ve fantasized about this moment more times than I can count, even if it’s something I’d never admit to anyone, least of all myself. Every time he has called me into his office for the latest earnings report or something equally as boring, I’ve fantasized that, just maybe, he’d push everything off his desk, throw me down on the empty desk top and fuck my brains out.

But I didn’t really expect it then, and I definitely didn’t expect it today when I thought I was going to be fired.

It occurs to me to wonder whether that’s still on the table. Is my job dependent on taking my skirt off or is my position secure and this is just a lucky perk of the job? I don’t particularly care at this moment, though, because I want to take my skirt off. I want to take everything off. For the two of us to strip down and fuck like we’ve only ever done in my imagination.

He’s leaning back against his desk again, watching me. Waiting to see what I’ll do.

I stand up.

Swallowing hard, I reach back and feel for the zip holding my skirt up. I’m still looking at Mr Hunter and he bites his lip, his gaze is all anticipation and desire, and I can’t believe that he, of all people, is looking at me like that.

The zip is stuck, and I look behind me to see what it’s caught on. But before I can fix it, I feel an arm around me and my boss’s breath on my neck.

“Allow me.”

My breath hitches as he pulls me towards him, one arm supporting me by the waist. He’s holding me against his chest and I can feel his strong muscles underneath his shirt. I momentarily want to pull up his shirt and run my hand over his skin, but I’m distracted when I feel him run his hand down the line of my skirt and over my butt.

“You have a great ass,” he says, his breath against my ear.

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