Fire Hunt by J.R. White

Julia was dedicated to the cause, even though she was marked a traitor by her own kind for becoming a Federal Witch Hunter. When her partner captures a man from her past, Julia must make a choice: Let the witch be tortured, or blow her cover and go with plan B.

All Edmund wanted was to help the magical community and escape his extremist lifestyle. Instead he was setup and captured by Witch Hunters. Cut off from his magic and held prisoner, Edmund didn’t think things could get worse. Then Julia struts into his holding cell with an escape plan.

Targeted Audience: Adults who love paranormal romance.

Author Bio:
J. R. White has been telling stories for as long as she can remember. After her marriage in 2008 she found the freedom to dive headfirst into her personal world of fiction. Currently she lives in the Upstate of South Carolina with her family, where she fills her daughter’s head with fairy tales.

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Sample from Book:

He could see how tired she was. Her makeup was gone now. The business suit was gone too, replaced by a pair of fitted jeans and a loose denim jacket covering a pale blue tee. “All right. Uncuff me.”
She let out an aggravated sounding sigh as she walked around behind him and he could feel her fingers wrap around his wrists, reaching for the restrictive cuffs. Once he felt the click of the cuffs free both his hands, he surged up to his feet and mustered every bit of dexterity he had to twist around and shove her toward the wall.
Rushing up on her, Edmund spun her around and shoved her front against the cold wall. He pressed his weight to her back, trapping her in place. “Why should I trust you, Jul? You abandoned us ten years ago.”
She struggled against him, bucking her backside into him and pulling at her restrained hands, but Edmund had always been stronger and keeping her in place was easy.
After a minute she stilled and cut her eyes back at him. “I’m trying to change things. I’m trying to make it better,” she declared, spreading her fingers wide against the wall.
Letting out a little chuckle, he leaned in closer to her cheek. “A lot of good palling around with the burners did, huh? Things aren’t any better. They’ve just gotten worse.”
“It takes time, Eddie,” she whispered.
A loose lock of blonde hair drifted up over her lips as she spoke and for a second, Edmund wondered if her hair was still as soft as silk. Shaking his head, he pressed tighter and touched his lips to the rim of her ear. “We’re almost out of time, sweetheart.”

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