Double High Five: A Billionaire Twin Romance by Alexis Darlington by Alexis Darlington

Marshall and Taylor are twins. Billionaire twins to be exact.

They enjoy ‘hunting’ where they head into the city and peruse the bars for suitable young women to accompany them for the evening. They happen upon a curvy red head and think nothing of using their twin powers to seduce her. The inevitable happens when you have two guys and one girl in a penthouse, when the guys are sexy as sin the woman has curves to die for.

Smoking hot twin billionaire romance with a BBW and sex

Targeted Audience: BBW who love menage stories.

Author Bio:
Alexis Darlington is a good Southern girl with a penchant for pleasing people. She thoroughly enjoys writing erotic romances, baking, and long moonlit walks along the beach.

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Sample from Book:

It was Friday, which meant my brother Marshall and I were going hunting. Friday had that in common with Saturday. And Sunday. And Wednesday. Ok, when you inherit the kind of money we did, every day can be hunting day. We started out in some shithole dive bar, looking purposefully out of place in our Armani suits and custom-made leather shoes. A decade of Krav Maga has prepared us for any eventuality, which means we can come to places like this with a target on our back and come out with nothing but bruised knuckles, a funny story, and the girlfriend of the biggest, meanest guy we can find.

Of course, it doesn’t always go down like that. In this case, there was a comely little redhead by the bar, a lonely deer in a sea of useless pigs looking for a pair of hot, wealthy, intensely well-endowed gentlemen like us to sweep her off her feet and onto her back.

I loudly ordered the most expensive thing they had (in so many words) for the house. Grey Goose on the rocks came to every table, and the redhead giggled vacuously as she drank hers, giving us sidelong glances and trying not to be too obvious about her interest. Naturally, the façade dropped quickly when we came up on either side of her.

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