Darian, The Havorian Chronicles Book Two by Aleena Stark

One soul-searing kiss changes everything.

Deadly warrior Darian Falcus leads his army with one unwavering purpose, save his dying people. But from the moment he lays eyes on vulnerable beauty, Abby Sweeny all he thinks about is making her his.

Alone, dying, and far from home, he knows he’ll never experience the joy of taking his destined mate. Even at death’s door, his thoughts wander to the one woman he can’t forget, and the enchanting promise hidden in her kiss.
Abby wants her uneventful, boring life back, but the only man who can help her— the same man haunting her dreams, disappears the moment she steps foot on his home planet. Will she ever erase the seductive solider and his soft lips from her memory. Or is she cursed to relive their torturous kiss every day for the rest of her life?

The world crumbling around them, Darian and Abby will succumb to desire, or die trying to fight the heat.

Targeted Audience: 18 and older

Author Bio:
Aleena Stark lives in Maryland where she spends her days cuddled up with a good book, or creating her own heartwarming, spicy romances. With a vivid imagination, and penchant for creating sizzling stories filled with strong, insufferable men and women who turn their worlds upside, she writes with passion eager to explore new projects. Her books combine heartfelt, endless love with scandalous, steamy eroticism that will leave you panting for more. She hopes you enjoyed this story and urges you to read all of her collection.

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Sample from Book:

“Okay. You can do this,” she whispered. “Why am I here? What are you doing here? Why can’t I go home?”
She repeated the questions until they rolled like mantra, and tip-toed out of her room. Over and over she repeated her questions until she stood in front of the door separating her from the inferno within.
There was only one way to get through this, like jumping into a swimming pool. Only this pool was dangerous, confusing, and intimidating. She reached for the handle to the door and turned. It wasn’t locked.
She should turn around now before it was too late, but her hand wouldn’t release the door. She repeated her mantra one last time and pushed the door open.
Darkness greeted her. The dim light in the hallway blinded compared to the pitch inside. She wondered if the room was empty, but a slow steady breath pierced the still air.
She contemplated standing in the hall to have her say, but something pulled her feet inside. Keeping her hand firmly on the door knob, she opened her mouth to speak, but only silence left her lips. She closed her eyes and swallowed. She had to try again, but the moment she parted her eyelids, a broad wall of muscle filled her vision.
The warmth from his body forced streams of sweat to roll down her back.
“What are you doing?” His voice, coarse and deep, abraded her ears. The words didn’t register, only the sensation of his breath against her cheek made its way to her senses. “I asked you a question!”
Again, the warm breath, minty and spiced, mixed with the clean masculine scent radiating off his body. She found herself locking her knees to keep standing.
His words turned into a grunt, and her skin tingled where his hands gripped her arms. Tiny sparks shot along her nerves everywhere his skin contacted hers. He pulled her body into his room, and the light from the hallway disappeared behind his closed door.
“Are you okay?” His voice softened, and the grip on her arms loosened.
Finally, the content of his words registered. She nodded. “I had to ask you something.” Her words sounded breathless, and she wondered if he heard the same timid plea.
“Okay,” he said, staring down at her. He realized her eyes focused on his naked chest, thankfully her gaze didn’t dip lower, to the briefs he wore pressed so far away from his body, the elastic gaped open. One glance south and she would see the evidence of his arousal in plain sight.
“I don’t remember.”

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