Free Book Submission Pitfalls

Free Book Submission Pitfalls - What every self publishing author should knowHere at Wanton Reads, we LOVE hearing about new books. Sweet, saucy, seductive, we like them all.

Know what we don’t like?
Kids books submitted to our site. Seriously.

There just isn’t a place for Terribly Terrific Tales or Sparky the Dragon among the disheveled sheets and tousled hair that Wanton is devoted to bringing to readers. So why are we seeing a rising tide of submissions of children’s books, craft books, how-tos, business biographies, and smoothie recipe books?


Authors who are self publishing are up against a Herculean task of competing with books with a large marketing budget behind them. It doesn’t mean that these funded books are better necessarily, just that they were in the right place at the right time and landed a great deal. With a restricted budget, it’s understandable that everyone searches for the best way to get their book in front of as many eyes as possible in the most fiscally responsible way that they can.

On Fiverr right now, there are more than 20,000 gigs available when you search for ‘book review’. At only $5 a pop, this tempts authors to seek out the easy path to promotion which can sometimes lead to people that promise you the moon and give you a small pile of sand. If someone promises to list your book on 100 free book sites, it doesn’t guarantee that all those sites are appropriate for your book. In fact, they can be so inappropriate that it can DAMAGE your credibility as an author. There are sites out there that are fully automated…submissions come in, they get posted. There’s no edit cycle, no human review. Your book gets listed just like every other submission that arrives. We don’t do that here. I check every post…I correct spelling, broken links, and bad formatting. Quality is more important than quantity.

If this was a children’s book site, you certainly wouldn’t want erotica showing up amongst the bunnies and counting books. Neither would readers or other authors. It makes the author look terrible and the site bad. Guess what? If you’ve been using the same submission service as the authors of all the off topic books we receive, your book is likely listed on site where those books ARE appropriate. Children’s sites. Business sites. Cooking sites. Probably not what you intended, is it?

Fiverr isn’t the only bad submission service we’ve seen out there and some of them are charging a whole lot of money for very little return. Make sure that if you’re going to use a submission service that they give you a listing of where they’re submitting your book and I would encourage you to require that they use an email address you have access to as part of the submission process so you can confirm that the submissions were actually made.

There are many upstanding, legitimate submission sites out there like Author Marketing Club and AwesomeGang. Also, most sites have ways to submit your book on your own and it honestly doesn’t take long if you make yourself a document with all your book details that you can just copy and paste from.

Here’s how you can submit your latest romance tale, naughty novella, and sinful Kindle book to

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If you expected to see your book listed here and it’s not, it’s possible that we’ve blocked a scammy submission service that we feel is taking authors’ money and posting inappropriately. We hate to throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater, but we have readers to satisfy and they’re really not looking for the latest methods of backyard beekeeping.


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Mrs Magumbi’s Christmas Party by Sue Kendrick

b28It’s Christmas Eve … She’s been invited to 66 Sedah Villas … She’s going to meet … The Purr-fect Gentl’mun … Or is she?
Find out at … Mrs Magumbi’s Christmas Party! 16 pages of toe curling terror!It’s Christmas Eve … She’s been invited to 66 Sedah Villas … She’s going to meet … The Purr-fect Gentl’mun … Or is she?
Find out at … Mrs Magumbi’s Christmas Party! 16 pages of toe curling terror!

Targeted Audience: 22

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“Mal Practice” by Paul Janson

MALPRAC-FrontCoverJoe Nelson is a pediatrician in Eastern Kentucky and is being sued for malpractice involving the death of a four-year-old girl. The child was the niece of the wealthiest man in town, and the trial is not going well. Then it gets worse. While sitting in his car outside his lawyer’s office, someone shoots at Joe. The police seem convinced that he has faked the shooting, especially since the shot was fired with his own gun. The next day in court, Joe realizes that his patient’s death was not an accident or malpractice, it was murder. When one of the plaintiffs is murdered, Joe becomes the prime suspect. He must use all of his medical knowledge and deductive reasoning to solve the crime-and save his own life.

Targeted Audience: doctor medicine mystery

Author Bio:

Paul Janson is the middle child of three boys, born and raised in New England. Though he is now a practicing Emergency Department physician, his formal education began at the Boston University College of Engineering. He worked briefly for NASA during the Apollo project where one of the engineers convinced him to apply to medical school. Paul went on to attend Boston University School of Medicine intending to pursue bio-medical research, but grew to like the practice of medicine too much to give it up.

While working at Boston City Hospital (now Boston Medical Center), Paul met his wife, Mary. She was his supervisor, but he somehow managed to get up the courage to ask her out and eventually, to marry him. That was 39 years ago. The couple spent their honeymoon year in Eastern Kentucky, Appalachia, because they wanted to go somewhere that really needed physicians. With breaks to return to their training, the year extended to six years. Paul and Mary understood that if they were not there, it was likely that no one else would have been. Exhausting work, but fulfilling.

Paul did end up doing research, publishing a dozen articles including three pieces in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. One of the articles outlined the response of patients with renal failure and bleeding, and became the basis for the current treatment of these patients, still in use almost forty years later.

Paul’s favorite journal publication was co-authored by Deepak Chopra, who was an endocrinology fellow at the time. It was Deepak’s first time being published, but certainly not his last!

Since that time Paul has certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Emergency Medicine. He practices now in Lawrence, MA, in one of the busiest ED’s in the state, and in one of the most medically underserved areas in the state.

Paul is actively involved in teaching Family Practice residents, and was the director of the Massachusetts chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians’ course on board exam review and preparation until five years ago when the course was closed.

He has written several articles for traditional print publications and online sites, along with a biweekly humor column in the local Newburyport, MA newspaper, titled: The Port Planet.

In addition to being a writer, Paul is a musician who performed locally, with recorded music available online.

Paul says “Mary and I live in Georgetown, MA, on a small farm of sorts with chickens and dogs and cats… and love. My family is one of my greatest joys, especially the adoption of my two daughters from Ecuador, now twenty years ago. They have added meaning to our lives and expanded our cultural adventures.”

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Write On! – The Writer’s Help Book by Adrian Magson

Write On.indd
‘WRITE ON! – The Writer’s Help Book’ is written as a source of encouragement for those new to writing, a reminder and lift-me-up, should they feel the need, for those of a more experienced bent. It is not a technical guide to the finer points of grammar, syntax or punctuation, but deals with the various stages of getting the words out of the wood and down on the paper, from the tentative beginnings right through to THE END.

An edited collection of my articles from the ‘Beginners’ pages of WRITING Magazine, I hope this book inspires, encourages, fires up, unblocks and cajoles, from hopeful start to triumphant, rampaging finish, helping scribes of all kinds to write rather than staring defeat in its dark, unwholesome face and downing their own bodyweight in black coffee, alcohol and biscuits.

Starting out or starting up
Keeping it going
Kick-starting your mojo
Ideas and how to get them
Writer’s block… or not?
Problem solving
You as a writer
General writing stuff
Quality control
Submitting your work

Targeted Audience: writers, authors

Author Bio:
Adrian Magson is the author of 14 crime/thriller novels and many short stories and articles. His latest novels are ‘Execution’ (Severn House – May 2013), 5th in the Harry Tate spy series, and ‘Death at the Clos du Lac’ (Allison &Busby), 4th in the Inspector Lucas Rocco series. A regular reviewer for Shots Magazine, he writes the ‘Beginners’ and ‘New Author’ pages for Writing Magazine, and is the author of ‘Write On! – The Writer’s Help Book’ (Accent Press).

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I spent many years learning how to write, trying plays, poems, radio comedy, slogans on t-shirts, slogans on beer mats – and having lots and lots of short stories published, until I finally got my first book deal. During this time I was invited to write a regular monthly column in the UK’s Writing Magazine, which I called ‘Beginners’. It was – and is – a guide to getting down and DOING IT. No navel gazing, no tricks, no smoke or mirrors – simply sitting down and writing. Because until you’ve tried, you can’t know if you can do it or not.

All of it is from lessons learned, tips collected and tried, and lots and lots of experience. But hell, if I can do it…

Read more, including a sample from the book [Read more…]

Major Jazz by Niyah Moore

537516_429767263775646_150346823_n“Our heated passion created some of my best compositions, but I was cursed with my daddy’s blood.” Major Ingram knew better than to get into a committed relationship. As much as he witnessed the heartbreak his father inflicted upon his mother, he didn’t want to make the same mistakes. When his father finally walked out on them for good, his mother was broken. Something he saw and she felt for years. Major didn’t want to hurt any women that same way, but it seemed as if he could never tell Sallie Aquino he loved her because there was only one her and that was his music. Major’s father was a saxophone player who played the blues. He spoon-fed Major the love of music from the first day he opened his eyes to the world. Though the sax was in his blood, Major fell in love with the ivory and ebony keys the first time he heard a piano. Major developed his own passion with jazz music and by the age of sixteen, he had landed a paying gig at Bop City, an after hours nightclub in Fillmore. Fillmore, the ‘Mo, was like Harlem on the bay. Sammy Davis Jr., Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington and Duke Ellington all fell into San Francisco the way they had in the Big Apple. Back in ’51, the Victorian styled homes, housed finely dressed black people who owned their own businesses from cleaners to restaurants to jazz spots. They worked mornings during the week and enjoyed local and celebrity musicians at night. Up and down Fillmore Street, clubs and restaurants lined up one next to the other. On Friday nights, they went from club to party to bar until the early hours of Monday while music played nonstop. Loosely based on true testimonies, the Fillmore Jazz Era comes back to life through the fictional characters: Major Ingram, Kae Taylor, Sade and Sallie Aquino, and Frank Blue. They made jazz heartfelt through their own stories. This love story just isn’t about falling in love, but how they each fell in love with a neighborhood, a scene and her, jazz music. The Fillmore Jazz Era is gone, most of the neighborhood was torn down by the Redevelopment Agency by the 1960’s, but it’s not forgotten, and the love for Bebop, Jazz, R&B, and Blues music that once existed remains in the heart and soul of Fillmore forever.

Targeted Audience: Adults

Author Bio:
Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Niyah Moore was touched at an early age with the precious gem of prose. At the age of nine years old, she participated in a Writer’s Workshop and displayed a special knack for writing that sparked a flame for a romance between Niyah and storytelling. Before finishing high school, she had completed five novels, wrote three school plays, and had written a play for her church. No small task for someone in high school; yet she pulled it off with ease. A childhood hobby developed legs of its own as she matured into an adult. Niyah listened to her calling, finding the time to write in the mornings while raising her family. Under the subtle pushing and guidance of a literary mentor who was well known in the literary industry, Niyah decided to pursue a career in writing professionally. She submitted a short story to the Mocha Chocolate anthology in 2008 and was accepted as a contributing author. Inclusion in that literary work gave her the courage to submit to various others and a literary journey for her began to take form.
One leap of faith jumped into several acknowledgments of talent. Her works include novels, Guilty Pleasures and Bittersweet Exes; and inclusions in several Award-Winning and Award-Nominated anthologies such as: the 2012 AALAS nominated anthology Heat of the Night, 2008 AALAS winning Erotic Anthology Mocha Chocolate: Taste a Piece of Ecstasy Anthology . Niyah’s short story “After Dark” will be included in the anthology, Zane presents Busy Bodies: Chocolate Flava 4, releasing in the Summer of 2013. Niyah is a mother of two, who loves sharing her love for words with the world and who looks forward to the publication of her new novel, Major Jazz, which is scheduled for release under her new publisher, the Award-Winning Independent Publisher of the year, Peace in the Storm Publishing.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I moved to San Francisco’s Fillmore and the history of the Jazz Era inspired me.

Read more, including a sample from the book [Read more…]

Smoke & Skin by Robert McCullough, C. M. Bratton, Taymika G. Byrd

Smoke-Skin_Robert-McCullough-et-al_091112This brand new feature from Write On Press is sure to stimulate and excite! Experience three tales of adult fantasy from three of the best new authors of the literary scene today. Robert McCullough brings you a tale of seduction in the temple with Church Music. Ms. Taymika G. Byrd is back with lust in the Big Easy. In the Vieux Carre’ you’ll experience the spiritual plane in a whole new way (bring a wet-nap!). C. M. Bratton brings it all together with a tale of passion and lust in the desert sands. You won’t need three wishes after this one (but you might need a cigarette!).

Targeted Audience: Adult

Author Bio:
Robert McCullough is an author and freelance journalist. He is the author of the “Greatest Day” sports series (My Greatest Day in Baseball, 1946-1997, My Greatest Day in Football, My Greatest Day in Golf, and My Greatest Day in Nascar), and he is the primary author The New York City Running Guide and The Washington, D.C. Running Guide. He lives just outside of Boston, MA.

C.M. Bratton graduated from Yale University with B.A.s in Theatre Arts and Spanish in 2002, and got an M.A. in Drama from TWU in 2010. Since 2002, she has spent time teaching nearly every subject and grade level from age 3 to age 40, in subjects ranging from theatre to writing to the SAT to geometry to biology to geology to – well, it’s been an interesting teaching career the last 10 years. In between that, C.M. acts in local theatres, sings in different languages and styles, and edits for a few different companies.
A self-confessed and extremely proud “nerd with style,” C.M. considers herself a working artist, and enjoys meeting new people from all walks of life. In the past two years, C.M. has shifted her work from mainly teaching to mainly writing, editing, and acting. Two television scripts she co-wrote were recently filmed, and she is in the middle of writing several books, theatre scripts, and more short stories (including follow-ups to “Smoke and Skin”). In between performing and writing, C.M. is a voracious reader and beach lover – but somehow manages to still get in 8 or 9 hours of sleep a night. As an avid dragon watcher, C.M. looks forward to sharing more stories.

Taymika Byrd is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana who enjoys writing romance, erotica, fantasy, mystery and intrigue that draws the reader in and holds them captive. She currently has three stories available in the Write On publication The Solomon Rose that gives the reader a glimpse into the life of a New Orleans Creole family. Taymika hopes you enjoy her literary offering here and looks forward to providing her readers with more entertaining stories in the near future.

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