Turn The Page by Ditter Kellen

Book Description
Catherine Grier seemed to have it all—money, prestige, and a beach house that would rival the Hamptons. But an old scar buried deep in her soul hides a life filled with lonely nights and painful memories…until a dusty old book lands in her lap, sending her back in time to 1767 and into the arms of sexy Lord Bryne Adair.

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Chronosexual #1: Empire’s Arrow by Chary Lambsden

In the Survivors’ Future, the Farchitects of Alluvium protect and preserve the last, dying city, Alluvium, last bastion of humanity. Theirs is a collective, harsh existence. Genetic predetermination decides their fate. All sacrifice for the city. There is no love, no hate, and no desire. There is only unity of purpose and, finally, death. But one fateful night, one of their number discovers a mysterious device, a device that transports her far from her home, a device that takes her to a distant, wind-swept plain. There she encounters a strange people whose leader has been stricken by a mysterious illness. Trapped, Class One Engineer, Zero Generation must find her way home, but to do so she must awaken lusts and desires that her dying future have long forgotten. She must cure this leader of his impotence and restore him to his rightful path. For he is to be none other than the Great Khan, Genghis.
History has been diverted from its proper path and only she can set it right. From its quiver she must draw the empire’s arrow.

Targeted Audience: 21-50

Author Bio:
Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Chary currently resides outside of Seattle with her husband and multitude of beasts, furred and otherwise.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I love science fiction and I love erotic literature but I’ve been hard-pressed to find really good, cerebral and thoughtful combinations of the two that isn’t just tentacle porn or mindless jackhammer sex. I wanted to craft something philosophical and sexy and adventurous. I love reading about history, too, so I thought I’d make the setting for my series all of time itself, focusing on the adventures of a virginal, naive time traveler using her sexual prowess to fix diversions in the past.

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The Other Side of Anne by Kelly Stuart

The-Other-Side-of-Anne-WEBSITE-USETudor historian Avery Franklin is horrified when his dying father leaves him a most unusual inheritance: Anne Boleyn. Yes, that Anne Boleyn, beheaded queen of Henry VIII. She is a time traveler and is struggling to adjust to the modern world.

Avery tells himself that he has no time for Anne, but then he finds out a secret about himself that leads him to take Anne in. They try to develop a tentative friendship despite fighting their attraction to each other. Can they figure out their lives together, especially when time might be running out for Anne?

Targeted Audience: romance and sci fi fans

Author Bio:
Kelly Stuart has been writing since she was a wee lass. Her B.A. is in English writing, her M.S. in deaf education. She enjoys writing about “gray” issues.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I love history and the Tudors. After reading several books on them, I knew I had to write something about one of the Tudors.

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Truth Seekers – Doubt Trilogy (Novella) by Anne-Rae Vasquez

b17This is a novella containing Part 1 of Doubt (book 1 of the Among Us Trilogy.) The author is sharing Part 1 and 2 as novella samplers for new fans. Readers who want to read Part 3 are invited to purchase the full novel “Doubt.” Do you love shows like J.J. Abrams’ Fringe and read books like Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones? Young adult / early adult / paranormal / science fiction / apocalyptic thriller “Doubt” mashes fringe science, corporate espionage and paranormal encounters to catapult you into an out-of-this-world experience. At 21 years old, Harry and Cristal are fresh out of university with their PhD’s. Labeled all their lives as being ‘weird’ and ‘geeky’, they find true friendships with other outcasts by playing online virtual reality games. Harry Doubt, creator of the Truth Seekers online game, takes his game offline to search for who or what is behind the disappearances of his mother and his friends’ loved ones. Cristal, his top gamer and best friend, begins to question the reality of the world they live in. When they get closer to the truth, they uncover supernatural forces living among them threatening to end the world as they know it. Fans of young adult paranormal urban fantasy along with tech and gamer geeks will enjoy reading the novella which is part 1 of the novel “Doubt”, book 1 of the “Among Us Trilogy”. You don’t have to be a gamer to like the story. Time travel and paranormal events makes “Doubt” a fun read for all ages.

Targeted Audience: 22

Author Bio:
Anne-Rae Vasquez released Doubt, Book 1 of the Among Us Trilogy and launched it at the Raindance Book Festival. Among Us is a book series about a group of online gamers who band together to investigate who or what is behind the catastrophic events happening around the world.

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The Knightmare by Deborah Valentine

Sometimes a man has to go back in time to find his future…

When Formula 1 racing driver Conor Westfield is involved in a horrific racing accident, he is determined to devote himself to getting back behind the wheel and resuming the career that has been his obsession. But as he is recovering from his injuries Conor’s childhood nightmare recurs, a strange jumble of terrifying images that feel more like memories than dreams. Can it be mere coincidence that the very next morning he is informed a mysterious woman with whom he had very brief affair has died and left him as her heir? But this was no ordinary woman, no ordinary affair. Dogged by a feeling of déjà vu at every turn, Conor travels to Amsterdam to identify the body. At her home he finds an illuminated book that transports him to the year 1209 and a past life as a Knight Templar embroiled in two missions—one secret, both dangerous. There he finds the woman he left behind and a life lived in the shadow of a tragedy that cries out across 800 years for resolution.

Weaving history with the present, fact with fantasy The Knightmare is an unforgettable story of adventure and alchemy, betrayal and sacrifice, and truly extraordinary love.

Targeted Audience: Adults

Author Bio:
Deborah Valentine is a British author, editor and screenwriter who once lived in California but far preferred the British weather and fled to London, where she has resided for many years. She is the author of three books published by Victor Gollancz Ltd in the UK, and Bantam and Avon in the US. Unorthodox Methods was the first in the series, followed by A Collector of Photographs and the Ireland-based Fine Distinctions. A Collector of Photographs was short-listed for an Edgar Allan Poe, a Shamus, a Macavity and an Anthony Boucher award. Fine Distinctions was also short-listed for an Edgar. They featured the characters of former California sheriff Kevin Bryce and artist Katharine Craig, charting their turbulent romance amid murder and mayhem. On 14 November 2013, they will available as eBooks on Orion’s The Murder Room imprint. With the publication of The Knightmare she has embarked on a series of novels with a supernatural twist.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
As a teenager I read the love story of the medieval scholars Abelard and Heloise. It was such a tragic tale, one I’ve never been able to get out of my head. They had a son and I was toying with the idea of what his psychology would be, bearing in mind what happened to his parents. Then I saw a friend of mine, a bit of a ‘hooray Henry’ who wanted to be a F1 driver, race. In an instant my friend became a different man; totally focused, totally strategic in his approach. And that was just the spark I needed to give birth to my Knight Templar, a medieval workaholic trying to avoid emotions and avoid his parents’ mistakes and in doing so runs headlong into his own series of unfortunate decisions. Of course, I threw in a bit of magic, alchemy and a crusade for good measure not to mention a F1 race or two.

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New Atlantis Bundle Bk 1-3 by Nhys Glover

na3dExplore the Utopian World of New Atlantis in this Reduced Price Bundle

Experience the pleasure of the first three full-length novels in the New Atlantis series in one ebook. Over 165,000 words to enjoy as you explore the Utopian world of New Atlantis in the year 2330 and meet the time travelling Retrievers whose task it is to repopulate the decimated planet with people from the past.

Meet Cara, the 45 year old teacher from 2011 New York, who is offered a new love and a new life in this fabulous future world. But will she stop rocking the boat long enough to keep what she’s gained? Meet Jac, her gorgeous Retriever, who finds love for the first time in hundreds of years, but discovers he may lose it if he’s not willing to change himself and his whole world in order to keep her.

Then journey back to Sydney Australia in 1968 and meet Jane, the plain little shop assistant who jumps off a ferry to save a boy’s life and wakes up in a beautiful new body in the future. But does Julio, the bad boy Brazilian she idolizes, love her or just the body she now inhabits?

And finally, join Faith as she engineers an audacious mission to 1942 to rescue 150 children from a train heading for Belzac Death Camp in Poland. When things don’t go as planned, she find she must Retrieve Luke, a US commando, who saves her from the Nazis. But this savage warrior has no place in her peaceful world, and even love and a whole new life in the future won’t keep him from doing his duty and completing his mission.

˃˃˃ Sensual Romance
For women who like their love scenes steamy yet wholly romantic

Targeted Audience: Adult women

Author Bio:
Link to this site.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I was inspired to write the New Atlantis series by the desire to escape my rather boring life. I’ve tended to live a less than boring existence up until the last few years, so I found I got bored when nothing was happening. So I thought, what would my perfect life look like? And so I started creating that life in my imagination. In that life the world was a peaceful utopia where life extended indefinitely by using cloned bodies, and you could do anything you wanted, even time travel. And of course, that perfect life would have to have romance, so I started creating gorgeous, somewhat flawed men to populate it. Bit by bit, that world became real to me, and even though I thought I’d finished the series, I find I’m back there again, because I love New Atlantis and the people in it so much I just can’t stay away. My readers tell me they have the same kind of response to it.

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Vital Perception by D. L. Given

The seeking tunnel started immediately with what looked like little effort. Heidi maneuvered it as if she were born to do it. The others stood motionless staring into its center ready to take control of it any second, and I knew at this point they could do it. The rate that we were improving was nothing if not impressive. Even I found myself calmer and maybe even looking forward to the next time we would gather to form a tunnel. I had never noticed before, but realized, I could actually feel the pull of what we were doing in my arms as far up as my elbows. It could effectively be described as an energy that could only be created by the union of so many with a unique ability or gift, something much greater than our selves. A sudden sense of purpose inundated me—a purpose I’m sure none of us understood. I felt a sense of urgency for some rationalization or explanation.

Targeted Audience: women

Author Bio:
D. L. Given lives in Ohio with her husband Bruce.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Proximately three days after I finished the rough draft on “The Elder Effect”, I realized I wasn’t satisfied with the completion of the story. Where “The Elder Effect” felt like a struggle to get the story told, “Vital Perception seemed to fill the pages faster than I could get the words down. It was a pleasure to spend time with the characters that I had become to love to dearly. I hope others will enjoy their story as well.

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The Elder Effect by D. L. Given

Cover-The-Elder-Effect“How long have I been gone?”

“Four years,” he said, moving his hands back to my arms.

A sickening rush started at the top of my head and went down my entire body, leaving my knees weak as I turned my head, dropping my chin shamefully. I can’t look at him! Vance kept his hands wrapped around the tops of my arms tightly.

“We’ve been trying to find you the whole time,” he said. “We couldn’t control it. It was only by chance I caught you. We had been trying to tunnel you–to catch your attention. I saw you a couple times, but I couldn’t get you to take it. I knew you didn’t understand. I thought I had lost you forever, Beverly.”

In 1812 Vikoyri, Norway, an injured stranger, respectfully referred to as the Elder, bestowed a gift on the people of a small village. Centuries later they are only beginning to understand its potential and its price.

Living in modern day Montana and nearly untouched by the aging process, The Elder Effect is still a mystery to them. All they know is that they can tunnel through time and space.

When a dangerous stranger begins stalking the group, they realize a powerful advantage. Will Vance and Beverly bring everyone back together in time to save them? Will they be able to defend themselves against him once and for all? With an uncertain future, the mysterious words spoken by the Elder so long ago begin to make sense. Could Beverly be permanently separated from her love, Vance?

The key is where it all began in 1812. Will the stranger destroy their past, present, and future with one final blow? Can Beverly discover how to stop him before all is lost? Will they ever learn the reason for the gift?

Look for Vital Perception, the continuing story of our beloved villagers.

Targeted Audience: women

Author Bio:
D. L. Given lives in Ohio with her husband Bruce

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