My Dirty Vacation by Grace Risata

“When you think of Las Vegas, what comes to mind? Most likely it’s fine dining, extravagant shows, and lots of gambling. Not in my world. Not when you’re surrounded by alpha males with a penchant for violence who ignore your meticulously crafted itinerary and expect you to ‘go with the flow.’ Why does nothing EVER turn out like I plan?”
Come along for the ride with ex-mafia enforcer Rocky, his germaphobe girlfriend Violet, and a few of their friends as they take a little excursion to fabulous Las Vegas. Emotions run high, loyalties are tested, and danger lurks around every corner. With new villains emerging and game changing opportunities presented, their vacation is anything but relaxing.

Targeted Audience: 21

Author Bio:
I would first and foremost like to thank everyone for taking the time to give my stories a chance. My goal is to take you out of your world, and all the stresses that go along with everyday life, and bring you into my world of romance and fantasy. I have a special weakness for hot alpha males and the feisty heroines who love them. Above all else, I hope you got a few laughs out of my stories. I aim to incorporate as much comedy into my romance as is humanly possible.
My professional biography is as follows (I’m not sure why it’s in the third person, evidently that’s the rule): Grace Risata is very excited to share her novels with the world, and she hopes you enjoyed reading them as much as she enjoyed writing them. Grace would like to thank everyone for giving her books a chance and she welcomes all feedback. Grace is happiest when reading, eating Portillos hot dogs, and patiently waiting for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I went on vacation to Las Vegas and I thought, "Hey…this would make a great story!"

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On The Run (Men Of Honor book 1) by Rhonda Lott

Alexandrea Harding was on the run from a killer. Alex had hopes of becoming a singing superstar, until the death of her sister made her the target of a murdering drug lord. Now she is surviving day to day, trying to keep herself and her remaining family alive.
David McAdams built a multimillion dollar company from nothing but hard work and determination. He has no room in his life for complications, until at a party he hears Alex sing. He knew he had to have her, but having Alex meant his life was about to get more complicated than he could ever imagine.
With the killer closing in, can David convince the beautiful song bird he is more than a pretty boy in a suit and that he has what it takes to keep her safe or will her fear force Alex to run yet again?

Targeted Audience: Adult, over 21

Author Bio:
Dreaming of stories was my passion growing up and after raising two beautiful children, owing my own Day Care for twenty years, and being a foster mom, I'm now living my dream. I write about people who are taking the exciting, breathtaking, and sometimes dangerous journey to find true love or at least stumble upon true love in the process of running for their lives. I love action movies and romance so why no combine the two things I love into tales, that I hope, make reader's heart beat faster and take them away from their day to day drudgery. I live in Atlanta Georgia with my husband and huge family.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
The story of Alex and David rattled around in my brain for quite a long time. I sat down after having my son and wrote madly for a month or two, then put it away because life just kept intruding. After years and years of life doing it's thing and my two children were all grown up, I got back to what was my dream and wrote On The Run. I'm glad I gave a voice to Alex and David after all this time.

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Mr. Dark: An Alpha Billionaire Romance by Lauren Landish

businessman standing on dark background
“The confident feel of his kiss was different than any
other first kiss I’d ever had.”


Medical student Sophie White is working two jobs to pay for her college tuition. But when she meets the handsome, dark and mysterious Mark, she is thrust into a world that she never knew existed.


A man of confidence, Mark exudes a quiet power and seductiveness, but who he is and how he acquired his wealth remains a mystery. When he meets the lovely Sophie White, he is smitten, and despite every fiber in his body telling him not to, he brings her into his dark world.

Targeted Audience: Over 21

Author Bio:
Lauren Landish is a young, best-selling author of Romance. Writing has always been her first love and she is happy to write for women who are thirsty for a little heat in the bedroom!

Lauren lives in the sunny land of California with her boyfriend and her pet mini schnauzer.

Visit Lauren’s Website at:

All new releases, updates, and current giveaways will be there. You can also join her mailing list, ARC Team, or just contact her via the website above!

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?

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Tess – Valkyrie Awakening by Andres Mann

This book combines two previously published novels: Tess Awakening and Tess Valkyrie. Since the second novel is a sequel, the combination provides the full story of Tess’s confrontations with the evil Amir.
A fast paced action novel set during the second Gulf War in Iraqi, three remarkable people are caught in a web of obsession and deceit. Tess is a military helicopter pilot; beautiful, aggressive and relentless. She gradually awakens as real woman due to the love of two men. Jake is a brilliant CIA operative that saves her from committing a mistake that could affect her career. Amir is a wealthy, sophisticated but dissolute Iraqi general who initially captures Tess during a battle and becomes obsessed with her. Tess must fulfill a promise that involves taking something from Amir. Tess and Jake attempt to go after him in Istanbul, Paris and London. Amir persuades her to spend time with him in France and England in exchange for what she is seeking. Here she meets Fadime, his alluring and decadent sister. In the end, Amir deceives Tess. She returns to Iraq, flying dangerous missions and rescuing wounded soldiers. An unforeseen event changes everything.
Tess and Amir square off in an epic struggle to define their destinies. Aided by Jake, Tess’s friend and co-pilot Carmen and their colleagues, Tess must overcome Amir’s vicious attacks motivated by his continuing obsession with her. They repeatedly clash in a succession of encounters taking place in Baghdad, Amman, Istanbul, Sorrento and New York. Carmen finally meets her soul mate in Nicola, who helps her overcome the traumas of her youth and becomes a valuable member of their team. The two women respond to their challenges by drawing on their skills as fierce warriors, battling the evil Amir, who not only hurt Tess but plans to take over the Iraqi government. Their struggle leads to a series of violent and bloody battles in the air and on the ground. A heartbreaking loss at the end is redeemed by a final poignant resolution.

Targeted Audience: Adults

Author Bio:
Andres Mann was an Army Officer and a business executive.
He is a published author of three management books and various business articles.
His education includes degrees in Political Science and International Relations.
He is now working on a series of adventure books, starting with Tess Awakening and the current sequel Tess Valkyrie. Based on real contemporary events, the stories reflect the challenges posed by international political developments in the Middle East and the issues that professional women experience in today’s world. True to life, his writings cover many aspects of people’s lives in today’s world, starting during the second Gulf War in Iraq and ending in the current era.
Action, intrigue, deceit, obsession, sensuality, the use of wealth to achieve one’s goals and the struggle between corruption and ethics are a constant theme.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
The book is about the journey of a strong woman who is a military pilot fighting the war in Iraq and the two men that help her become a true woman. The sensual scenes are integral to the story, but they are not the sole focus. The book covers the incongruities and consequences of the terrible misguided actions that led to the catastrophe and insurrection in Iraq.

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The Representative by Matt Minor

A terrorist attack on the Texas border, attributed to Mexican drug cartels, coincides with the federal government’s passage of a sweeping amnesty bill. This becomes fodder for the Texas Legislator, which pressures a weak governor to create a Select Joint Committee on Immigration Reform.

A handsome, charismatic former rocker and poet, John David (JD) Dothan unexpectedly wins his district when the long term Republican candidate goes down in disgrace. The night of the election the representative-elect hires a youthful, inexperienced, Tryphena Taylor as his Chief of Staff.

Quickly befriended by the Vice-Chair of the new Select Joint Committee, the freshman representative finds himself sitting on this prestigious yet controversial body with his “first love,” Senator Rachel Logan. Together, JD and Rachael become the public face of the committee’s contentious legislation.

Through a maze of liars, deceivers, egos, and the weight of his own romantic emotions, Dothan must navigate. But he is being pulled not only towards the ugly reality of power, but his own redemption as well.

Targeted Audience: 25-65

Author Bio:
Matt Minor presently serves as a Chief of Staff in the Texas House of Representatives. He has worked as a political campaign manager and is a well-regarded public speaker. Matt has authored official state publications, oversees syndicated editorials, is a speechwriter and district radio legislative commentator.

Prior to his life in state politics Matt was a professional musician and entertainer; his numerous recordings receiving wide critical praise. Matt practices numerous other arts including the craft of poetry; an interest that has brought academic recognition.

Matt Minor lives with his wife Stacy on their ranch property in Wharton County, Texas. He maintains an apartment in Austin.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
For a long time I wanted to write an artist dropped into an anti-artistic environment. I began with a notion, or epigram: If the nature of art is a search for truth, the nature of politics is the concealment of it. I’m also interested in star-crossed love. Dump these things into the Cauldron and you get a poet in the legislature and his first love happens to be there as well.

I started tinkering with the Representative in February of 2011. I put the manuscript on hold till I had a tour of the Texas legislature. I picked it up again after the 83rd session and it took about seven months to complete.

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Razor Trilogy by Nadine Doolittle

Classical violinist Charlotte Dawson needs money. Billionaire Daniel Razor needs a companion for his agoraphobic brother. Razor makes her an offer: Charlotte will be paid one hundred thousand dollars in exchange for one year of service to the handsome, talented, but deeply troubled Joel Razor. The job is too good to be true but Charlotte accepts. Then Daniel Razor comes to her with a request that redefines the role of companion and Charlotte discovers the lengths she will go to realize her ambition.

SET IN fog-shrouded San Francisco, Razor Trilogy is noir suspense in the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock. Originally published on Amazon in three novellas (Razor Wire, Razor Blade, and Razor Edge) Razor Trilogy wraps up the mystery but the series will continue in January 2016. At the time of this writing, it was still possible to throw a body off the Golden Gate Bridge.

Targeted Audience: women 21-60

Author Bio:
Nadine Doolittle has been writing for twenty years, authoring ten novels and three novellas under various pen names. Her debut mystery, “Iced Under” shortlisted for Canada’s Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel in 2009 (crime fiction). “Razor Trilogy” is her first Romantic Suspense.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I wanted to write a billionaire romance for all the wrong reasons. But then Daniel Razor became more and more complex and Charlotte’s fierce determination to be a concert violinist drove the plot to places I didn’t expect. They are naturally suspicious of each other at the same time they are deeply drawn to each other. I enjoy exploring the theme of dependence and mistrust in the sequels.

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Seven for a Secret by Rumer Haven

Book Description
It’s the year 2000, and twenty-four-year-old Kate moves into a new apartment to find a new state of independence in a new millennium. Almost immediately, she starts crushing on a hot guy who lives in her building. Deciding to take a break from her boyfriend Dexter, Kate believes the only thing now separating her from the fresh object of her sexual fantasies is the thin wall between their neighboring apartments.

A former 1920s hotel, Camden Court has housed many lonely lives over the decades—and is where a number of them have come to die. They’re not all resting in peace, however, including ninety-year-old Olive, who dropped dead in Kate’s apartment and continues to make her presence known.

For Olive has a secret she’s dying to tell. One linking her to the sex, scandal, and sacrifice of a young dreamer named Lon. As the past haunts the present, Kate’s romantic notion that the thrill-of-the-chase beats the reality-after-the-catch unexpectedly entwines her modern-day love life with Lon’s Jazz Age tragedy.

With a little supernatural and a lotta’ razzle-dazzle, Seven for a Secret is where historical fiction meets contemporary rom-com—from the Roaring Twenties when the “New Woman” was born, to the modern Noughties when she really came of age.

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The All Encompassing by May Ellis Daniels

Book Description
Two words. Biker dirtbag. Or how about: not interested?
Well…maybe a little. Okay, a lot.
But a rookie cop and an outlaw biker Prez? We all know what that is.
Way more trouble than it’s worth.
Only there’s more to the Prez than meets the eye.
And let me tell you, what meets the eye is plenty fine.
Even when the fangs and claws come out. Or especially when they come out.
Maybe there’s more to me as well. Something I’ve kept hidden. Locked away.
A secret desire. A hunger.
Maybe the Predator outlaw understands what I need.
What my animal needs when she rages against the cage I’ve built for her…

The cop girl doesn’t have a clue. Zero. She’s living blind.
A weak, worthless Skin. A human.
But her scent? An alpine meadow at sunrise?
Calling my animal. Making him pace and snarl.
He’s stalking her now. Hunting her down.
And once he’s on the scent of prey he never let’s go.
Trouble is, he senses a threat lurking in the night forest. Something’s stalking him.
This is the end of an age. The natural order upturned.
The hunter hunted.
Lily. My bloodmate. My destruction.
Mother Nature’s not all kisses and cuddles. She’s ruthless. Hard. Cruel.
Species rise and fall. Survival is all that matters.
And my wolf? He’s howling. Summoning his pack.
The cop girl has to die…


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Evaporate by Carrigan Fox

Custom-Book-Cover-Carrigan-Evaporate-Official-EbookIt’s been two years since Eva Sokolov came home to join the local police force in hopes of putting to rest the unsolved mystery of her parents’ brutal murder. But after all these years, the case is beyond cold. Things heat up when she responds to a swatting call at the high school and encounters the charmingly goofy math teacher, Nate Gardner. While the chemistry is undeniable, Eva is–by reputation–a cold and hardened woman with a talent for failed relationships. Secretly, she dons silk lingerie and loses herself in romance books. But her secrecy isn’t limited to the undergarments she hides beneath her masculine uniform and bulletproof vest. She also is able to teleport, a skill she considers more of a risk than an asset. And given that her parents’ killer has returned and is intent on trying to expose her and finish her off once and for all, she may be right.

Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
Carrigan Fox began developing her passion for writing during her gruesome middle school years, where the prospect of escaping into a world of her own making was infinitely more satisfying than that of the petty pre-teen dramas that baffled her. When she was nineteen, someone had the audacity to suggest that she consider writing romance.
Instead, her writing took a backseat to her budding teaching career, where she has spent fifteen years struggling to comprehend how someone couldn’t love Dickens, Twain, and Wilde. But with the rise of the self-publishing industry, she realized she now had no excuse to avoid pursuing her dream.
She continues to balance her teaching and writing careers while also keeping busy with her family. Her next goal is to try her hand at gardening, but past experience has taught her that her husband’s thumb is greener than hers. She has also been toying with landscape design, and she finds that she does well with the concrete blocks. She can’t kill them, which works well for the blocks.
And nineteen years after she snorted at the preposterous suggestion of writing romance, she decided to do exactly that! Fortunately for all involved, the survival of her protagonists is dependent only on her imagination rather than her ability to avoid over-watering them.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
After wrapping up the second historical romance of a trilogy, I needed a break from the research. So I decided to dig in with another paranormal. I felt like teleportation was something that hadn’t been done to death. And the directions I could take the story were limitless. From there, Detective Sokolov evolved and the other characters formed around her.

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Welcome to the Jungle. by Lauren Short

image1Wealthy heiress Rose O’dell is kidnapped and held for ransom, and it’s her ex lover Nick Thane who rides to her rescue. But Rose is far from a wilting damsel and Nick has his hands fall convincing her to trust him, even when they are running for their lives.

Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
Lauren Short is 25 and has been interested in romance novels since she was 16. Welcome to the Jungle was her first and is close to her heart.
She lives in Australia with her husband and two rambunctious kittens.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I was tired of reading romances where the woman is fragile and wilting. Rose isn’t like that, she is cunning and resourceful. And I wanted to place a ‘baddy’ that she helps to defeat, rather than just sitting back and waiting to be rescued.

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