Red Bride’s Noose by Alexandra Swistak

cover2Being a girl in a Sikh family can be a real killer.

Camille Hayer should be preparing for a job interview—not ordered to pack her bags for a
cousin’s wedding in rural Orissa. India is the last place on earth she would go to willingly; it’s where her sister disappeared thirteen years ago.

On arrival, Camille’s bag is brutally snatched and her family is more concerned about catching a train. No ticket, no passport, and adapting to third world conditions is the least of her worries when a body is found in the sugar cane stalks.

Without forensic specialists, Inspector Chandra Bhan accepts the monumental task of finding a calculating killer. In the midst of a poisonous agenda, Camille breaks the ban of silence about Samara and a gruesome truth leads her to question everything she knew about her family.

Against this backdrop, Chandra grapples for a motive, but this is a crazy marriage obsessed society and the murder of a stranger is hardly a worthy curiosity. While she treads carefully through ancient rituals, scorching daylight blurs into the night and nothing is as it seems. A second body is discovered, sinister lies unfold and Camille’s father becomes prime suspect.

Then Camille makes a connection, but is she too late to escape the red bride’s noose?

Targeted Audience: Over 18

Author Bio:
Alexandra Swistak has traveled the world in her study of languages, culture and architecture.

She has degrees in education and art history, specializing in Early Renaissance paintings. A dream job move to Asia triggered a career change by the time she returned to Canada. She brings art, travel and an interest in the supernatural to her writing.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I have not found many books about women from other cultures who manage to turn oppression and violence into opportunity. So I chose to write about a very closed culture and explore a different kind of outcome for Camille.

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On the Inside by James Kipling

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Targeted Audience: 22

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