Death and Beauty by Samantha MacLeod

Baldr the Beautiful is dead.

Desperate to get back to his privileged role as Óðinn’s favorite son, Baldr strikes a bargain with Hel, the terrifying half living and half skeletal queen of the realm of the dead. He offers her the only thing he’s got: knowledge from the living world. Hel gives him three days. If he can teach her something new, she will return him to the realms of the living.

But the icy Hel seems completely impervious to Baldr’s charms. What’s worse, she already knows everything. By the end of the third day, Baldr realizes he’s only got one chance left to impress her.

Returning to his former life depends on Baldr the Beautiful seducing the most formidable woman in the Nine Realms.

Targeted Audience: Over 18!

Author Bio:
Born and raised in Colorado, Samantha MacLeod has lived in every time zone in the US, and London. She has a bachelor’s degree from Colby College and an M.A. from the University of Chicago; yes, the U. of C. really is where fun comes to die.

Samantha lives with her husband and two small children in the woods of southern Maine. When she’s not shoveling snow or writing steamy sex scenes, Samantha can be found teaching college composition and philosophy to undergraduates who have no idea she leads a double life as an erotica author.

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Caught By the Dragon: Maiden to the Dragon #1 (Alpha Dragon Shifter Romance) by Mac Flynn

Life comes knocking on Miriam Cait’s door as she’s whisked away from her normal normal and into a land of fantasy and wonder. The downside is she’s mated to a handsome dragon lord, a ruler of one of the five realms. Most people wouldn’t see that as a downside, but Miriam has her own mind and she aims to keep it that way.

Whether it’s fighting her scaly spouse or dodging everything from werewolves to fairies, she won’t back down in the face of danger. She’ll survive this new world with its strange customs, and along the way she’ll find love in the most obvious of places.

Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
A seductress of sensual words and a lover of paranormal plots, Mac enjoys writing thrilling paranormal stories filled with naughty fun and hilarious hijinks. She is the author of numerous paranormal series that weave suspense, adventure and a good joke into a one-of-a-kind experience that readers are guaranteed to enjoy. From long adventure novels to tasty little short-story treats, there's a size and adventure for everyone.

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Incongruous: Prologue by Aloman Nicolae

There are not many things to say about “Incongruous” except that I needed a post-apocalyptic story without zombies, virus-free and nuclear-free winters. I got an idea and I started writing. The story partially satisfies what I wanted, but it’s more than that.

Targeted Audience: adult

Author Bio:
Aloman Victor Nicolae – sci fi addict. Science Fiction was a part of me since forever and as I was watching more and more movies of this kind and reading more and more S.F. books, the more I was finding this area fascinating. After I finished high school, I went to study in Cluj-Napoca, the city where I live now.

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MIND: The Beginning by Jenn Nixon

#SciFiRomance After Dina Ranger loses telepathic contact with her twin brother, Duncan, she breaks into his apartment and stumbles onto a special government unit responsible for monitoring the psychic population. She’s offered a job where she can use her psionic gifts to help people.

Stranded on earth over a hundred years ago, Liam of Shria is searching for a metal needed to repair his ship when he finds Dina inside an alien escape pod and narrowly saves her after she trips the alarm.

As the mystery and their relationship deepens, Liam helps Dina learn the truth behind her abilities while uncovering a plot to rebuild an ancient weapon, exposing dangerous secrets about the alien presence on earth that may change the future forever.

Targeted Audience: 21

Author Bio:
Jenn's love of writing started the year she received her first diary and Nancy Drew novel. Throughout her teenage years, she kept a diary of her personal thoughts and feelings but graduated from Nancy Drew to other mystery suspense novels.

She often adds a thriller and suspense element to anything she writes be it Romance, Science Fiction, or Fantasy. When not writing, she spends her time reading, observing pop culture, playing with her two dogs, and working on various charitable projects in her home state of New Jersey.

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Queenie’s Teapot by Carolyn Steele

A post-Brexit, post-Trump romp through the world of what-if…
In a world where democracy has been declared no longer fit for purpose, a cohort of randomly selected British Republic citizens receive their call to serve in parliament. As the strangers gather to learn their tasks for the next three years, the Cabinet Support Team try to fit jobs to skills—but Queenie can’t do nuffin’. Naturally she becomes head of state. Together the new government muddles through, tackling unrest on the streets and a spot of global bioterrorism in addition to their own journeys of self-discovery.

Targeted Audience: 21 – 80

Author Bio:
Carolyn has been a psychologist, a paramedic, a proof reader, a patisseur and several other things, not all of them beginning with P. A trucker, for example. She began writing the day she decided to try and see the world…doing both just to find out if she could. When excerpts from her first travelogue were published by the Rough Guides she decided to keep on doing both. It made a change from teaching CPR to nightclub bouncers and designing wedding cakes.
Carolyn maintains that she is either multi-faceted or easily bored, depending on who is enquiring.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Queenie's Teapot is a combination of two ideas, one that's been rattling
around in my head for years and one that occurred to me in the queue to
check out of a grocery store. I've long maintained, mostly late at night
after too much to drink, that politics is self defeating in that the people
who want to run things are the last ones you should trust to do it. 'Make it
like jury service' I'd announce. 'Pick people at random, they couldn't do
any worse.' Then I watched a lovely older lady at the checkout one day,
chatting and joking with all her customers and I wondered what would happen
to her when the machines finally took over completely. So, the story is a
'what-if?' about a world where democracy has been dumped for random
selection, and our protagonist is, of course, a lovely old checkout chick
who was made redundant by a machine.

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Reluctant Concubine by Dana Marton

To escape punishment, Tera, a maiden healer sold to barbarians must hide the truth: she has not yet come into her healing powers. Born into a much gentler world, she struggles to survive in a land of savage warlords and their cruel concubines. When ancient prophecies begin to come to pass, can the healer-slave save the realm and awaken the High Lord’s heart?

Targeted Audience: 21-61

Author Bio:
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Dana Marton has thrilled and entertained millions of readers around the globe with her fast-paced stories about strong women and honorable men who fight side by side for justice and survival.

Kirkus Reviews calls her writing "compelling and honest." RT Book Review Magazine said, "Marton knows what makes a hero…her characters are sure to become reader favorites." Her writing has been acclaimed by critics, called, "gripping," "intense and chilling," "full of action," "a thrilling adventure," and wholeheartedly recommended to readers. Dana is the winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence, the Readers' Choice Award, and Best Intrigue, among other awards. Her book, TALL, DARK, AND LETHAL was nominated for the prestigious Rita Award. DEATHSCAPE reached the #1 spot on Amazon's Romantic Suspense Bestseller list.

Dana has a Master's degree in Writing Popular Fiction, and is continuously studying the art and craft of writing, attending several workshops, seminars and conferences each year. Her number one goal is to bring the best books she possibly can to her readers.

Keeping in touch with readers is Dana's favorite part of being an author. Please connect with her via her web site ( or her Facebook page (

Having lived around the world, Dana currently creates her compelling stories in a small and lovely little town in Pennsylvania. The fictional town of her bestselling Broslin Creek series is based on her real life home where she fights her addictions to reading, garage sales, coffee and chocolate. If you know a good twelve-step program to help her with any of that, she'd be interested in hearing about it! 🙂

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The Mountain King by Emma Alisyn

Renege on a deal with a Dragon Lord, become part of his hoarde.

It wasn’t easy raising three girls with Fae blood in the Outlands. If Kailigh wasn’t busy chasing them out of the local taverns, she was busy teaching them to hunt, shoot and kill- to fight against flesh traffickers from the Cities, prowling town for girls to send to rich patrons.

With Kailigh’s daughter dying from a gunshot wound, she has no choice but to petition for the help of the Dragon Lord Maddugh, King of Coal and Mountain.

Only he’s no fool- he knows right away Kai isn’t quite human. He’s not about to let her slip through his fingers. So she’ll have to strike a bargain. He’ll save her daughter’s life, and help her hunt the man responsible, but he has a price.

A price he demands Kailigh pay in flesh.

Targeted Audience: Science Fiction Romance, Paranormal Romance

Author Bio:
Emma Alisyn writes paranormal romance because being a SAHM isn't like how it is on television. Her lions, tigers, and bears will most interest readers who like their alphas strong, protective and smokin' hot; their heroines feisty, brainy and bootilicious; and their stories with lots of chemistry, tension and plenty of tender moments.

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The Vixen’s Bark by Laura Greenwood

Arabella Reed takes her position on the Shifter Council seriously, using it so that she can make a difference in the world. There’s just one problem; mated shifters can’t hold a Council Seat, and if bear-shifter, Bjorn, gets his way, then that’s exactly what Ari would be…

Bjorn is willing to do anything for Ari, including giving up his Council seat. But the closer he gets to winning her, the more seems to be standing in his way…

Targeted Audience: Adult

Author Bio:
I like to write whichever weird and wonderful tale comes into my head, which makes identifying the genre difficult even for me! My first series, Alventia, are novellas centred around Keira, aka Sleeping Beauty, and her Prince Philip, along with their allies Hansel and Gretel. It's a tale that very much told itself as I started to write it!

While I'm not writing, I work in Catering and am also an Assistant Brownie Guide Leader in the Midlands (UK). I like to bake and I love to read, and like with my writing, I read an eclectic mix of genres, and love every minute of it!

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Bjorn and Ari were minor characters in the previous book, The Dryad's Pawprint, and as soon as I wrote them, I knew that there was more to their story. Once I'd finished Dryad, the two of them just wouldn't leave me, and so I ended up sitting down and writing their story!

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TALON – The Kingdom Of Spelldome by A.J.Powell-Owens

When the King and Queen of the “Kingdom of Spelldome” were blessed with the birth of their two sons’ they thought that all their dreams had come true, but the events that followed the birth of one of the twins began to ring alarm bells. He was unnatural and cruel towards his fellow man and anything that he viewed as beneath him. The King and father of this abomination was forced to take drastic measures that unbeknown to him, would have wide and long reaching effects on his family in the future. His decision would bring fourth times of War and Death to a once peaceful Realm.

“The Kingdoms people would suffer greatly.”

At the hands of a devious and unkind creature, a being that would make allies with the very nightmares of hell and beyond an unnatural foe that simply hated the humanity within the world he was born into. He would be assisted in this mission by many allies, but one of them would have the greatest impact on his thought’s and actions. Khan was walking hell spawn that would act as advisor to the youngster and bend him to his own will. Coupled with this new knowledge Malic would awaken an ancient and horrific nightmare that even he would find hard to control; Once it was out of the box. The princess of the kingdom soon discovers the cruel reality and price that her people would pay for the Kings father’s actions. Her generation and that of the previous Kings son would need to take up arms and defeat this new and malevolent evil that would threaten to take away everything they stood for. But was Malic really as evil as they thought or did he actually have a point to prove or was it love that drove him? She would soon discover the truth and many other secrets from her own past…

Targeted Audience: FANTASY OR HORROR

Author Bio:
I was born in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire and relocated to Cambridge in 2001 to be married to my Wife.
Louisa, We have a 11 year old daughter. Also we have a pet cat "Bonny".

I have worked in the I.T industry for many years as a Senior Manager, Director, Project Manager, General Trouble Shooter, Property Development – Still love Information Technology and all its varied callings, I have a small collection of robots R2D2, Wee Robotic's etc.

I used them to introduce youngsters to Technology in schools, also they are great fun. I still have a great love for technology. I am currently seeking a new full-time post in addition to the writing, but who knows what life's journey has in store.

My last post was as I.T Manager for a Cambridge College 11yrs, Before this i worked for Camelot, DWP, NHS, MoD and a number of other high profile posts. But I always have had a passion for Fantasy, Sci-fi, Gaming, Art, Writing, Cars etc..

It was as a direct result of a video game i produced in 1985 for Artic computing that this Novel came about. AMSTRAD 464

As the story is a direct evolution of the old game. I still love video games to this day, but if this goes well will produce the other stories that the game had as a result if its development.
It was a very large universe of new characters and places.

I will say one last thing – I hope you enjoy it

But this is my first outing as an Author and its been an interesting journey.
"Talon – The Kingdom Of Spelldome"

I would advise anyone who has a story to tell to use KDP – its been an amazing experience.
I hope you enjoy the story. After all its about the telling…

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I had an idea for a video game in the 1980s that was published , but wanted to take the story further, i was made redundant, but this was nt the reason it was that i wanted to share the story with others and this gave me the time to finish it. It was written for the fun and love of doing so. Many friends and other shave said it would make a brilliant film, being honest i am glad that people have enjoyed it and it is out in the world.

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Seduced By a Tiger by Samantha Ashley

Do you have a dream?
Ever since the night Melissa got mugged and then saved by an astonishing white tiger with crystallizing blue eyes, she could dream only about him.

Feeling dirty and trying to suppress her forbidden, lustful desires, she’s shocked and relieved when it turns out, he’s a shifter.

Will her deepest, wildest dreams ever get fulfilled?

Seduced By a Tiger is extremely hot erotic fantasy stand-alone that will be enjoyed by Maggie Stiefvater and Kresley Cole’s fans alike.

Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
Samantha Ashley is a naughty girl, always ready for a new adventure. She loves to experiment with new things and to meet new people. She also firmly believes sex is something nobody should be ashamed of.

Samantha considers herself a bisexual person and therefore enjoys writing W/M and W/W stories!

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