Goddess by R.J. Castille

Leila King thought she had control over her world as her alter-persona, Goddess. Since her reality is such a mess: her anxiety nearly controlled her; her Mother constantly meddling in her personal affairs; the typical hellish life in the big city; and of course, having to deal with her arrogant boss, Gordon Roth, Esq. Leila uses Goddess as a means to escape, and to be in complete control.

Goddess rules her world with a stern hand. A formidable Dominatrix, sought after by many, revered by her subjects, her need to hold the power is ultimately fulfilled. Although she could have her choice of submissives, her affections are dedicated to her Pet, Matthew. He is attentive and kind and, of course, the display of perfect servitude.

Leila was introduced into the world of BDSM by her mentor and teacher, Master Jason Slater. Originally intrigued by the potential he saw in her, Master Jason implored her to explore their world with him and decide later if she wanted to partake in its dark delights. Leila soon found herself involved in a group of people many view as deviant or flawed in some way but, as she discovered, were actually like everyone else.

Her two worlds collide one night at the Red Velvet Room, a BDSM club concocted by Master Jason. At the grand opening, she was delighted until she saw Gordon Roth standing in her secret realm. When he approached her later to ask for her attentions, Goddess is faced with the choice to carry out his request and dominate him as her slave, or deny him. She soon decides to fulfill his desire and see how long she can exact her revenge on him for his years of asinine behavior.

Goddess must juggle Matthew and Gordon as she is not willing to give up either, but eventually finds her heart pulling toward the unthinkable.

Leila (AKA Goddess) encounters a number of obstacles along her journey but somehow she manages to make it through with a new focus of her world.…

Targeted Audience: 18 – 100

Author Bio:
R.J. Castille was born in 1976 and lives in Southern California. She has been writing short stories and poetry since grade school and never ceased to feed her desire to write. Encouraged by her Mother, R.J. Castille set out to complete her first published, full-length, Erotic Romance novel, Goddess. Her tenacious nature drover her forward as her first manuscript came to fruition. Her goal is to provide true to life entertainment.

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Ungranted Wishes: An Erotic Paranormal BBW Comedy Romance by Grace Risata

It would be putting it mildly to say that full-figured Cleo Welch was in a funk. Dead end job? Check. Bank account? Running low. Sex life? Non-existent.

Her luck took a turn for the better when she stumbled upon a magic brass pot at a rummage sale. After getting drunk and rubbing things the right way, Cleo found herself in possession of one extremely attractive genie who was very grateful to be released.

What’s a girl to do when a four thousand year old genie is far more interested in satisfying her every desire, rather than granting any of her wishes? Well…she does the genie. That’s a no-brainer!

WARNING: This full length novel contains quite a few explicit sex scenes (including ones involving candy that explodes, a dirty talking detective, and an ancient ritual performed with raspberries). Every scene is absolutely consensual between all parties involved. If you’re looking for a sick, twisted, dark tale – please go elsewhere, you will NOT find it here. All my stories come with a guarantee that you will crack a smile, find a happily-ever-after ending, and never have to deal with an annoying cliffhanger. There’s also no cheating, no billionaires, no bigfoot sightings, and plenty of character backstory (it’s not just a pornfest, I promise!)

Targeted Audience: OVER 21

Author Bio:
I would first and foremost like to thank everyone for taking the time to give my stories a chance. My goal is to take you out of your world, and all the stresses that go along with everyday life, and bring you into my world of romance and fantasy. I have a special weakness for hot alpha males and the feisty heroines who love them. Above all else, I hope you got a laugh out of my book. I aim to incorporate as much comedy into my romance as is humanly possible.
My professional biography is as follows (I’m not sure why it’s in the third person, evidently that’s the rule): Grace is happiest when reading, eating Portillos hot dogs, and patiently waiting for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I let my mind wander and this is the stuff that it comes up with!

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Cotton Candy and Tangerines by M.R. Chevalier

The great lover, Casanova, once remarked that he loved a multitude of women, not for the experience alone, but in a genuine effort to find the one woman who was truly worth loving.

Pierre White’s primary desire had always been to embark on a quest to find an intelligent, passionate woman to love and adore, a soul mate, a Guinevere. His very own Guinevere, even if it meant that Pierre would have to search the entire world for her.

Traveling across three continents in the performance of his job, Pierre encounters a sublime panoply of enticing women eager for his attentions. From the elegant restaurants of Soho to the glittering hotels lining the Rive Gauche, from quaint seafood grills in Panama to charming hideaways spanning from Seattle to Paris, Pierre is afforded the opportunity to meet, and court, a universe of intelligent, available and attractive women.

Pierre’s inherent shyness and self-deprecating humor render him attractive to women of every variety, even those already in committed relationships, who find themselves powerless to resist his charms. Yet it was never Pierre’s desire simply to toy with the many females he encountered in his travels; he burned only to find the life mate fortune intended for him.

Targeted Audience: Romance Readers over 21

Author Bio:
Aside from his literary dalliances in a multitude of genres including romance erotica, M.R. Chevalier is an entrepreneur, impresario, and adventurer.

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Desire for Touch by Adira August

Has it ever been like this for you? Hands and heat and need become the world? … Have you ever been loved like this?

Avienne Rivers hadn’t. The investigative reporter focused on work, family and friends. If she needed a man, well, that was easy enough. There were always willing men. For a night or a week.

Now, Avia was on her way to interview a sex-toy manufacturer. What was she supposed to write about? The benefits of a pink sparkle dildo?

But Benedict Hart turned out to be a charming, funny, accomplished man who made Avia warm in a cool mountain breeze with a dimpled smile, a direct gaze and an aura of passion for life. And, he made clear, for her.

But this Alpha female wasn’t about to turn into a compliant mass of quivering nerve-endings at the crook of an elegant finger. Still. That finger was attached to a strong, warm hand and a beautiful man. And there was definite quiverage going on in certain parts of her body.

Besides, you just flashed on him throwing you down here in broad daylight on his terrace. He seems like a good guy and he wants to give you great sex. It’s not Of Human Bondage, it’s just experimenting with something different. And it’ll provide depth to the story.

And then Ben touched her. And she was lost.


80k words. A frankly sexy Romance novel. Book 1/3, HFN, no cliffhanger. desire for Bliss, Book 2, available now. ON SALE FEB 23-24

Targeted Audience: adult women who want a grown-up version of FSOG

Author Bio:

I don't write smut, I write Romance. I write about people passionate for life, for work, for each other. And that makes the sex electric and intimate, classic erotica. Unashamed and unapologetic.

I've chased down bad guys, climbed mountains, searched for dinosaurs and had rather a large number of lovers, though I'm not giving a specific number.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
My whole foray into erotic Romance came about when I discovered that 97 out of every 100 women didn’t know what their own clitoris looks like. Most doctors don’t, either. True! Hardly any men do. It a beautiful thing that spreads its wings inside us and caresses our vaginas.

I got tired of books about things sensual or sexual being called “dirty” or “smut.” Some are, I guess, but I love my characters. I want women, and men, to love and embrace and find joy in sex.I want them to feel okay about the things they want, the fantasies they have. Lotsa fun sex! Hey, it’s great for your health!

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Confessions of a Caped Crusader by DF Lawrence

Confessions of a Caped Crusader (CCC) takes the superhero genre and reimagines it for the social media age. Filled with sex, violence, and droll sarcasm, CCC is an unflinching look at the man behind the mask. Confessions is the unfiltered journal of the flawed hero that has inspired some of today’s greatest pop culture icons.

In the aftermath of a massive prison break, the caped hero must battle a rogues’ gallery of his most dangerous foes. Complicating matters, he has been poisoned by an unseen enemy and only has days to find the antidote. A series of events has been set in motion that will force the masked avenger to confront his inner demons and come to terms with his own mortality.

Targeted Audience: Adult cosplayers, superhero fans, 18 to 65

Author Bio:
DF Lawrence is a writer and director. Recent film work includes, "The Flying Tigers – the 14th Air Force," "BRUTAL" a mix martial arts science fiction film and "East Meets West" a documentary featuring students from the world famous Laizhou Zhonghua Martial Arts School.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Fan of the superhero genre. Wanted to create something a little more adult and fun, than the current offerings.

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Hard Choices by Joan Farraneau

She was his first love. He was her plaything.

Ten years ago to the day, Sean Hartwood left Forton, Texas with a promise never to return. Now, despite his promise, he’s back, back to the one place he swore he’d never see again, back to the same tired streets where his heart was broken so long ago.

For ten years, Sam Atley has dreamed of picking up and leaving Forton. Married to an abusive alcoholic and stuck in a dead-end job at the local diner, she’s lost all hope of leading a happy life in this backwoods town where nothing ever seems to happen. That is, until one morning when a handsome, mysterious stranger appears in town. From the moment Sam sets eyes on him, she knows her entire world is about to change.

But can love flourish when secrets abound and the past comes crashing into the present? Sometimes, the answer isn’t so simple…

Hard Choices is a standalone 53,000-word novel complete with HEA.

Targeted Audience: 21 plus

Author Bio:
Joan Farraneau is a lover and liver of all things erotic. When she's not penning her next fantasy, she enjoys spending time with her rambunctious golden-doodle, eating copious amounts of grocery store sushi, and lying down for entirely too long and watching television designed to rot your brain. Her second full-length novel, Flash Photography, is in the works.

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A Thin Line Between Love and Lust: A Poly Love Story by C E Long

Prince was always good with women, just never in the way he wanted. All his life girls thought his friendship was too valuable to ever risk losing by having sex with him. Tired of being stuck in a never ending friend zone, he’s set on leaving the good guy reputation behind him and start getting laid for a change. After his potential is awoken by a stunning exotic dancer named Dominique, an unquenchable desire erupts that leaves both of them wanting more, but not just more of each other…

Is it possible to be in love with one and have anything more than lust for another? Can our sexual desires cloud our judgement so fiercely that living happily ever after with our one true soulmate becomes impossible?

Is there another way?

What happens when we open ourselves to the idea that love does not need a sole proprietor, that our hearts do not have to be bound by standards that tell us who and how to love? Can we ever find happiness in something so different and unknown?

Targeted Audience: Adult

Author Bio:
This is where I’m supposed to write about myself. I can write a whole book but this is hard. Go figure. I’m from California, currently living in Las Vegas… umm… my life is happily boring, which is why I write. I get to relive the good times… and make some up along the way. You can read an interview here if that helps: https://www.smashwords.com/interview/CELong. Outside of that, I simply hope you enjoy my writing. I’m open to feedback so shoot me an email if you have any questions or comments at SexLoveAndIceCream@gmail.com. And don’t forget to leave a review. This is my first novel so those reviews help.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I just had so many stories and experiences I wanted to put on paper for others to enjoy.

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Darian, The Havorian Chronicles Book Two by Aleena Stark

One soul-searing kiss changes everything.

Deadly warrior Darian Falcus leads his army with one unwavering purpose, save his dying people. But from the moment he lays eyes on vulnerable beauty, Abby Sweeny all he thinks about is making her his.

Alone, dying, and far from home, he knows he’ll never experience the joy of taking his destined mate. Even at death’s door, his thoughts wander to the one woman he can’t forget, and the enchanting promise hidden in her kiss.
Abby wants her uneventful, boring life back, but the only man who can help her— the same man haunting her dreams, disappears the moment she steps foot on his home planet. Will she ever erase the seductive solider and his soft lips from her memory. Or is she cursed to relive their torturous kiss every day for the rest of her life?

The world crumbling around them, Darian and Abby will succumb to desire, or die trying to fight the heat.

Targeted Audience: 18 and older

Author Bio:
Aleena Stark lives in Maryland where she spends her days cuddled up with a good book, or creating her own heartwarming, spicy romances. With a vivid imagination, and penchant for creating sizzling stories filled with strong, insufferable men and women who turn their worlds upside, she writes with passion eager to explore new projects. Her books combine heartfelt, endless love with scandalous, steamy eroticism that will leave you panting for more. She hopes you enjoyed this story and urges you to read all of her collection.

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Unmasked by Linda Penn

Tanya is a recently divorced woman used to having money, loses everything and has an urgent need to earn money in order to survive. Her previous work experience centred round pleasing her husband and organising his life in the frenetic world of the media. She realised that there was a market for the kinds of things she was good at and it was legal, just. Naughty yes. Sexually orientated, definitely. Tanya knew from personal experience that helping people to unmask was a good thing.

Tanya’s big idea would allow her to meet people like her who secretly didn’t fit into the world for some reason, using what she called Therapeutic Respite, providing personal assistance to clients, in whatever form they needed, provided it was legal. The instinct to survive, to cope with whatever life throws at us is strong, and when she was dumped by her minor celebrity husband, the arrogant, ex professional footballer Danny Armstrong, Tanya needed to dig deep into her reserves and fend for herself.

Old contacts from the world of media assist her with her ‘big idea’ – turn a spare room into a theme room and offer bespoke services. Paying clients unleash their real selves to ‘ Delith’. Delith earned the money for services rendered and Tanya managed the business. Therapeutic Respite offered a safe place where everyday masks were removed and they could be themselves.

Targeted Audience: adults

Author Bio:
Not your average author. I write in several genres but all my books concentrate as much on the characters as the story.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Everyone has problems and some can only be helped in a very special way. Unmasked tells the story of Therapeutic Respite and why Tanya decided she could make her bespoke sexual service work. Everyone needs to unmask sometimes.

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Stupid Crazy Love by Chyna Boo

An Erotic Novel fictional story that follows The Lives of Two Friends. Wes is in love with Sariah, but Sariah, sexual addiction is causing tension with everyone Will Wes ever be able to Look past Sariah’s Betrayal Will Sariah ever have her happy ending with Wes? Sex, Drama, Love and Betrayal

Targeted Audience: 21

Author Bio:
Enthralled by romantic fiction, Chyna a hopeless romantic loves a happy ending. It was her love for reading that turned her to writing. She loved how her fingers felt every time she strokes at the keyboard, she was determined to not let the fact that she was dyslexic stopped her.

She wrote her first book ‘Dear Little Nubian Queen’ and has since gone on to create more

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I started to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and this book was out of my comfort zone. I was inspired to be liberated

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