Camping Swap, Book 2 by Bart Tracer

Mike and his best friend Jake are having the best camping trip of their lives. True, they haven’t had much sleep, but when you’re having the hottest sex you can remember, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Who would ever have believed that their beautiful, innocent-looking, young girlfriends could be so uninhibited?

After the events of the past night, the two college studs are on cloud nine and really looking forward to the next few days, but when they lose a fishing bet, they quickly realize that Molly and Jessica have fantasies and desires quite different from their own.

Will the frolicsome foursome find a way to accommodate everyone’s needs, or will the guys find themselves struggling as they attempt to satisfy their girlfriend’s budding sexual appetites? And is it just Mike’s puerile imagination, or are the girls giving each other a lot of attention…?

Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
I’m just your average, run-of-the-mill family man with an overactive imagination and a secret passion for writing naughty stories. A lot of these tales deal with wives or girlfriends exploring taboo fantasies with the support of their "significant others". I write the kinds of stories that I enjoy reading and try to create a narrative that pulls the reader in and establishes a real interest in the characters as people, with plenty of steamy action to keep things lively.

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