Burn (Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Book 5) by Ophelia Sexton

After losing his mate in a tragic accident a decade ago, Texan sabertooth shifter Justin Long believed he’d lost his one shot at happiness. But when he glimpses a lovely bear shifter at his daughter’s wedding, he can’t believe his eyes. Could this be a second chance at love?

Elle Swanson is beautiful, strong, mature, and sexy—everything he craves in a mate. He knows she’s wary of sabertooth shifters, but vows to court her and claim her.

But just when he thinks he’s won her heart, his past—and vicious sabertooth politics—catch up with him. Suddenly, Justin finds himself fighting not only for his life, but for the future of his kind. Can Justin defeat the sabertooth threat or will his and Elle’s happily-ever-after come to a swift and violent end?

Targeted Audience: Women 24 – 50

Author Bio:
Ophelia Sexton has previously published historical romance under a different name, but has always loved reading about were-creatures, vampires, and other supernatural beings. She lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Sample from Book:

Justin's gaze sharpened. "And how about you? Will you will really be able to accept my daughter as part of your family?"

"Of course!" Elle answered indignantly. Have I given him any reason to think otherwise?
Apparently she had, because he continued, "Even though you really dislike sabertooth shifters?"

"That's not t—" she began to deny.

Justin silenced her by leaning forward and putting his finger against her lips.
"Look, Elle, you hide it well, and as for your family—well, y'all have been polite all around. But we're both shifters, and we know it's difficult to hide your real feelings."

Justin paused and leaned forward even further, coming close enough that his warm breath brushed Elle's skin, raising a pleasant shiver.

He continued, "Just like you know I'm attracted to you, and I know you're attracted to me. But you don't like my kind."

"I—" Elle closed her eyes, momentarily dizzied by his admission that he was attracted to her.

Why did the man have to embody sex on two legs? It was hard to think rationally when he was so close to her, gazing into her eyes and filling her senses with his touch and scent.

"I don't have anything against you personally," she managed. "We just had a really bad experience with some other sabertooth shifters."

"So, does that mean you like me? Is there any chance we could be friends?" His gaze burned into her, and she felt unable to look away. "Or…more than just friends?"

Do I like him?

It was hard to tell, amid the haze of hormones that clouded her thinking whenever they were together in the same room.

He sure seemed to enjoy his ability to throw her off-balance without any effort.

And she still wasn't certain if he was genuinely interested in her or was just using the spark of attraction between them to discomfit her sons, particularly Mark.

Elle was a woman used to being in control, both of her own emotions and of the situation around her. Being around Justin made her feel like she was losing that control.

It was both exciting and deeply unsettling.

Justin Long might be a sabertooth shifter, but he was intelligent, funny, and chivalrous. He cared deeply about his daughter. And he had just saved her grandson from drowning.

"Yes, I like you," she admitted, and felt her heart begin to pound. "More than I really should, I think."

"Good." Justin smiled, a slow, sensual smile filled with promises.

His next words stole her breath away and made her feel dizzy and sixteen again.

"So, it's okay if I kiss you now? Because I really want to kiss you, Elle. It's all I've been thinking about since we danced together."

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