Boss Lady’s Demands by Tawney V. Steele

Erin works for the powerful Cammilla Strong, a demanding and powerful CEO. She has learned to keep a safe distance. All that changed when she went to Paris with her boss…

Targeted Audience: Over 21, LGBT – B-Sexual

Author Bio:
New to writing erotica. I have been many incarnations in my lifetime. I was a chiropractor in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Then too many careers to mention.
My first introduction to erotica was The Story of O. I still find it a classic.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
My own experience with Bi-Sexuality

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Sample from Book:

I make sure my alarm gets me up on time so I am dressed and ready to go when I have to wake Camilla up at 7:00. I did not even hear her come in last night.
I knock lightly on her door, but she did not respond. I knock a little louder and still no response.
Oh shit! I was hoping she would wake up when I knocked. I do NOT feel comfortable going in there when she is asleep. But…she is the boss.
I open the door to her room and quietly walk in. I go over to her and tap her lightly on the shoulder. Camilla stirs, rolls over and looks at me. She reaches out and grabs my arm and pulls me on the bed with her. I gasp and try to stand back up, feeling completely confused.

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