Bitten by the Alpha by KF Jones

Bitten by the Alpha follows William, a twenty-year-old biology student, who is bitten by a wolf whilst out sketching woodland flora for his degree course. This comes as something of a surprise as to his knowledge, wolves have long been extinct throughout the British Isles. He returns to the area weeks later, having become a laughing stock at his University, determined to find proof that the wolf is real.

He meets Brian, a handsome country gentleman who is the first person to treat his story with any seriousness. As the weather turns, William visits Brian’s home in search of shelter and is introduced to a whole new world he had never imagined existed.

Bitten by the Alpha is a first time M/m erotic romance novella with some elements of mild BDSM. This is the first book in the Consort of the Werewolf King series.

Targeted Audience: 30

Author Bio:
I was born in the late 70's and will hit the age at which life begins in 2017. Since my truncated time at university studying courses that I was deeply unsuited for in a city that did not appeal, I have been writing erotica. It is long since time that I published some of my efforts and the process has become substantially easier over the years so there's no better time to start than now. My first novella kicks off an erotic romance series about British werewolves.

Bitten by the Alpha is my first novella and the sequel, Claimed by the Alpha will be out soon. They will be the first two books in the Consort of the Werewolf King series. I am also working on another series in the same universe which will focus on different characters.

Whilst my current focus is on my M/m erotic romance series, Consort of the Werewolf King, I'm also worldbuilding a steampunk Victoriana setting. I'm planning two series set in this world, the first a series of steamy romps following the exploits of an earthy adventuress, thief-taker and detective called Dawn. The second will be full-length novels mixing espionage, steam engineering, adventure and a heroine the equal of Dawn in both bravery and passion.

You can find out about any upcoming books at my website. I do hope you enjoy the books and I promise to keep them coming as fast as I can.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I enjoy erotica and romance and wanted to write something that was set in the U.K. (my home country). I love to build worlds and settings so I've come up with a version of werewolves that I like and allows me to put them in all sorts of enjoyable situations.

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Sample from Book:

He handed me a large creamy looking cocktail and I tasted it cautiously. “It’s delicious, I can tell you’ve given someone of these before. What is it?”

He was already smirking but he managed to say it straight “A Screaming Orgasm. You looked like you could do with one,” he grinned. I was pretty sure he’d had that joke lined up for years but fuck it, it was a great drink and it’s not like I’d asked him for one. That thought started the blush and I realised it rose from my chest all over my face.

Picking up his own drink he walked over to a large sofa and sat down gesturing for me to sit down next to him. I followed and sat on the next cushion, closer than I needed to but it felt right for some reason.

“What’s that then?” I asked, pointing at his drink “A Full Moon? Perhaps a Silver Bullet? Or is it something suggestive too like a Sex on the Beach,” I ended somewhat lamely, realising I didn’t know many cocktails by name. Sue me, it’s not as if I had the money to go to bars that made them.

“Afraid not, it’s a gin and tonic. Not interesting but highly drinkable,” he said with a somewhat smug self-satisfaction.

“Oh right, so you just wanted to give me a Screaming Orgasm, you didn’t want one yourself?” I said before I could stop myself talking. Mouth is open, William, should be shut, I thought.

“Honestly, William, of course, I want a Screaming Orgasm, they’re terribly fun. But until I can teach you how to deliver one to me properly, I suppose I’ll have to stick with the G&T," he said playfully.

“If I stay for the summer, is that something you'll teach me then?” I asked, emboldened by the cocktail I’d just finished draining. I wasn’t going to be beaten in an innuendo competition.

“Well you've already agreed to stay for the summer so I suppose that's settled. I'm sure I can find time to teach you that if you'd like me too. That and so much more that could greatly enhance your skills in a lot of areas. Screaming Orgasms included, of course, as well as many more fascinating lessons, " he said innocently "After all, you won't have to be spending time wandering the area trying to find a wolf, will you?" he concluded with a wink.

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