Bits of Me by Meghan Scott

Set against a backdrop of Kentucky horse farms, Bits of Me, a romance with a lot of heat and a bit of humor, follows the story of Melanie Wainright, a big city advertising exec who returns to her horse farm roots to become the marketing manager for Kentucky’s premier equestrian magazine. Jaded by bad relationships, she has no room for men in her life – nothing serious anyway. Until she meets Jake.
Jake Hamilton, leading Kentucky trainer and one-time U.S. Equestrian Team hopeful, has secrets of his own and has sworn off committed relationships, preferring understood “arrangements” with certain socialites. Until he meets Melanie.
Their accidental meeting sets off a chain of events that can either destroy them or heal them. Will they take a chance on love?

Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
Meghan Scott grew up showing horses all over the country. After graduating with a degree in Literature and receiving the Distinguished Scholar award from the English department, she pursued a career in law in the big city. Done with city life, she escaped back to her home state of Kentucky where she met her husband and raised a family on their farm. She’s been writing all her life but never had the courage to publish until pushed by good friends. When not writing, she can usually be found in a barn!

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Oh Heavens. That makes me blush! That’s all I need to say!

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Sample from Book:

Maybe coming to this party was going to be lucrative after all. Amy excused herself to the bathroom leaving me to attend to more wine. Not seeing a waiter, I made my way to the bar, making small talk with a few people standing in line. I turned to put my empty glass down and that’s when I saw him.
Or felt, rather than saw – because I swear the heat from his eyes burned right through me. Prickles of desire spread through my body as if he had touched me from across the room. He was the hottest guy I’d ever seen; the kind that graces the covers of romance novels and causes married women to look askance at their husbands. His sun kissed tan set off full sultry lips and perfect white teeth. His thick dark hair fell over one eye giving him a dangerous air as he conversed with a crowd of women who were hanging on his every word. Instead of formal attire, he wore a white dress shirt, unbuttoned at the neck, jeans and a sport coat. He was the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen. He’s just another man, Mel. Leave it.
Only my body said otherwise. The way that denim hugged his ass and thighs was nothing short of sinful. Broad shoulders and muscular chest tapered down to a fine waist and I imagined running my hands over those abs. Stop it. I was ogling and I knew it. No harm in looking, right?
I chanced a glance at his face again. Shit. He caught me looking. His sensual mouth curved slightly in a knowing grin and he cocked his head imperceptibly. His eyes never left mine, even as he nodded and smiled, acknowledging the expensive looking women surrounding him. He locked me in his gaze, unable to move, and I swear he knew what I looked like under my dress. I wondered what it would feel like to have those arms wrapped around me, his body having its way with mine. Fuck! What the hell was I doing? I realized I’d been standing there too long when he suddenly winked at me and turned away. Released from his penetrating stare, I took a breath. Never had any man had this effect on me, and I didn’t even know him. I didn’t want to. He was far too dangerous.

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