Bernie Taylor: The London Days & Nights by Paige Summers

Bernie Taylor, is a sexy woman nearly 40 and knows what she wants, at last. Men want her but that is not enough. She’s happy to play and work hard and good at what she does, in fact very good, but knows she can do better and won’t stop until she gets what she’s looking for.

With an opportunity is offered to join a London Fashion House, she meets the desirable Simon Steadler. Falling in love with him was easy but trusting and holding on to love something else.

With events taking her in a different direction, she later joins Elliott Design. Along the way finding success, love, lust and betrayal. With good friends to turn to, she is not alone, that is until life changes in another direction again and the trust is gone. But Bernie Taylor knows what she needs to do and won’t stop until she gets what and who she wants.

‘Bernie Taylor: The London Days & Nights’ is a masterful contemporary women’s bonkbuster that unfolds a bold, impressive and sexy character of ‘Bernie Taylor’ a women with strong head, high ambitions and clear vision of needs and how to achieve them. Success at work and men come easy for Bernie but “something alluring- different” about Simon Steadler at CK Fashion London is bound to change her life.
Author Paige Summers manages to stir the heat and unsettle the emotions of her readers by skilfully placing a few strong, independent life-like characters in her novel whose bonds paint pictures of believable friendship and their camaraderie serves a necessary reprieve from the tension at times. ‘Bernie Taylor’ is definitely a clever combination of an intriguing coming-of-age anecdote with absurd situations of lust and betrayal saturating an immaculate plot, making it a powerful page turner that is sure to appeal adults and young adults with a taste for mature, thoughtful read.
Tender, touching and yet resonant, this book is an ideal recommendation for a relaxing day….

Targeted Audience: 21+

Author Bio:
I am a Daughter, Mother, Wife and Entrepreneur and on a good day, an Author. I live near London in England. Now in my mid-forties, I have collected up snippets along the way, some good, some bad and these I try to tap into for inspiration. I also have a lively imagination, so I am never alone. I love with writing that you have the power to go in any direction and twist and turn it whenever you please, and sprinkle it with delicious spice whenever you want, if only real life was that easy.

Bernie Taylor: London Days & Nights is my debut book and to get an idea of my style there is also a short read, which is ideal for a 10 minute break or an insight into Bernie Taylor, called 'A moment with Bernie Taylor, Room 112' that is available from for free. What have I done today?…Well, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck into the 2nd book in the series about the sexy Bernie Taylor: The New York Days & Nights which I have just finished and look forward to starting the third book in the series, then it's over to you guys, happy reading x

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Writing is something that I've wanted to do for a lot of years now but it seemed life got in the way until I woke up one day after having a flood in my home and thought, if I have no TV and no sofa to sit on at the end of the day, I should make the time count and so sat down at my desk which was fortunately upstairs and with a glass of red in one hand started the first draft of Bernie Taylor. I had always enjoyed Jackie Collins books myself or the central character of Bridget Jones, so I decided to have one main character. A sexy strong female called Bernie Taylor and write a story that I would enjoy to read, and so she was born!

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Sample from Book:

Goodbyes and Good Mornings…

"Jesus, what fucking awful shoes," she muttered under her breath as they walked towards her front door. It's funny that after a few bottles of Pinot and a handful of shots, the eyes take on a different agenda, normally her friend Paula would notice these things.
As she opened the door, he lent in "We should do that again and soon,"
She pressed in tightly and kissed him. She felt words weren't needed, especially as she was thinking the opposite.
She closed the door behind her, along with vague memories of the night before.
From what she could muster up in her mind, it had been a bloody good night, followed by a bloody good night of sex but probably didn't require a repeat performance that is unless she happened to bump into him again and she let the Pinot do the talking.
As she walked back through her flat, she tucked her loose hair behind her ears and glanced down at herself. Shit she felt a mess. Being wild in bed is one thing but the look the next day is something else.
For a moment she stopped to work out what day she was on and glanced at a nearby calender that her sister had made of the family. Hell, it was only Wednesday. Her head felt like a Saturday morning or was it Sunday mornings? She would have to pull something out of the bag as she had an important presentation to pull off later and if there was one thing she was good at, that was closing the deals and today would not be different. She walked into her bathroom ready for the morning overhaul.
She sat herself down on wooden washing basket and lent back.
She felt tired, she had been working hard recently and probably playing a bit too hard and her face felt a bit tight, if not a little old. She pushed that thought to the back of her mind and then hoped that she could lay her hands on one of her recent purchases or one of her panic buys from QVC in her drawers, one that would replace 8 hours sleep and nearly 40 years of shit, well not all shit.
She got up and closed the bathroom door and switched on the shower. First thing on her agenda was to brush her teeth to get rid of this post party feeling in her mouth and whatever else was over staying its welcome.
The steam filled the room.
She undid her shirt that she had thrown on and dropped it to the floor. She had a great body for her age but events in the past years had changed her or worn her down a bit. She used to look at herself and see excitement and youth, dreams and plans flashing in front of her. In her twenties she had plans or hopes to be a model, an actress and or simply just bloody successful. She had got a great job now in a Design Company that she loved and a wardrobe to match but something she thought was missing. She was doing O.K but just felt and looked to herself weathered. If she'd been a dog and was found, the card in the newsagent window would read:
Lost dog, found on the street, definitely a pedigree but can't tell as a little frazzled. Seems friendly and probably just needs some loving and a tidy up.
With the steam still filling the room, she sat back down, quiet and alone, she sat and gazed, just her and her thoughts and let the steam wrap itself around her. She dropped her hair down and it fell loosely on her shoulders and back. The steam formed perspiration that dripped down her arms and décolletage. Although she had been with a man the night before, this time it felt like just empty sex, just him and his bodily motions, following his own sat nav to destination glory. For her, more like a woman at a bus stop waiting and waiting for the bus to come to only arrive and pass her by, although he did get there in the end and the climax was worth the wait. She wiped the perspiration down over her body and over her breasts and took a deep breath. The water continued to trickle down her front to her stomach and down her legs. As she wiped the water off her body, she enjoyed the feeling of her own hand over her breasts. Her breasts were large and firm and rounded nicely at the sides and something that time had not taken away from her. She continued to glide her hand over her body, appreciating what she did have. Her stomach was O.K, not her best asset but the drinks never helped that area but as she stretched out her legs, she smirked as she knew, she always got compliments about her long legs. As she brushed the water from her thighs, she slid her hand up and tilted back her head.
Alone she sat there just her and her thoughts. She had been single for a while now and missed the intimacy of a man, it wasn’t really even that. It was someone touching her and knowing her. With one hand she caressed her breasts and the other hand found some guilty pleasure. She pleasured with a few small rotating motions with increased pressure every so often. Squeezing her damp breasts and allowing her mind to drift. The pleasure went through her body and she arched her back. Her breath deepened as she rode every moment. Passion blazed through her mind, thoughts, memories and desires engulfed her body. Her breasts protruded, her nipples pert and aching to be licked, wanting more and more and more. The voices and passion in her mind urging her to orgasm, she tried to fight it, to saver the moment, to hang on to the feeling of being on the edge. In her mind he was touching her, forcing her closer to that edge, she imagined his breath close to her neck. She gathered her breasts together as if offering them, spread her legs a little and before she can do much more, she soared over the ridge and rode the wave of pleasure. She stopped…satisfied. Now she was ready to face her day.

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