Being a Fake Celebrity by Roxana Avirvarei

A girl who falls in love and opens up her heart loses everything and falls. She comes back after some time trying to move on and be happy. But how can you do that when after a while you lose something special and get the most painfully hit from life? Does she can recover from that and be happy or love again?

Targeted Audience: over 21

Author Bio:
Hay. My name is Roxana, friends call me Rocks or Roxy. I am the young author of “Being a fake celebrity” a book partially inspired by my experience online.
I love to sing and dance, I have done it my whole life.
I’m a optimistic person who loves to make people smile.
I also love fighting for my dreams, no matter how unrealistic may be seen for the rest of the world.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
The book is inspired from a real life experience. I wanted to tell the story in the way I see it and add some fiction in it.

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Sample from Book:

As I get up I realize that I am even more excited than I thought I am. I have more energy, more reasons to smile. Then my phone blinked. I take it and look at the sender. It’s Taylor:
“Hey girl, what’s up?”
“I am in loooooooveeeee!!!” press sent with a big smile on my face and enter in the bathroom to make my diary morning routine.
“Niall? How was last night?”
“Perfect. We are a couple!!! So excited”
“Breathe babe. Congrats!”
“I can’t. Thanks. I am so so so happy!!!”
“I know. But still breathe!”
“Ok ok…. I’m breathing “
“Good. But be careful babe, he could make you suffer a lot. Keep your head up. You know I’m always here for you”
I read the last message twice, I look in the mirror and realise that I had to calm down. I don’t know a lot about him.”But fuck it. I want to live this love, take the risk.” I tell to myself looking at my reflection in the mirror.
“Thanks love. But enough about me. How are you?” I press send thinking at her complicated relationship.
She never listens to me. I tell her not to do one thing but she still does it. I like to move slowly in a relationship, she’s like a roller-coaster. She lives in the moment, not thinking about future and gets attached very quickly. First date ended up with sex, no way for me. I don’t judge her. I love her even though I do not agree with her actions or decisions. She is an amazing woman. I met her a while ago and since then we are close friends. We don’t work on common grounds in this industry, we make completely different music but despite that, we have a connection that even ourselves can’t understand.
“I really don’t know right now. I kinda think that we broke up but still not sure.”
“How’s that? #Confused”
“We had a fight, as usual, and he left and nothing. I like him but he’s so insecure and he’s always talking about my money and how he can’t give me the same things that I give to myself… and all this nonsense.”
As I read the text I start laughing “Really? Money? He’s that insecure?”
“He is. He thinks that he can’t give me anything. I swear to god that I don’t know what I like so much about him and what is making me coming back and forgive him every time”
“You may be in love…..just saying…” I press send as walk out from the bathroom to my suitcase.
“Maybe…but still it pissed me of that we can’t have a normal relationship without drama.”
I take my training clots and start changing when the door rings. “That’s my breakfast, yams!” I receive my beautiful meal. “God, I am so hungry” I say as my phone blinks again.
“And one more thing…he’s always bringing Harry in the fight. I swear that I don’t know what to do.”
“What is wrong with this guy? If you wanted to be with Harry you would be with him or at least fighting for him. “
“This is what I told him too. But he wouldn’t understand. I know that I am close to Harry and we have a connection that no one could break, but I don’t wanna be with him. I like Josh too much and the sex is soooo good!”
“You’re crazy! But with a point. #SexToy Can’t believe that I wrote that!”
“He could be. No drama for me.”
“Yeah…but that doesn’t gonna happen. You’re emotional involved right now to just say that you only want that kind of relationship”
“I know. We are on and off relationship. We like each other but we fight a lot. Honestly I don’t see if I am the problem or he is”
“He is, love. You are never the problem. Never forget that. He’s too insecure. You are a wonderful woman and he may be scared of your maturity. And you can be a bitch when you want to, hard to control. You know that most men like women easy to control, submitted. And you’re not one of them.”
“You’re right. But I’m not gonna change because he is feeling insecure about himself. And I like your point of view”
“Of course you like it… And you shouldn’t change. You are who you are and if he’s worth it, he is gonna accept that and love you. But if he’s not, he’s losing not you.”
“You just made my day better. Thanks”
“Always. Now I gotta go do my morning training and prepare for the show. Kisses”
“I’s kinda late, I gotta go too. Take care. Love ya”
“Love you too”
I send the text and go. I think everyone is waiting for me. We have a lot of people to make happy today, including myself.

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