Backseat With The Billionaire: A Bad Boy Dark Romance by Lilah May

She just wants to use him for revenge.

A billionaire MMA fighter whose cocky smile and washboard abs make wet panties drop left and right.
She thinks she wants him for one amazing night out and end it.
Boy, did she think wrong.

He’s about to teach her how much more she really wants.

Finding out your husband’s cheating is hard.
Finding out it’s with a college girl is even harder.
The easy part? Retribution: beating him blue with a baseball bat and kicking him to the curb.
But it’s still not enough.

So when Bobby Carter, fresh out of college, blows back into town with all the intensity of a hurricane, I decide I’m not done.
Bobby’s everything my ex-husband is not. Sexy, aggressive, and intense.
Like melt me into a puddle intense.

Who cares if I used to babysit him?
He’s a grown man, now. And I mean, FULLY grown.

All I wanted was a night out with him, but one taste and I’m addicted.

When Lisa Howard finally gets rid of her cheating husband, I want to take her right then and there.
I got rid of that abusive bastard and built a billion dollar empire all for her.
Nothing could satisfy my ravenous hunger but taking a bite of that sweet little thing.

So when she offers herself up to me for one night, I’m not about to refuse.
She’s nothing like the sorority bimbos at Northfield U.
She is a real woman.
Sexy, mature, and an ass so fine I would give up my billions just for a taste.

But I know a taste won’t be enough and one night too short for all the dirty things I want to do to her and that deliciously curvy body.

She’ll be mine, but not just for tonight. Forever.

This is a full-length, standalone, steamy 18+ romance. No cheating or cliffhangers, and definitely a wonderful Happily Ever After guaranteed.

Targeted Audience: Romance Readers

Author Bio:
I'm just a girl with too many dirty thoughts going through her head and I thought I'd share them with all of you!

Though I have to warn you: be prepared!
These stunning alpha male heroes I write about are straight out of my fantasies: impossibly sexy, crazy dominant, and 110% guaranteed to make your knees weak.
So you better sit down, grab a towel and leave all your inhibitions at the door (along with your panties) because my books will make you melt and squirm with HEA love!

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?

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Sample from Book:

As soon as I take one look at him, my breath catches in
my throat, and my heart starts to race, slamming against
my ribs. And I freeze.
It wasn’t just his incredible body, brimming with strength,
barely contained by his immaculate black suit. It wasn’t
just that his incredible size clearly could ravage my
rapidly weakening body in an instant.
What made me freeze, like the ice stuck to the glass
door behind me, is the searing intensity of his eyes.
Sitting above hollowed cheeks and razor sharp
cheekbones, are his eyes, just sunken enough to throw
a shade over his burning brown irises, turning them
charcoal black. And out from under the shadow of his
brows, a pair of dark roiling eyes glare straight at me.
Why is he staring at me? And why is he staring at me
like that? Like he wants to devour me, swallow me
whole. And why does it make me so hot?
His piercing stare penetrates me so thoroughly my body
tingles on the inside and the outside, my skin prickling
and dissolving under his scorching gaze.
With one look, he has me feel like I’m falling while still
freezing me in place.
Who is he? I know he has me flustered beyond logic
when I think he might be one of those loss-prevention
agents in plain clothes spying on customers.
He’s anything but plain. In fact, he looks completely out
of place in here as he did out there. He looks like he
belongs in the boardroom of a Fortune 500 company or
gracing the cover of Forbes magazine.
He’s definitely rich, that unmistakable haughty elegance
exuding from every pore. That cool confidence, that
arrogant self-assurance that everything in the world is
his for the taking… including me.
Everything about him makes my knees weak as if my
body’s telling me to submit at first sight. Without a word,
he has me completely at his mercy, ready and willing to
give myself up to him.

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