Aunt Claire 0r The Country Weekend by Roberto Alcazar

“Aunt Claire – or The Country Weekend” is a fascinating and arousing story about a young couple that arrives at an isolated country mansion to spend the weekend with an aunt they did not see for a long time. The house is strangely altered and unusually luxurious. Is it because it is used as a filming location by an American company, as the aunt keeps telling them? Or is there more to it than meets the eye? And what about the strange noises in the night? It leaves them profoundly puzzled. And when they start to investigate the strange happenings they suddenly find themselves in mortal danger.
In a series of breath-taking events, they manage to rescue the aunt from the clutches of a ruthless adventuress who is not afraid to kill. When they interrogate her, it turns out that this woman does not operate alone and the identity of the traitor comes as a rude shock to the aunt. In her revenge, she reveals herself as a first class dominatrix as she carries out a severe and humiliating punishment. And after that punishment, other and totally unexpected developments take place in and around the country mansion that now becomes “The House of Punishment”.
Developments that force the young couple to play roles they could never have foreseen and will change their lives forever…

Targeted Audience: Adult, BDSM lovers

Author Bio:
Alcazar is a widely travelled author who currently lives in Europe. Working as an international consultant, he translates complex technical subjects into everyday language. He is the author of several professional books and a large number of articles.
Over the past few years he has applied his writing skills to bondage and BDSM stories. Alcazar's life-long interest and active participation in BDSM gives his stories a real authentic feeling. They are all written against the backdrop of countries and cities in different parts of the world. He also has a fondness for letting his stories end with a wickedly unexpected twist…
When reviewing one of his stories, a steaming blend of BDSM fantasy and actual technological possibilities, a critic wrote, '… he has succeeded in making something totally outrageous sound entirely plausible… And he has done so erotically.'

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
Visiting what once had been a "Stately Home" , I was touched by its brooding atmosphere and wondered what kind of games had been played behind its closed curtains. Gradually, a plot emerged, with a similar house as a background and full of suspense, some crime and a lot of BDSM

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Sample from Book:

The house was quiet as only an isolated country mansion in the middle of the night can be. He did not know what had woken him up and for a few moments he did not move, just listened. Linda still slept very deeply, snoring slightly. Frowning he gave her a push but she just made some small noises and turned over on her other side. He frowned because again this was very unusual; she was a light sleeper and easily woke up.
Then he heard it again: a faint, almost imperceptible moaning that seemed to come from somewhere in the house. He shivered at the disturbing sound. No wonder it had woken him up. Quietly he got out of bed and opened the door to the corridor.
The moaning sound could be heard clearer. It seemed to come in waves, together with some other, fainter, sounds. It was an eerie, ominous noise and he decided to find out what it was. Back in the bedroom he tried to wake up Linda but it was no use. He shrugged his shoulders and, after slipping quickly into his black jeans and T-shirt he left the room. He closed the door quietly behind him and went noiselessly down the corridor on his bare feet. Halting at the stairwell he listened again. The sound seemed to come from Aunt Claire’s quarters in the other wing of the house. He opened the door to the other wing and the sound suddenly became much louder. Muffled moans and screams, together with snapping, smacking sounds and a low murmuring voice came every few seconds from somewhere further down the corridor. Pressing his back against the wall to avoid any creaking floorboards he stealthily made his way to a door that was just opened wide enough to look inside. And the sight made him catch his breath.
Aunt Claire stood naked and helplessly bound in the middle of the room.
Her arms were encased in a tightly laced-up single glove that was hooked to the ceiling by a taut chain. Another chain ran from the ceiling to the back of her broad, black leather collar that was studded with D-rings. And a third chain ran from the collar to a spreader bar between her ankles. This triangle of chains forced her to stand bent over forward with her arms raised high above her back, exposing her naked bottom. A large red ballgag had been pushed deep into her mouth and its harness strapped tight around her head. A stream of saliva drooled down her chin. Weighted clamps were swaying from her ample breasts, their serrated claws biting deep into her large nipples. And she stood tottering in tightly laced ballet boots with 9 inch heels…
Mike was on the verge of rushing into the room when a dark figure moved across his view. The figure slowly approached the helplessly chained woman and when it came into full view his mouth almost fell open in surprise. It was the maid but it was hard to recognize her. She wore a black leather body harness that pushed up her pert breasts. Leather garters held up black fishnet stockings and she wore shining boots with 6 inch heels. Her right hand held a thin, flexible cane with which she patted the palm of her left hand.
She faced Aunt Claire and hissed ‘you’re just a dirty old cock whore!’ And with a start he realized there wasn’t a trace of French accent in her voice.

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