A Thin Line Between Love and Lust: A Poly Love Story by C E Long

Prince was always good with women, just never in the way he wanted. All his life girls thought his friendship was too valuable to ever risk losing by having sex with him. Tired of being stuck in a never ending friend zone, he’s set on leaving the good guy reputation behind him and start getting laid for a change. After his potential is awoken by a stunning exotic dancer named Dominique, an unquenchable desire erupts that leaves both of them wanting more, but not just more of each other…

Is it possible to be in love with one and have anything more than lust for another? Can our sexual desires cloud our judgement so fiercely that living happily ever after with our one true soulmate becomes impossible?

Is there another way?

What happens when we open ourselves to the idea that love does not need a sole proprietor, that our hearts do not have to be bound by standards that tell us who and how to love? Can we ever find happiness in something so different and unknown?

Targeted Audience: Adult

Author Bio:
This is where I’m supposed to write about myself. I can write a whole book but this is hard. Go figure. I’m from California, currently living in Las Vegas… umm… my life is happily boring, which is why I write. I get to relive the good times… and make some up along the way. You can read an interview here if that helps: https://www.smashwords.com/interview/CELong. Outside of that, I simply hope you enjoy my writing. I’m open to feedback so shoot me an email if you have any questions or comments at SexLoveAndIceCream@gmail.com. And don’t forget to leave a review. This is my first novel so those reviews help.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
I just had so many stories and experiences I wanted to put on paper for others to enjoy.

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Sample from Book:

I heard the phone beep off, then instantly, the sound of it hitting the floor.
I looked up at her. She was looking at me, her eyes just as hungry as I was. She grabbed the hem of her dress and raised it above her hips. Her clit did nothing to hide between her lips. It was glistening pink and swollen with desire.
Without a word of warning she shoved it right into my mouth.
The thought hit me that she hadn’t been wearing panties since she first answered the door. Did she have this all planned? But then I was too busy eating pussy to think about it anymore.
I caressed and squeezed her firm cheeks while I licked, kissed, and sucked the sweetest thing I had ever tasted, holding her hostage to my lips. She held me hostage as well, holding tight to my head so I couldn’t pull away. I was caught in her trap, but I didn’t try to fight free. I was more than a willing prisoner.
Any honey that I could, I was quick to taste, because I didn’t want a drop of her sweetness to go to waste. I tasted everything. I tasted the way her finely trimmed pubic hairs tickled my nose. I tasted the way her hand held possessively to my head and pulled me in tighter to her. I tasted her softness, her heat, her desire, and her passion.
I ran my tongue up one side of her clit, down the other, and dug under the hood to lick directly on her pretty pink pearl. I twirled around it, kissed it, and took the whole thing in my mouth so I could suck on it while flicking it with my tongue.
I took a hand off her ass so I could touch the source of her wetness. I ran my middle finger between her legs, eased in between her soft lips, and began tracing tiny circles around the entrance to her hottest spot.
I ventured inside her, feeling my finger slide through warm, wet cushions of soft flesh. I twirled in her, spiraled my thoughts towards the realization that I was in her and soon she would be mine.
I pulled her to me, beckoning her closer with the tip of my finger against her g-spot, while I sucked on her clit. She moaned, “Ooo boy, where’d you learn to eat pussy like this?”
My mouth was too busy to give her an answer… erotic novels maybe.
I pulled my finger out of her pussy, stealing away some of her juices, then slid between the crack of her ass. I felt her asshole, teased my way in it slow, pressing into it softly until it enveloped me like it naturally knew me.
It closed on my finger tightly and I pushed it deep in her. I put another finger back in her pussy, playing with both her holes, while still ravaging her clit.
“Ooo shit baby, you’re gonna make me cum like that!”
At that motivating hint I tripled up my attack.
“Oh shit!” I heard her scream out loud in alarm. “Oh my fucking God, I’m cumming!” she yelled, as if it had caught her by surprise. She hugged onto my head with her dear life. Her whole body tensed as she was brought to the tips of her toes.
While she came I kept fingering her and eating her pussy. Her tension began to release and her legs began to shake, her knees started buckling, and her juices began to drip down my arm.
I fought back the temptation to taste her cum and kept my lips securely planted on her clit. Her spasms subdued but I continued to indulge in her pussy. I was going to eat her out for as long as she’d let me. But she eventually stopped me, pulled my mouth away from her and lifted me to my feet.
For minutes, all she did was hold me. She reached up, wrapped her arms around my neck, and used me to help her stand while she rested her head in my chest. I knew nothing else to do but hold her back.
Finally, she looked up from my chest, a glazed look of ecstasy dilated her pupils. I noticed a fantastic sight. The green in her eyes had all but disappeared, leaving only a light copper color.
“Your eyes are different,” I said.
“They do that,” she responded.
She stood on her toes and kissed me, and then she took a step back. Her fingers crept under the straps of her dress and brushed them off her shoulders. She rolled the dress down her body and let it fall to the floor. I followed suit, kicked off my shoes and pulled off my shirt, but when I reached for my pants she stopped me.
“No!” she protested, grabbing hold of my hands. “Let me do it,” she requested so sexily that it might as well had been a demand.
She stole my former seat at the edge of the bed and pulled me to her forcefully by the waistline of my pants. She gave me her touch, laying her hands flatly over my stomach. She stared at my body as she ran her hands over my abs, up my chest, and around my shoulders.
She tried to squeeze my muscles, but they were so taut that they wouldn’t give, so she began clawing and scratching on them instead. She seemed infatuated with my body, turned on by the sight of it
Suddenly, I started to feel like the one who was sexy. I looked down at my body with her and saw that it was not only her hands that were attractive, but the sight of them on my rippled abs.
She looked up at me. The look in her eyes said everything that her body had tried to convince me of that night at the club. Now she was truly giving herself up to me.
She tortured me with that look, lavishly putting it on me. With that look, she let me know I was in for something spectacular, while purposely slowing down the process of me getting it. She forced me to endure that stare while she methodically took off my belt, unbuckling it slowly and sliding it smoothly from its loops.
She continued to look up at me, her position making her seem submissive but her attitude exerting full control. She unbuckled my pants then tortured me with the excruciatingly long grinding sound of my zipper slowly coming down.
She erotically licked her lips after finally lowering her eyes to focus on my cock. I exhaled a breath that I think I had been holding since she first sat down on the bed.
She pet my hard on through my boxers, as if it were a lion needing to be tamed before it was released. “Shh,” she cooed to it, cautiously pulling it out of its cage and making sure it was properly leashed.
She ventured forward, lavishing one daring, indulgent lick on the underside of my dick. Then she pulled away, as if seeing if everything was okay.
What beast doesn’t like its belly rubbed?
She ventured forth again, starting at my balls and working her way to the very tip of my cock. She tamed the lion, whipped it with her tongue until it was fully under her command. By the time she was through, I damn near heard my dick purr.
Once she knew it would obey, she began playing freely with it. She twirled her tongue around its head, showered it with kisses, and even got so bold as to start teasing it, flicking her tongue in the little slit that I was sure to cum out of if she kept playing like that.
Then she captured me, locked me into the cage of her mouth.
She held on tightly to my chain, stroking me firmly with two hands while she sucked on whatever wasn’t covered. She began to make the most disgustingly, sweet, wet, sloppy sounds as she gradually sucked me faster and took me deeper into her throat.
She sucked me until I began to moan with unbearable pleasure, then, at the sounds of my moans, she took me so deep that she began gagging on my cock. I thought she would pull it out but she didn’t. I felt her struggling to take even more, straining until her eyes began to water and her throat was filled beyond capacity.
“Stop, stop, stop,” I begged as the sound of her struggling and the sight of her tearing eyes became too much for me to bear.
She pulled my dick out of her mouth, inhaling a huge breath as if she had just been drowning and lifted above water. Immediately she lay back on the bed, frantically rubbing her clit and anxiously crying, “Oh shit, fuck me baby! Fuck me right now! I need to feel it. I need to feel your dick in me right now.”
I wish my ears had a built in tape recorder.
It took no thought to figure out my next move, she had the path laid out for me. In a split second, I was inside her. Her whole body was wrapped around me in some way, from her pussy, to her arms, to her legs, and as she squeezed her eyes shut, all those parts squeezed with them.
All I wanted was to stay in her forever. I could have laid perfectly still and been ultimately satisfied, but instead I moved, moved in her deeply, for nothing more than just to watch her get fucked, because it was the most fantastic view I had ever seen.
I looked at her throat, watched as every breath traveled through it and was moaned so sensuously from her open mouth. I watched as every time she exhaled, her soft stomach tightened to reveal slightly hidden abdominal muscle, I watched as my dick slid in and out of her glistening pussy and got coated to a shine by her juices.
I wanted to jump out of myself so I could see everything from every angle. I wanted to see the way my ass looked pumping between her open legs. I wanted to see the way her ankles looked, locked possessively around my body. I wanted to see the way her fingernails looked, clawing at my back.
I wanted to see it all, and my hungry desire to do so made me reckless with her body. I forced her into each and every position my mind could come up with, anything that would allow me a peek at just one more thing, one more view that I could record to my memory.
I fucked her until sweat beads gathered and dripped down her skin… I recorded that too. We fucked until we were both slipping wet with pussy juice and sweat, until my muscles were tight and my dick pulsated with soreness and waved the white flag.
Then, only because I couldn’t take anymore, I came. I came with all the tension in my body, all the pain in my cock, and released it with one last deep plunge, pushing my dick so deep in her pussy that it made her scream at the top of her lungs.
I used every pound of strength that I had in my body to pull her to me, pressing against her back wall and filling her with every inch she could take. I kept it there, damn near in her stomach until I completed my very last spasm. Then finally I relaxed, and so did she, as my dick began to soften and I finally pulled out.
We were both panting, sucking hungrily at the air to feed our bodies with oxygen. “Ooo baby! I can still feel you in me!” she admitted as she rubbed her stomach affectionately.
Everything around us smelled and felt like sex. My whole body was moist, the bed was wet, and I could still taste the saltiness of our combined sweat on my tongue. Our breathing still echoed together in the same unified sexual rhythms.
I looked at Dominique, so sweaty, so wet, and still so damn fine and sexy. She extended her arms over her head, trying to expose the most skin possible to the open air, only putting more of her body under my scope. Her panting breaths sank in her stomach creating a steep slope from her rib cage. Her moist skin shinned and her hair clung to the sweat on her forehead.
I couldn’t get passed the thought that we had actually just had sex, even though the evidence was still right in front of me. She was naked. I was naked. I could smell us in the air. I could still taste her on my tongue. I could feel her scratches on my body. But still, it seemed so unreal, like it was too good to be true.
I checked my hard on, it was still on full pull. I looked at Dominique, and though she looked so relaxed and content, I couldn’t help asking, “Can we do it again?”

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